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Yoga is an ancient practice from India whose roots trace back to the third century BC. It’s a form of physical and mental exercise that combines breath control, meditation and posture exercises. Yoga offers many physical, artful and spiritual benefits that can improve your quality of life.

Do Your Fitness Yoga Mat is designed to directly address the needs of modern yogis who want a good workout but need their yoga mat to provide support and stability during complicated poses. Construction with closed-cell foam structure prevents sweat transfer so you stay dry throughout your practice. Specialty texturing offers precision grip and traction for postures involving dust or sweat on its ultra-grip surface, while being slip resistant with its long-lasting latex free materials. Combined with its extra cushioning design it make this yoga mat suitable for those more challenging postures in your practice. With the built-in foam alignment system you can focus on breathing and feeling edgy instead of trying to memorize which direction you’re turned facing. Finally, a strong airtight seal keeps dirt, sand, dust away from you when in movement so your session won’t be disrupted by sweaty hands or small particles in the air hovering around you or pushing up against your skin causing discomfort or pain when trying to concentrate on executing each pose correctly.

Differentiating Features

Do Your Fitness Yoga Mat stands out from the competition primarily due to its high performance. Made with durable and thick closed-cell foam, it provides superior grip and support for all types of yoga practices,especialy hot yoga and Bikram yoga. It is lightweight yet tough enough to handle regular use on hardwood floors or carpets without sacrificing cushioning. The mat also features one-of-a-kind alignment lines that help users maintain proper posture during practice . Additionally, its textured surface ensures higher friction when necessary and prevents slipping even when sweating profusely during intense workouts. This functional design not only prevents back injuries but also lets practitioners do their yoga sessions faster and with more precise movements. It is free of PVC, latex, rubber, or phthalates so it’s safe to use by people with chemical sensitivities. With a wide range of bright vibrant colors to choose from, Do Your Fitness Yoga Mats are stylish yet made to last up to 10 times longer than standard mats in the market.

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Clean Design

The Do Your Fitness Yoga Mat is designed with aesthetic appeal in mind. Featuring a sleek and stylish design, the 4-millimeter thick mat is made from an advanced closed-cell, non-toxic TPE material that is strong but gentle on the skin. The mat comes with a bold serene colour palette for ultimate relaxation, perfect for replenishing both your mental and physical energy. Additionally, the product features a unique textured surface material to increase grip and reduce slipping during practice. The lightweight mats are conveniently foldable – making them highly portable and easy to fit into carry bags and small spaces. The sturdy double layer construction ensures maximum support throughout each pose while providing superior shock absorption. This design allows practitioners to stay comfortable throughout their practice while still enjoying its modern look.

Price Point

The price range of Do Your Fitness Yoga Mat can vary depending on the size and design option you choose. Generally, a standard-size yoga mat ranges from about $25 to $60, while mats designed for extra cushioning or wider widths may range from around $50 to over $100.

Studio Discounts

Yes, many fitness studios offer discounts for customers who purchase multiple yoga mats at once. Depending on the studio, they may offer a package deal such as three or five yoga mats at a discounted rate or even a buy-one-get-one-free special. Keep in mind that these discounts typically require customers to pay in full ahead of time and are often only offered during special sale events. Additionally, some studios have loyalty programs that reward patrons for their frequency of use which can result in discounted prices for high volume purchases over time.


Yes, Do Your Fitness Yoga Mats are available for purchase in stores and online. They can be purchased from fitness stores and sporting good stores as well as online retailers such as Amazon. Depending on the retailer, they may also be available for purchase through the Do Your Fitness website itself. It’s also possible to find them in bulk online, which makes them a great option for those who are outfitting their gyms or yoga studios with quality gear.


Do Your Fitness Yoga Mat offers a standard one-year limited warranty for any manufacturing defects that take place during normal use. This warranty applies to non-accessory items such as the Yoga Mat itself, and extends from date of purchase. Additionally, Should Defects of any material or workmanship defect appear due to a manufacturing defect within the first 90 days of owning the product, Do Your Fitness will replace it free of charge. Customers must provide proof of purchase to activate this warranty.

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Customer Reviews

Current customers report excellent comfort and durability when using Do Your Fitness Yoga Mat. They describe the mat as being durable enough to withstand heavy movements or weights without slipping or sliding, yet still lightweight and comfortable for a variety of yoga practice needs. Customers also rate that the mat does not have an overwhelming odor, which is a common complaint with other yoga mats. The antimicrobial treatment on the mat is another advantage noted by current customers, allowing it to resist soaking up sweat and bacteria that often contribute to odors on traditional yoga mats. In addition, customers also appreciate that they can easily fold and store the Do Your Fitness Yoga Mat in tight spaces such as gym bags or luggage when traveling.

Highlighting the Benefits

1. Improved Posture: Doing yoga on a Do Your Fitness Yoga Mat will help to improve your posture, allowing you to have better form during the exercises which can lead to improved performance and better results.

2. More Durable: This high quality mat is designed with durability in mind meaning it can take on regular use without tearing or needing occasional repairs.

3. Non-Slip: The non-slip surface offers superior grip and stability, making it safe for users of all levels as well as providing an extra bit of comfort when exercising.

4. Environmentally Friendly: Made out of recycled materials and biodegradable, this mat is not only comfortable and practical but is also better for the environment too!

5. Variety: With four colours available (Blue, Purple, Green & Pink) there’s sure to be one to fit your individual style as well as varied uses within different workout types such Yoga, Pilates and more!

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