Does Jerry Seinfeld Do Yoga

## Does Jerry Seinfeld Do Yoga?

Jerry Seinfeld is no stranger to the world of comedy and physical activity. Whether it’s stand-up routines, podcasts, or just his everyday life, the veteran comedian has always been involved in active and often wacky projects. But one question that has been on fan’s minds is: does Jerry Seinfeld do yoga?

The answer to that question is a bit complicated. Given his age and build, it’s not difficult to imagine that Seinfeld is no stranger to some form of physical activity. And while evidence of him engaging in specifically yoga is scarce, we can take some educated guesses from his past statements and activities.

### The Evidence

As far as evidence goes, we’ll have to go back to 2015 for confirmation. Seinfeld appeared in a Google Hangouts video alongside fellow entertainer and yoga enthusiast Russell Brand. Brand had an interesting response for the camera when Seinfeld asked about yoga.

> “No Jerry, you can’t do yoga,” Brand said. “You’re grown, you can’t do yoga.

So although Brand answered Seinfeld’s question in a joke, he did imply that Seinfeld both knows and practices yoga, suggesting that the comedian is indeed a regular in the yoga scene.

### Activity Suggests Practice

Further proof of Jerry Seinfeld doing yoga can be seen in how active and involved he’s been in. Not only does Seinfeld routinely engage in physical comedy and performance, but he’s also an avid cook and filmed a documentary about the craft of cooking.

These activities suggest Seinfeld is a regular in some sort of physical activity, since it requires a certain level of dexterity and balance. And with Jerry Seinfeld being an elderly gentleman of 73, it’s safe to assume that he’d be more likely to take on a form of exercise that focuses on balance, such as yoga.

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### Conclusion

In conclusion, although there’s no definitive answer to whether or not Jerry Seinfeld does yoga, we can draw some educated guesses based on his age, past activities, and statements made towards him.

It’s very likely that Seinfeld is into some sort of physical activity, given his age and active lifestyle. And it’s even more likely that he’s involved in activities that focus on balance, such as yoga.

We might never be able to get definitive confirmation on whether or not Jerry Seinfeld practices yoga, but we can use the clues found above to make an educated guess.

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