Do You Wear Socks During Hot Yoga

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I recently started practicing hot yoga, and one of the biggest questions that came up when I told my friends about it was “Do you wear socks during hot yoga?” So, I decided to dive into my research to find out the answer! My class was held in a warm room with dimmed lights – it was the perfect atmosphere for my first lesson. As I looked at everyone else around me, some were wearing socks and some weren’t. That is when I realized that there is no definite answer – it really just depends on what you feel most comfortable with.

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It is highly recommended to wear socks during hot yoga, especially in a class setting. Hot yoga classes can get quite sweaty, and wearing socks can help minimize slipping as well as provide protection for your feet. To keep your feet comfortable and dry during hot yoga practice, look for breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics to allow air circulation. Ideally, you should look for socks that come up to your ankles for extra grip and stability. Additionally, the toe area should be seamless so you don’t experience any irritation from a bulky seam. Some great options are FALKE Women’s Yoga Soft Anti Slip Socks ( which offer great grip and take sweat away from the skin; as well as GASPOLOGY Lifestyle Exercise Non Slip Socks (–slip-socks/) which will not slip off your feet while having 4 way stretch fabric made of cotton blend with anti slip silicon grips on the bottom of the sock!

Mentions of Rights and Wrongs

The decision to wear socks during hot yoga is a personal one. Many people feel that it is considered impolite or unhygienic to wear socks in a shared public yoga space and opt not to. On the other hand, some people find wearing socks more comfortable, especially if they are prone to slipping on their mat during some of the poses.

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Given this, the rights and wrongs of wearing socks during hot yoga depend largely on the preferences of the individual practitioner and any rules set out by their studio. Some studios may provide disposable socks as part of their kit that are intended to be worn inside – if so, it’s best to comply!

Generally, if you do choose to wear your own pair of socks during hot yoga, it’s important to pick ones that are designed for sweaty conditions; avoid synthetic materials that don’t breathe well and aren’t designed for wicking away moisture. In addition, be sure to bring clean pairs with each class; it’s never polite or respectful to leave an old or used pair behind in a studio or classroom.

Ultimately whether you should wear socks during hot yoga comes down to preference – just be sure to respect any specific rules established by your chosen studio promoting respectful practice for all participants.

Suggested Use of Accessories

According to experts, wearing socks during hot yoga can be beneficial. Socks help provide extra cushioning for your feet and keep them from slipping on the yoga mat. Additionally, wearing socks can help reduce blisters and heel pain that can sometimes occur after engaging in a vigorous yoga practice.

Beyond simple socks, however, there are several other accessories that can make a hot yoga session more comfortable and enjoyable. Hand and foot towels are especially important as they allow you to wipe away sweat while standing poses or downward facing dog pose. Moisture-wicking clothing is also helpful in regulating body temperature while practicing in a heated room. If possible, it’s also recommended to bring your own mat rather than renting one to ensure proper hygiene and prevent the spread of bacteria. Finally, a water bottle will keep you hydrated throughout your workout.


Yes, wearing socks during hot yoga can be beneficial. Not only do they help to keep your feet warm and comfortable as you practice poses in a heated room, but they help to maintain traction on the mat and can prevent slipping or sliding when attempting certain poses. Additionally, socks act as a barrier between your skin and mat, which helps to reduce bacteria and keep your toes feeling clean.

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When choosing a pair of socks for hot yoga, look for ones that are light and breathable so that oxygen can reach the feet. A fabric such as cotton is ideal since it allows moisture from sweat to escape properly. The fit should also be snug; if they are too loose, then you may risk them falling off your feet as you move through different positions.

To wear appropriately during hot yoga practice, fold down the top of the sock so that it does not prevent airflow to the foot arch. Alternatively, some practitioners prefer wearing their socks pulled up high with just their toes sticking out over the seams of the sock. This ensures proper air circulation while keeping the rest of your foot warm at all times. Regardless of how worn or where they are tucked, wearing socks during hot yoga will help provide stability while microfiber texture grips your mat – leaving less wiggle room for any frustrating slips or slides!

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