Does Geico Cover Yoga Teachers


Yoga instructor insurance is designed to protect yoga teachers from unexpected claims and losses arising from the teaching of a traditional form of exercise and meditation. This type of coverage usually includes both general liability coverage to protect against various accidents or injuries as well as professional liability coverage that can cover errors and omissions, libel/slander, copyright infringement, etc. It also covers any additional expenses incurred if an event or class gets cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. Additionally, this insurance may also provide legal defence costs should they become necessary in the event of a claim. Ultimately, obtaining adequate yoga teacher insurance allows instructors to focus on providing their students with the best possible experience while still being protected against the many risks associated with teaching yoga.

Coverage Concerns for Yoga Teachers

The answer to this question is, unfortunately, maybe. Whether or not a yoga teacher’s insurance coverage is extended by Geico depends on the particular policy they choose. Since yoga instructors typically engage in physical activity with clients and may use various equipment as part of their profession, it is possible that additional insurance coverages must be purchased to provide adequate protection. For example, if a professional yoga instructor requires their own liability insurance to protect against potential lawsuits from their clients due to injury or harm caused during classes, then Geico may not provide such coverage under its standard policies.

It is advisable for the yoga instructor to look into options for specialty coverage from Geico related to their specific line of work and make sure that they are adequately covered before offering any kind of class or practice. Coverage needs will vary depending on the instruction provided and the type of equipment used, so it is important for a professional yoga teacher to be aware of all necessary coverages before providing lessons and advise those who are interested in taking classes with them about any potential risk resulting from the provision of services. Additionally, many trainers also recommend that instructors obtain insurance coverage for themselves and their business just in case unexpected loss occurs due to non-insured events such as theft or damage caused by natural disasters.

Cost of Insurance for Yoga Teachers Through Geico

Geico provides coverage for yoga teachers as part of their policy offerings. Yoga teachers will need to purchase a business insurance policy in order to cover any potential personal liability and professional negligence claims arising from their services. Business insurance offered by Geico provides protection for yoga teachers against bodily injures, property damage, clients’ injury or fatal injuries caused by an accident involving the teacher and their students. Additionally, the coverage includes protection for professional acts that can compel clients to file lawsuits against the yoga teacher.

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The cost of business insurance through Geico may vary depending on factors such as where the yoga studio is located, how many classes are offered each week, and what kind of training or certification the teacher has. In addition to general liability coverage, additional coverage options such as product liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance may be added onto the policy at an additional cost. The cost can range anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars per year depending on these factors and other individual needs.

Types of Coverage Options Geico Offers

Geico offers several coverage options for yoga teachers that may be of interest. These can include Professional Liability Insurance, which provides coverage if you are sued for professional errors and omissions related to your services as a yoga instructor. It can also provide protection for any financial losses arising from the defense of such claims, reputational harm caused by actual or alleged negligence, and more.

They may also offer General Liability Insurance that helps cover costs associated with accidents like guest/client bodily injury caused by something related to your yoga business such as property damage, medical expenses, legal fees, etc.

Similarly, you could get Coverage for Equipment and Property Insurance and Property Damage Expense to help protect your equipment in the event of theft or damage due to an accident, fire or other unforeseen event.

You might also be able to find insurance tailored specifically to non-owner businesses (like a home-based business) like Business Owner’s Polices that provides comprehensiveprotection against property damage and loss of income due to certain types of events or occurrences.

Benefits of Getting Insurance Through Geico

Getting insurance through Geico for yoga teachers offers peace of mind and protection for your work-related activities. Insurance coverage can help you protect yourself against professional liability claims, which may arise from situations such as providing incorrect or inadequate advice to clients. It can also provide coverage for injury, damage, or loss related to classes or equipment you are responsible for.

Geico’s insurance policies may include specialized coverage that other insurers do not provide, such as specific coverage for off-site instruction. This could be beneficial if you teach classes outside the studio or gym setting or take private students on retreats. You’ll also have access to a range of discounts that may help save money with discounts based on safety courses taken, paid-in-full premiums, membership in respected organizations and more. Additionally, Geico merchant services provides online payment options which helps your business streamline billing operations and offer secure payment solutions to customers both in the studio and online.

Alternative Insurance Providers for Yoga Teaching

Yoga teachers can look to alternative insurance providers in case Geico coverage is not an option. Yoga teacher insurance policies are designed specifically to cover the specific risks faced by those who teach or practice yoga. Depending on the individual’s needs, some of these specialized insurers might offer more comprehensive coverage at a better rate than what Geico can provide.

Alternative yoga teacher insurers to consider include UnitedHealthcare, Dewey Insurance, YOGA For All Beings, HUB International and Skimble. Each of these providers offers specialized plans tailored to address the unique needs of yoga teachers and property damage from yoga classes, as well as liability protection for bodily injury or property damage you may cause during instruction. Some of these plans also offer additional protection for professional mistakes or negligence when teaching classes. Additionally, many of these providers also offer business insurance services for things like damage to client-owned equipment being used in class and employee injury related to participating or teaching yoga classes.

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Potential Challenges for Yoga Teachers When Insurance Shopping

When shopping for insurance, yoga teachers may face several challenges. First, they must determine whether a policy will offer adequate coverage. Many providers have minimum criteria that must be met before they are willing to insure certain types of businesses. Yoga teachers should carefully review the coverage being offered to make sure it meets their needs.

Second, yoga teachers may find it difficult to find an insurance company that is willing to cover them at all. With specialized risks associated with the profession, some insurers simply do not offer policies for this type of business. Geico does offer policies for yoga instructors but it is important to research and compare available options to ensure adequate coverage is provided.

Third, yoga instructors may face difficulty finding affordable rates due to the specialized nature of the profession. Insurance firms often consider professional liability and other factors when setting rates which can make policies more expensive than what general businesses would pay for comparable coverage. Comparing quotes from multiple providers can often help yoga instructors obtain more favorable terms and prices on their policies.


Geico does not provide coverage specifically for yoga teachers, however they may still be able to provide you with the necessary protection to help keep your business financially safe. While there are some restrictions on certain types of services and coverage, a comprehensive insurance policy could help you cover things like property damage, customer injuries, professional liability, worker’s compensation and more. Before purchasing an insurance policy from any provider it is important to do your research and make sure that their plans fit your specific needs as a yoga teacher. With the right plan in place, you can feel confident in protecting your business from potential issues and giving yourself peace of mind.

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