Do You Yoga Ayurvedic Bliss Balls


Do You Yoga Ayurvedic Bliss Balls are a type of healthy snack, packed with nutritious ingredients and Ayurvedic herbs. They have been based on traditional Ayurvedic medicine, an ancient healing system from India that focuses on physical, mental and spiritual wellness. The bliss balls are said to reduce inflammation, balance hormones, improve digestion and promote overall wellbeing; due to the range of herbs and spices used.

The trend for using natural ingredients like these became popular in recent years when more people began looking for healthier options to satisfy cravings without indulging in unhealthy snacks. Do You Yoga responded well to this shift in eating habits by creating an organic energy ball that draws inspiration from the health benefits of Indian herbs.

When making the balls, organic dates form the base while almonds and sunflower seeds bring added crunch. Coconut flakes provide a hint of sweetness followed by cinnamon which helps control blood sugar levels while cardamom adds a fragrant taste with antiseptic properties. These elements are blended together before being rolled into individual balls then coated in desiccated coconut or crushed nuts or seeds for extra texture and flavor.


• Dates – A good source of fibre, dates provide vitamins and minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and iron.
• Walnuts – A great source of omega-3 fatty acids, walnuts also contain protein and are rich in antioxidants.
• Coconut – Not only does coconut have anti-inflammatory properties it’s also full of healthy dietary fat.
• Turmeric – This root is packed with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
• Cardamom – Traditionally used to aid digestion, cardamom provides a boost of Vitamin B6 for energy!
• Ginger Root – An anti-inflammatory spice known to help ease muscle soreness and reduce nausea.
• Cinnamon – Rich in antioxidants, cinnamon can help regulate blood sugar levels and lower cholesterol.


Ayurvedic Bliss Balls are a delicious, healthy energy boost for any time of the day. They are made from natural whole ingredients that provide nourishing, energizing, and balancing benefits to the body according to Ayurveda’s ancient principles. The ingredients used in these bliss balls combine to provide an array of health benefits. These include:

• Boosting energy and enhancing focus ” By using ingredients such as dates, almonds and walnuts, Ayurvedic Bliss Balls provide sustained energy to help you feel more alert throughout the day. They also contain shatavari root which is known for its calming properties, which can help reduce stress and anxiety levels.

• Improving digestion ” Ayurvedic Bliss Balls are filled with warming spices like ginger and cardamom which have been traditionally used to aid digestion. Dates are also included for their laxative properties, so this snack may be especially helpful those dealing with chronic constipation or Indigestion.

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• Supporting immune system health ” Curcumin is one of the main active ingredients in turmeric powder. It has powerful anti-inflammatory capabilities that can support a healthy immune system while providing relief from occasional aches & pains.

• Strengthening your bones ” The nuts and seeds combined within these Ayurvedic Bliss Balls are filled with good fats and essential minerals like ca;cium and iron which can help strengthen your bones over time when consumed regularly.


1) As an Energy Booster: Take one bliss ball before a workout or long day of activity. It gives you a natural burst of sustained energy to keep you going.

2) As a Post-Workout Treat: After your workout or strenuous physical activity, eat one or two to replenish any lost nutrients and revitalize the body.

3) As a Healthy Snack: Keep one in your bag to ward off hunger cravings between meals. It’s much healthier than chips, candy bars, and other processed snacks!

4) As An Enjoyable Dessert Replacement: Craving something sweet? Why not reach for an Ayurvedic bliss ball instead of ice cream for dessert? You can still satisfy your sweet tooth without packing on the extra calories!

5) For Improved Digestion: Take one blis ball 20 minutes before a meal as an Ayurvedic digestive aid. Bliss balls are known to help promote healthy digestion and soothe heartburn and indigestion.

6) To Increase Immunity: Eating just one bliss ball a day is known to help boost immunity and build resilience against common colds, flu, fever etc. Enjoying Do You Yoga Ayurvedic bliss balls could serve as vital part of your everyday immune routine!


Ayurvedic Bliss Balls are a delicious and nutritious snack that you can easily make at home in minutes. Their ingredients are based on traditional Ayurvedic medicinal principles, making them an incredibly healthy snack to have between meals. The main ingredients typically include nuts, seeds, dried fruit, spices, healthy oils, and herbs. These ingredients can be blended together or processed so they form into small cylinders or balls. They are then rolled in additional nuts, seeds or shredded coconut for a delicious crunchy coating. While being incredibly tasty treats – they are also very filling and contain many crucial vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, zinc, calcium and much more. Likewise – these bliss balls provide energy from their natural sugars but still stay relatively low in calories – making them an ideal snack for anyone looking to stay fit and healthy!


1. Keep your Ayurvedic Bliss Balls in the refrigerator or freezer. Doing this will keep them fresh and easier to work with when you are ready to enjoy one.

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2. If you prefer a snack that’s more solid, consider shaping your Bliss Balls into discs, patties, cubes, or bars. You can also shape them into round balls and flatten them out if desired.

3. Use unique ingredients like sprouts, spices and healthy fats like coconut oil and almond butter to add flavor and nutrition to your Bliss Balls.

4. Consider adding additional antioxidants such as cacao nibs, hemp seeds or goji berries for an extra nutritional boost of Vitamins A & C.

5. If you prefer a sweeter Bliss Ball, switch out some of the dried fruits for dates or honey to up the sweetness factor without upping glucose levels too much ” making it good for diabetics as well!

6. To make sure your Bliss Balls stay together properly without crumbling, bind them together with natural nut butters like almond butter or cashew butter – though feel free to experiment with other nutty options!

7. Preparing a mix of various flavored Bliss Balls is always an option if you’d rather not eat the same thing every time; this way you have plenty of variation at hand!
8. Enjoy one as part of breakfast or as an afternoon snack ” they make an excellent accompaniment to either meal!


Do You Yoga Ayurvedic Bliss Balls are a great way to incorporate healthy-living into your life. These treats feature ayurvedic superfoods that have been used for centuries to naturally provide health benefits and increase energy levels. They can also help reduce stress, anxiety, and improve circulation of the body’s inner workings. The natural ingredients also help balance hormones, supporting normal digestion and boosting immunity. With regular use, Do You Yoga Ayurvedic Bliss Balls can bring about overall increased energy or well being as well as aid in aiding sleep deprivation. By incorporating these precise formulations of superfoods into one’s diet, there is great potential for many people to experience enhanced physical and mental wellbeing.

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