Do You Yoga 30 Day Challenge Review


The Do You Yoga 30 Day Challenge was created to help people incorporate a consistent, effective yoga practice into their lives with the intention of developing and improving overall mental and physical wellbeing. The challenge was designed by experienced yogis who understand how daunting it can be to turn yoga from an occasional activity into a regular part of life. To help make this endeavor more manageable, the challenge was broken down into 30 days of guided instruction where you can view daily videos that cover various components of yoga practice such as stretching and strengthening exercises, pranayama (breathing) techniques, relaxation practice, and meditation instruction.

By participating in this challenge, participants gain the essential foundations needed for developing a successful yoga practice in addition to having accountability since each day of practice is recorded. The main benefits are stress reduction and increased energy levels from learning proper breathing techniques, improved concentration through daily meditation practice, increased flexibility from doing a wide variety of stretches and poses during each session, enhanced self-awareness as participants become more mindful when completing their practices.

Overview of Day-by-Day Challenge

Day 1 – This day starts with a gentle warm-up and basic stretching. You will complete a series of poses to prepare for the practice ahead. Some of the poses include Cat-Cow, Half Sun Salutation, Downward Facing Dog, Child’s Pose, Upward Facing Dog, and Bridge Pose.

Day 2 – This day focuses on exercises around balancing poses and core stability. The poses explored are Tree Pose, Chair Pose, Crow Pose, Warrior I & II and Extended Side Angle.

Day 3 – This day explores sun salutations and backbends. Along with warming up and stretching at the beginning you will build on your practice with Half Sun Salutation A & B then move into variations of Crescent Lunge, Warrior III/Half Moon, Bow Posture/Low Cobra to Upward Facing Dog.

Day 4 – Boasting a high energy level today’s session will jog your memory of all the different postures discussed so far by combining all basic yoga postures in a short flow like from Plank pose to High Lift pose, start working towards Chaturanga Dandasana or ”Four Limbed Staff Pose”, explore other pelvic floor release exercises etc.

Day 5 – Today’s practice is designed for relieving upper quad tension in combination with Seated Forward Fold (or Paschimottanasana), Shoulder Stand (or Sarvangasana) and Legs Up The Wall (or Vajra Asana).

Day 6 – On this day you will go over Side Plank (Vasisthasana). You will focus on maintaining the alignment while building arm strength along with daily twists that incorporates full body flexibility – one more time covering both Cat-Cow Flow as well as Half Sun Salutations A & B.

Day 7 – Day 7 celebrates with restorative poses allowing some time off any intense asanas movements such as using props that allow you to properly align each part of your body while practicing supported Setu Bandha Sarvangasana (Bridge pose) into Reclining Bound Angle pose (Supta Baddha Konasana), Relaxation pose (Savasana) in Corpse position etc.

Benefits of the Challenge

The Do You Yoga 30 Day Challenge has many physical and mental health benefits. During the challenge, participants can expect to have increased flexibility and strength, improved balance and coordination, better posture, reduced stress and anxiety levels, elevated energy levels, improved breathing techniques, enhanced mental clarity, and overall heightened body awareness. Additionally, individuals who take part in the challenge may experience improvements in their self-confidence as they watch their capabilities improve over the course of the 30 days.

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Challenges Faced During the Challenge

One potential challenge that could arise during the Do You Yoga 30 Day Challenge is increasing motivation and dedication to stay on track. This can be particularly tricky if the challenge involves following a specific exercise routine due to potential boredom or lack of excitement with the routine. To overcome this, it is important to keep motivation levels high with incentives such as rewards for surpassing personal challenges or milestones in the challenge. Other techniques that can be employed to remain motivated include setting specific goals related to the challenge, having individuals within a group to turn towards for support and accountability, or even simply taking short breaks throughout the duration of the challenge in order to recharge and stay on task. By keeping motivation levels high through various strategies, completing any challenges posed by Do You Yoga 30 Days Challenge should become easier and more enjoyable.

Common Questions

Common questions about the Do You Yoga 30 Day Challenge include: How long is the challenge? Does it offer help with technique and instruction? Are there any meal plans or nutritional advice included? What kind of results can be expected if participants complete the full program? Is there a money-back guarantee if the program is not successful? Is this something that a beginner can do? Is it suitable for all fitness levels, or just more experienced yogis? Are there live streaming sessions available for group practice and/or one-on-one coaching? What type of equipment and/or props are used in the classes?

Tips for Success

Before starting the 30 Day Challenge by Do You Yoga, there are some tips that can help increase your odds of succeeding. Firstly, plan out a specific time in the day to do your yoga practice. Making this a consistent part of your daily routine will help to keep you motivated and remind you that you’re committed to completing the challenge. Secondly, try to familiarize yourself with different poses and techniques so you have an idea what to expect when taking part in the Challenge. To do this it is recommended to look at online tutorials or join a class at a local studio if possible. Finally, make sure you have all the necessary supplies. These could include things like a mat, blocks, straps and meditation supplies such as cushions or pillows for comfort. By following these steps you will be well prepared and ready to tackle the Do You Yoga 30 day challenge!

Do You Yoga 30 Day Challenge Review

Overall, participants in Do You Yoga’s 30 Day Challenge have reported feeling more energized, relaxed, and stress-free. Many experienced increased flexibility, strength and stamina when practicing yoga daily for 30 days. Participants also reported improved posture and a better sense of well-being. Additionally, they appreciated the structure that comes with participating in a challenge; they found they were more likely to stay consistent with their practice because of the commitment to follow through with the challenge. Apart from physical benefits, people also enjoyed the chance to meditate and find peace within themselves during their practice each day. Finally, many participants report experiencing a greater connection to body motion by focusing on breath work and intentional movement throughout their practice.

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Overall, the feedback from participants of Do You Yoga’s 30 Day Challenge has been overwhelmingly positive. Many report feeling better after completing the challenging both mentally and physically. People have said they feel more energized, with levels of stress and anxiety decreasing significantly. Additionally, those who undertook the challenge report increased flexibility, strength and balance, along with improved posture and overall body awareness. Additionally, participants noted their improved attitude and outlook after participating in the challenge; a greater sense of control over their lives was reported by many.


Participants in the Do You Yoga 30 Day Challenge suggest breaking the challenge down into manageable pieces. For example, instead of aiming to do yoga every day for a full 30 days, focus on committing to 3-4 sessions a week and then build up your practice from there. Additionally, many participants recommend attending classes regularly or finding an online yoga resource that you can use at home. Additionally, taking regular breaks is important for both physical and mental health. Finally, positive self-talk and goal setting are essential for success. By focusing on achievable goals and staying motivated, it’s possible to make significant progress throughout the challenge.


The Do You Yoga 30 Day Challenge is an excellent way for participants to experience the benefits of yoga. Through this challenge, those practicing yoga can gain increased flexibility, improved balance and posture, better circulation throughout their bodies, more energy, and reduced stress and anxiety. Additionally, yogis can gain greater body awareness and insight into the physical aspect of their practice as they explore a variety of poses each day. This challenge also helps participants become more mindful in their every day lives, prioritize their health and wellbeing, create positive habits to last a lifetime, and stay motivated while practicing yoga. Ultimately, this 30-day challenge serves as an excellent opportunity for those looking to take their yoga practice further and reach higher levels of wellness. From completing the challenge participants have learned that dedicating time each day to take care of yourself is one of the greatest gifts you can give your mind and body. Furthermore there has been a greater appreciation for the little moments that life provides each day along with being more conscious about eating nutritious meals and relying less on caffeine or unhealthy snacks to get through your days. Finally the Do You Yoga 30-Day Challenge has opened peoples eyes to how mindful movement such as yoga can bring positive shifts mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically when practiced correctly providing valuable life lessons long after its finished

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