Does Yoga Help Climbing

# Does Yoga Help Climbing?

Just like any physical activity, flexibility and strength are necessary for climbing, and this is exactly what yoga can provide for the avid or novice climber. With its combination of physical, mental and spiritual practices, yoga can bring about a variety of advantages for climbers.

## Benefits of Integrating Yoga and Climbing
Whether you’re a seasoned climber or just getting started, incorporating yoga into your weekly exercise routine can bring a variety of benefits.

* **Physical Benefits:**
* Improves flexibility and range of motion
* Strengthens the core and improves balance
* Helps with injury prevention and recovery
* Improves muscular strength and joint stability

* **Mental Benefits:**
* Provides focus and breath control
* Builds mental endurance

* **Spiritual Benefits:**
* Develops an understanding of the body and its limits
* Increases self-awareness
* Connects the body and mind

## Key Poses for Climbers
The key poses for climbers has the most focus in certain areas to help climbers on the wall. There are beneficial poses in every area of practice, but these poses have especially proven to help improve climbing.

### Flexibility
Flexibility is key for a climber, and including poses like Cat-Cow Variation, Half Lord of the Fishes, Reclining Hand-to-Big-Toe Pose, Low Lunge, Extended Triangle Pose and Pigeon Pose are important.

### Strength
Poses like planks, crunches, low lunges, wall push-ups and boat pose with variations, help to strengthen and tone your body, particularly the core.

### Balance
In order to have an excellent climbing experience a climber needs to have great balance. Tree Pose, Half Moon Pose, Garland Pose and standing splits will help improve balance and also engage many stabilizing muscles.

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### Endurance
Climbing requires tremendous physical and mental endurance, and this is where yoga can really help. Warrior, Chair and Bridge Pose are helpful to increase endurance.

### Mental Strength
Yoga, unlike any other physical activity, helps to build mental endurance and control. In fact, yoga teaches the concept of mindfulness, or being present and aware in the moment, which is also an important part of climbing. Savasana (Rest), is important to give yourself a break before and after a climbing session.

## Final Thought
Yoga, as a practice and an art form, has numerous benefits not only for climbing, but to improve overall health and physical well-being. With its combination of physical, mental and spiritual practices, yoga can help you reach new levels in your climbing while allowing you to respect and understand your body’s limits. So, if you want to become a better climber, give some of these poses and techniques a try!

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