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Aerial yoga is a form of fitness with roots in the modern practice of yoga, but with an added dimension! It involves hanging from fabric hammocks suspended from the ceiling while doing various stretching, yoga and Pilates moves. Performed in this way, aerial exercises are said to be more beneficial and therapeutic than their traditional counterparts as they relieve compression on joints, lengthen muscles, improve alignment and can help increase flexibility. Furthermore, because of its unique nature, aerial yoga has been found to provide both a physical and mental challenge for participants which can result in better coordination and concentration.

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Yes, Aerial Yoga does indeed burn calories! Depending upon the intensity of practice, the average person can expect to burn approximately 300-500 calories during a single session! Because it gets your body moving in three dimensions and activates muscles that may not be worked during traditional forms of yoga or Pilates, your body will use more energy compared to lower intensity practices. Additionally research suggests that individuals who do Aerial Yoga can also expect increased cardiovascular endurance over time as it increases one’s heart rate more rapidly than other forms of yoga due to having to support your own body weight while performing different exercises. This improved aerobic capacity can help you continue burning calories even after the session has ended!

Why does Aerial Yoga burn more Calories?

Aerial yoga is a relatively new form of exercise that combines elements from traditional yoga and aerial acrobatics. During an aerial yoga session, participants use supportive fabric hammocks to perform poses and transitions in the vertical plane. With its focus on balance, strength, and flexibility, it has become increasingly popular due to its challenging yet low-impact nature.

The combination of being able to take more challenging poses and incorporate greater body movements than normal yoga is one of the key components that explain why it can be so effective at burning calories ” as much as 900 per class in some cases! Being suspended airborne while performing simultaneous aerobic and strength exercises provides an intense full-body workout. As with other forms of exercise, how many calories you burn depend on various factors such as your weight, intensity level and metabolism. Aerial yoga stimulates your heart rate more than traditional floor-based yoga because you are constantly using multiple muscle groups for increased stability which creates greater challenge overall. The mental focus required for balancing or correctly positioning the body also contributes to increasing your workout’s level of difficulty. Additionally, there are endless possibilities that come with practicing aerial yoga; from inversions to balances that don’t exist in traditional floor-based yoga classes, deepening the impact of each practice.

Nutrition for Optimal Calories Burned with Aerial Yoga

Yes, aerial yoga can burn calories. The amount of calories burned during an aerial yoga session depends on several factors such as bodyweight, intensity and type of class attended. Generally speaking a one hour session can burn between 150 to 500 or more depending on how many moves are performed and how much effort is put into the practice. To help optimize your calorie burn you should make sure to properly hydrate and fuel your body with nutrient rich snacks before the class. Taking in healthy fats, protein, and complex carbohydrates during the hours leading up to your class will give you the energy you’ll need for optimal calorie burning performance during class. Additionally it is important to wear loose, comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely while still providing enough support while upside down. And as always, Safety First! Don’t push yourself too far so as not to cause any serious injury or exhaustion. Lastly make sure your instructor is certified and aware of any of health conditions that may affect your performance during class time.

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Different Types of Aerial Yoga and their Calories Burnt

Aerial yoga is an exercise modality involving hanging from a fabric hammock suspended from the ceiling. During aerial yoga sessions, practitioners use gravity to carry out exercises and stretch their body in ways they normally couldn’t on the floor or traditional yoga mat.

The types of Aerial yoga can vary depending on the style of poses and movements used. Popular styles include AntiGravity Yoga, AirYoga, Fly High Yoga, YoYo Yoga, and Atomic Strength Yoga ” all of which are designed to provide participants with whole-body muscle strengthening and toning benefits. For example, some poses involve participants inverting themselves while suspended in their hammock or layering additional weight into a supported posture.

Though more research still needs to be done on the exact calories burned during an aerial yoga session, it’s estimated that one hour of practice typically burns anywhere between 120″200 calories (depending on intensity level). Additionally, since it is an active-style workout that demands stability and focuses heavily on range of motion, strength and balance; aerial yoga helps build lean muscle as well as burning fat.

How to Maximize Calories Burned with Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga offers a unique way to exercise and build strength while maximizing the calories burned. By using yoga swings and hammocks suspended from the ceiling, aerial yoga can leverage gravity to increase the intensity of your workout and make it more impactful. While the number of calories you burn will depend on your personal metabolism, body composition, activity level and weight, you can definitely increase the number of calories you burn through various techniques in an aerial yoga session.

For starters, adding dynamic movement during your class can help burn more fat per session. Performing exercises such as jumping jacks or alternating between vertical and horizontal stretches in your swings provides an interval-style workout that can boost calorie burning even further. You may also want to focus on core-centric exercises such as balancing poses which require extra muscle tension to maintain balance, helping to raise the number of calories burned by activating those visceral muscles. When executed correctly, twists in a swing can also be highly effective for working up a sweat and utilizing multiple muscle groups for maximum calorie burning potential.

Finally, try to hold poses longer than usual since a static pose requires high levels of mental focus as well as stable muscle contractions which both help tone different areas of your body while burning more calories across your entire system. To accelerate calorie burn even more, try adding light weights or increasing resistance with bands during practice if possible.

Examples of Aerial Yoga postures

Yes, Aerial Yoga does burn calories. Depending on the intensity of the postures and actions, one could burn up to 400-600 calories per session. The resistance from the fabric combined with gravity increases cardiovascular activity and helps build strength and flexibility.

Examples of Aerial Yoga postures include Pigeon Pose, Inflating Dolphin Pose, Supported Lotus Pose, Plank Hip Extension, Flying Savasana, Mermaid Pose and Crow Pose. These poses are performed while suspended in the air by a silk or aerial yoga hammock. Postures like Pigeon Pose help to open up tight hips and improve flexibility; Inflating Dolphin Pose strengthens muscles in the arms and abs; Supported Lotus Pose relieves tension in the lower back; Plank Hip Extension tones glutes and hamstrings; Flying Savasana is a restorative inversion providing a gentle stretch for the spine; Mermaid Pose helps to increase balance control and Crow builds core stability.

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20-minute Aerial Yoga Workout for Maximum Calories Burn

Yes, aerial yoga does burn calories! Depending on the type of exercises and intensity level, aerial yoga can help you lose up to 4.5 calories per minute. To maximize your calorie burning potential during your aerial yoga practice it is important to engage in a variety of poses which challenge your muscles and create an intense workout. A 20-minute aerial yoga workout can be designed to help you work up a sweat and achieve maximum calorie burn.

Your 20-minute Aerial Yoga Workout should focus on building strength with challenging poses such as Pull Ups, Core Chairs, Chair Splits and Kick Outs (involving the fabric). You could also incorporate some toning moves such as Merges, Kneeling Crunches, Side Lying Hammer Curls, Cross Climbs, etc. Additionally , it would be wise to include some cardio sequences like Tricep raises, Squat Jumps and High Knees for an additional exercise boost. Finally include several stretches for flexibility at the end of your workout as well retain balance within your body post workout. By implementing these exercises into your 20-minute routine you can achieve maximum calorie burn in minimum time.


Aerial yoga is a great way to burn calories. It combines traditional yoga poses with the support of a specially designed aerial hammock to give you an intense, yet relaxing full body workout. It also provides an amazing amount of core and upper-body strength and stability, which challenges your body in ways that other workout methods don’t.

Not only does aerial yoga provide an effective full-body workout, but it’s a fun yet challenging way to burn calories. With aerial yoga, you are suspended off the ground, allowing for even greater flexibility and mobility as you use your own body weight as resistance while performing a variety of movements. You can also perform inverted poses like headstands and asymmetrical positions in order to more effectively target your abdominal muscles”something difficult to do on solid ground.

Additionally, aerial yoga increases cardiovascular health. These types of exercises require periods of sustained physical exertion which can elevate your heart rate and give you a serious calorie-burning metabolic boost. Studies have shown that regular sessions of flying yoga can improve overall muscular endurance and strength levels too, making it one of the most efficient all-round exercises for health and wellbeing available today.

All in all, aerial yoga is an ideal formula for burning calories without putting too much strain on your muscles and joints ” provided it’s practiced properly under qualified instructors ” offering the perfect combination of fun and fitness!

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