Does The Yoga 730 Has Expandable Ram


The Yoga 730 is an ultra-light laptop from Lenovo, designed to provide portability and high performance in a sleek package. It packs powerful components including up to 8th generation Intel Core i7 processors, plenty of memory and storage, as well as long battery life in a surprisingly thin device. The device also comes with a wide range of other features and technologies, such as a fingerprint reader, facial recognition software, dual speakers, USB-C and Thunderbolt ports, Active Pen compatibility, and Dolby Atmos support. But perhaps what makes it stand out most is the fact that although it only comes with 8GB of RAM pre-installed at the time of purchase, users can upgrade the laptop’s RAM any time they want by purchasing and installing additional DDR4 SO-DIMM sticks. This gives users flexibility when it comes to being able to add more memory for computing tasks that require more RAM for optimum performance.

Ultimately this means that with the Lenovo Yoga 730 you not only get a machine that’s well equipped from the start but also one that can be upgraded whenever you need more power on-the-go without having to invest in yet another expensive computer replacement.

Exploring the Possibilities

Yes, the Yoga 730 offers expandable RAM. This laptop consists of a single slot that can support up to 16GB of DDR4 2400MHz memory. The machine comes equipped with 8GB of RAM, but you can upgrade it to 16GB for additional performance. You will have to purchase additional RAM and install it yourself or have a professional do so. It is important to read the manual before performing any alterations on your laptop to ensure compatibility with the new memory modules and proper installation methods. Additionally, it is recommended that you obtain quality components from reliable manufacturers to avoid any potential damage. With the right upgrades and maintenance, the Yoga 730 can serve you well for many years to come!

Advantages of Expanding RAM

The advantage of having an expandable RAM on the Yoga 730 is that you can quickly and easily upgrade your device’s memory whenever needed. Expanding RAM allows more applications and programs to be stored in the device’s memory, thus speeding up operation and improving user experience. Additionally, expanding RAM helps increase the overall productivity of the device; as more memory can help allow for quicker loading times on programs and smoother multitasking. Expanding RAM also offers certain security benefits,as larger memory capacity can improve system reliability by helping a device store data backups over time. Furthermore, when it comes to gaming laptops, having a larger RAM capacity improves game performance and helps reduce lag time.

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Upgrading the RAM

1. Shut down the computer and power it off completely.

2. Unplug all cables and peripherals connected to the laptop, including the charger. Remove the battery if necessary.

3. Place the laptop on a flat surface with something soft beneath it, such as a towel or cloth, and open up the bottom panel of the laptop by removing all screws that are securing it in place.

4. Inside you will find two slots on either side of the laptop’s motherboard where RAM sticks are inserted into place. Carefully remove both RAM sticks (if present). Make note of their technical specifications before doing this so that you can get an adequate replacement later.

5. Insert two new RAM sticks into their respective slots with the gold contacts facing downwards toward the board, being careful to only handle them at their edges to avoid damaging them with static electricity contact or other surface damage. We recommend using PC3 RAM sticks with your Yoga 730 if possible but they do also accept PC4 standards as well; look up what is best for your model before buying!

6. Press down firmly on each stick so that they make good contact with the motherboard but don’t over-tighten them or you might damage delicate components inside your machine! To remove them later, use a specialized tool specifically designed for uninstalling memory.*
7. Replace any screws you may have removed earlier when opening up your laptop case and replace its battery as well! Then plug in all peripherals once more and turn it back on to be sure everything is working properly after your upgrade attempts have been completed successfully!
8. Test out your upgrades by running programs that would’ve been memory intensive before – now thanks to doubling your RAM size those applications should run much faster than before!

Different Memory Types Compatible with the Yoga 730

The Yoga 730 laptop model has been designed to allow for the installation of expandable random access memory (RAM). Generally, it comes with a basic 8GB RAM, but this can be increased up to 16GB. It also supports DDR4 2400MHz SODIMM RAM. Various other types of RAM such as DDR3L, LPDDR3 and DDR4 2133MHz are reported to be compatible, however due to its high power consumption and DIMM form factor, it is not recommended. In addition, the platform also supports SO-DIMMs with extended battery life which have even lower power consumption than the regular ones. It is advisable to check your laptop’s specifications carefully before you purchase any memory upgrades or substitutes in order to make sure they match your device’s requirements so that they function properly.

What Are the Benefits of Increasing the RAM?

The Yoga 730 does have expandable RAM. Increasing the RAM on your laptop will provide a number of benefits including improved loading times, smoother multitasking and better performance when running complex applications. Increasing the RAM will also allow you to perform heavier tasks without compromising on speed and fluidity. More RAM can be especially helpful if you’re working with multiple high-spec applications simultaneously or use an application or game that requires a lot of memory. Finally, increasing your laptop’s memory can also help extend its lifespan by helping to reduce the strain on its processor.

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Upgrading the RAM of the Yoga 730 can have a significant impact on its performance. With more RAM, the laptop will be able to better handle multitasking and heavy applications. It does not only increase the device’s power, but also its handling of large files and streaming services. The laptop would be able to multitask with greater ease. Furthermore, more powerful applications can run smoothly on larger RAM for better CPU utilization and display results without any lag in execution time. Games, cartoon animation programs, and video editing software are some examples of software that require a lot of RAM to run properly on the Yoga 730. With an extra boost of RAM, these apps would run with greater efficiency than before. Finally, having more memory could mean improved battery life because it would take less energy to manage all of these tasks as compared to when it is running on lesser memory. Ultimately, purchasing higher RAM kits and installing them correctly on the Yoga 730 will result in a noticeable upgrade in performance and operations power.


Yes, the Yoga 730 does have expandable RAM. It can support up to 16GB of DDR4 RAM which can be upgraded when more computing power is needed. There are two SODIMM RAM slots on the laptop’s motherboard that allow users to upgrade their memory. Installation of the new memory is fairly straightforward and should not take more than a few minutes. As an added bonus, the Yoga 730 also has an upgradable SSD drive. Upgrading this drive will offer much faster load times and improved overall performance.

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