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Down Under Yoga Cambridge is a boutique studio specialising in providing high-quality yoga classes and workshops. The studio boasts an array of experienced instructors and dedicated practitioners, all with the same mission to help their students reach their highest potential on their yoga journey.

Recently, there has been an increasing trend in people practicing yoga worldwide. Yoga has become popular across demographics as a means to connect with one’s self, manage stress and find peace of mind, while being physically active at the same time. Down Under Yoga Cambridge fits right into this trend, offering a variety of different classes and instructors that match each individual’s needs. Their team firmly believes that each person’s practice should be unique to them, ensuring that every practitioner leaves with their own personalised experience and improved focus or balance. With a great selection of classes for all levels, from beginners to advanced yogis, Down Under Yoga Cambridge is the perfect place for anyone looking to take their practice further or explore the wider world of yoga.


Down Under Yoga Cambridge is located on 1741 Massachusetts Ave. in Cambridge, MA, close to the Harvard Square T Stop. It’s a short walk from nearby shopping and dining locations such as Harvard Square and the Holyoke Center. It is also next door to historic Charles Hotel, a popular spot for tourists and locals alike.


Down Under Yoga Cambridge offers classes ranging from gentle and beginner friendly, to more intermediate and challenging.

Gentle Stretch & Relaxation ” is a class designed for all levels from novice to experienced yogi, who are seeking a soothing yoga experience. This class focuses on stretching, strengthening and relaxation to reduce stress, increase flexibility and improve overall wellbeing. This low-intensity session allows you to let go of life’s commitments and find a calm sanctuary within.

Hatha Flow ” perfect for those looking for a practice that will both engage your body but soothe the soul. You will combine active flow asanas with revitalising pranayama (breath control) and relaxation using precise instructions, enabling you to deepen your understanding of each pose. Energetic yet calming, relax into the transformative process of your own awareness through conscious movement guided by breath.

Vinyasa Flow – A dynamic practice synchronizing breath with postures in sequences that builds strength, flexibility and concentration while creating symmetry and fluidity in the body ” this practice cultivates balance in the body/mind connection. Movement directly influences our thought patterns; this class helps participants feel more open minded as every postures held with an energizing sequence gives an increased sense of mindfulness towards life experiences outside of studio walls

Unique Yoga Flow Sequence


The instructors at Down Under Yoga Cambridge are experienced, diverse and committed to helping each individual reach their potential. Here is what some of their students have had to say:

“Melina is an incredible teacher. She has a gift for patiently guiding her students through more challenging poses so that we are able to progress in our practice and challenge ourselves further each time we attend a class.”

“David is one of the most inspiring yoga teachers I have ever encountered. He creates an environment where I feel safe to explore new movements, make mistakes and really dig deep into my practice.”

“Alexandra is an exceptional teacher who finds the perfect balance between teaching difficult poses while also making sure your body is taken care of. She offers corrections with kindness, humour and always keeps us motivated with her positive energy.”

“Olivia’s classes are full of warmth and laughter throughout. Her classes are a beautiful mix of strength and grace that leaves my core feeling strong and me feeling energized afterwards!”


Down Under Yoga Cambridge strives to foster a strong and supportive community through their class offerings which include: specialized yoga classes for seniors, pregnant women, athletes, children and more. They also hold regular weekly meditation classes and host events such as Full Moon Kirtans, as well as specialty days when they offer special classes or workshops. Down Under Yoga Cambridge strives to keep the studio open and inclusive; they provide props to help guests become more comfortable during their practice such as blocks, bolsters, straps and blankets. Finally, they make it easy to connect with other yogis by offering regular instructor meet-ups.


Down Under Yoga Cambridge offers many benefits to their clients. With a team of qualified and experienced yoga instructors, Down Under Yoga Cambridge helps clients develop strength, balance, flexibility, posture and mental clarity. Through regular classes and private tuition individuals are equipped to practice Yoga safely for the rest of their lives.

Down Under Yoga Cambridge also offers a range of discounts for seniors, students and family packages. Specials such as two-for-one sessions are often available throughout the year.

Why Do People Do Yoga

In addition to developing fitness through yoga practice, Down Under Yoga Cambridge provides its members with access to yoga inspired lifestyle events such as movie nights, cooking classes, lectures and much more. This gives people the opportunity to further explore their creative side while learning new tools through which they can live in harmony with themselves and nature.

Lastly, Down Under Yoga Cambridge takes pride in involving local communities by partnering up with organizations that support sustainable living practices or charities. All members are invited to participate in projects aimed at environment protection or other global causes such as clean water initiatives or poverty eradication.


Frequently Asked Questions about Down Under Yoga Cambridge

Q: What type of yoga do you offer?

A: We specialize in all types of yoga, from gentle and restorative to invigorating vinyasa flow and ashtanga classes. Our experienced instructors can tailor each class to suit the individual’s needs and abilities.

Q: Is there an age requirement for students?

A: We welcome practitioners aged 16 and older to our studio. For those under 18, parental permission may be required for certain classes.

Q: Are mats and other props provided?

A: Yes – we provide complimentary mats, blocks, straps, blankets and bolsters. However, if you have a personal preference or would like a more hygienic option, please feel free to bring your own mat.

Q: What should I wear to class?

A: We recommend wearing loose-fitting clothing that is comfortable yet unrestricted so you can move freely during class. It is also advisable to remove jewelry that could catch on the fabric of your clothing or interfere with your practice.

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