Do You Need A Mat For Chair Yoga

Do You Need A Mat For Chair Yoga?

Yoga is not just performed on a mat anymore; it can now be done while sitting in a chair! Chair yoga, also known as seated yoga, is a yoga practice done while seated in a chair or a wheelchair. But the question remains: do you need a mat for chair yoga?

Benefits of Using a Mat for Chair Yoga

Using a mat for chair yoga has its advantages:

  • Gives you extra cushioning – Performing chair yoga on a mat provides an extra layer of cushioning between yourself and the chair, making the practice more comfortable and enjoyable. This cushioning can also be helpful if the chair has hard parts that could otherwise hurt your knees or hips.
  • Keeps you from slipping – A mat will help provide traction and prevent your feet from slipping while doing chair yoga.
  • Adds some extra style – Mats come in various styles and colors and can add some visual appeal to your yoga practice.

Drawbacks of Using a Mat for Chair Yoga

Using a mat for chair yoga may not always be ideal:

  • Mat can be bulky – Depending on the size of your mat, it can take up a lot of space if you are practicing chair yoga in a small area.
  • Gets in the way – Your mat can be an obstacle that gets in the way when doing some of the chair yoga movements.
  • Might irritate your skin – For example, if you sit on a mat for a long period or in a chair with a pattern on it, it may irritate your skin.


Using a mat for chair yoga ultimately comes down to personal preference. For those who prefer a more comfortable and cushioned seat, a mat can come in handy. However, a mat may not always be necessary and can sometimes be a hinderance. So it is up to you to decide if using a mat for chair yoga is the right choice for you!

Q: What type of mat is best for chair yoga?

A: Closed cell foam mats or rug gripper mats are best for chair yoga, as they provide a safe, slip-resistant surface and cushioning for joint protection. Some specific mats that are great for chair yoga are the Balanced Body Chair Mat, Gaiam Mobility Mat, and Yes4All Anti-Slip Mat.

Q: What are the benefits of chair yoga?

A: Chair yoga provides a wide range of benefits and can be an excellent way to get the benefits of yoga without having to get on the ground and do poses or stretches. Chair yoga can help improve flexibility and mobility in your joints, relieves stiffness and tension in your muscles, and can help alleviate stress and relax your body. It can also improve your concentration and focus, as well as help improve cardio-vascular function and assist with weight loss. The best part is that it doesn’t require any special equipment, so you can do it anywhere and anytime.

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