Don’t Wear Yoga Pants To Get An Mri

## Don’t Wear Yoga Pants To Get An MRI

When it comes to MRI scans, like most appointments for medical procedures, it’s best to come prepared. While you may think that your favorite yoga pants, leggings or sweatpants can be a great thing to wear to an MRI appointment, that may not always be the case.

Here are some considerations to keep in mind when deciding what to wear to your MRI appointment.

#### Metal Elements

Oftentimes, our favorite pieces of clothing and accessories contain metal elements, such as grommets, metal buttons, or metal trim. Be sure to remove any pieces that may contain metal elements. Some metal elements found in clothing, jewelry and accessories could cause unwanted artifacts and impair the quality of your scan.

* Remove any piercings containing metal
* Take off any watches containing metal bands

#### Wearing The Right Attire

It’s important to wear loose-fitting and comfortable clothing without metal elements. Tight-fitting clothing can be uncomfortable and make it difficult for the technologist to place sensors on your abdomen. Examples of appropriate attire for an MRI scan are listed below.

* Loose-fitting cotton T-shirt and yoga pants
* Shorts
* Sweatpants
* Sweatshirt

#### Alternatives To Bring Along

If you are concerned that your preferred clothing may contain metal elements, it’s best to bring some alternatives along with you. Some other material options for clothing include:

* Non-metal jewelry and accessories (plastic earrings and necklace, fabric or leather headband,etc.)
* Cotton dress shirt or blouse
* Button down long sleeve shirt

#### Conclusion

Although wearing yoga pants to an MRI appointment is comfortable, it may not be recommended if they contain metal elements. Be sure to wear or bring clothing that doesn’t have metal elements, is loose-fitting and comfortable, in order to have the best quality of the MRI scan.

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What other clothing items should be avoided when getting an MRI?

Some other clothing items that should be avoided when getting an MRI are: anything with metal (such as jewelry and watches), any clothing that has metal buttons or zippers, and cell phones. Additionally, you should refrain from wearing anything that is too tight, such as tight fitting jeans, as this can make it difficult for the technologist to place sensors on your abdomen.

“What should I wear to an MRI appointment?”

It is best to wear clothing that is loose and comfortable and preferably without any metal (zippers, buttons, etc.), as metal can interfere with the MRI images.

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