Do You Need A Long Towel For Beginners Yoga


A long towel is a useful item to have during yoga practice, particularly for beginners. It is longer than the average beach towel, usually measuring between 5 and 6 feet in length, and can be used as an aid to stabilization when performing postures and exercises. Long towels are especially beneficial in Yoga classes specifically designed for beginners as they allow the user to focus on alignment, form, and breathing without worrying about losing their balance or grip on the mat. Additionally, it can provide extra protection from slipping or sliding on your mat during more challenging or extended exercises. Finally, for those with sensitive skin or limited mobility, a long towel can help reduce friction against the mat and ensure that sweat does not interfere with your practice.

Types of Long Towels

When it comes to beginning your yoga practice, it is important that you have the right supplies. An often overlooked item is a long towel. A long towel can be incredibly beneficial for your yoga routine, as it provides increased grip and more safety during your poses.

When choosing the right type of long towel for beginners yoga, there are two main types you will want to consider. The first is a microfiber towel, which provides a textured surface that helps with grip when changing poses. The other type is a chamois cloth, which is made from high quality fabric that feels silky smooth against the skin and helps reduce slippage.

Both materials offer increased absorption levels for perspiration and prevent the build-up of bacteria on the surface. It’s important to choose something durable in order to withstand multiple machine-washings and frequent use. Additionally, longer lengths provide greater coverage when practicing downward dog or other poses on hard surfaces like concrete or bamboo floors.

Choosing the right type of long towel will not only make your beginner’s yoga practice smoother but also safer due to its non-slip qualities and optimal absorbency rate for moisture offered by both types of material mentioned above. Longer towels also provide greater coverage and protection from hard surfaces such as wooden floors or bricks, making them an essential item for any beginner yogi’s kit!

Benefits of Using a Long Towel for Beginners Yoga

Using a long towel for beginners yoga can provide numerous benefits that result in better posture, comfort and support. A long towel gives you the extra length you need to perform poses. It is a great way to be kinder to your spine and keep your postures aligned correctly. Additionally, it helps with preventing injuries that come from doing poses incorrectly. With its adherence to the body, you can get a more intense core engagement and really feel the squeeze of certain postures. Not to mention, when using longer items like towels or straps instead of short blocks or pillows helps us find our true alignment due to the extra length being added.

Yoga Poses For Your Back

Moreover, a long towel is great for providing extra support when doing balances or bends as well as flexibility exercises due to its larger surface area. For many beginners starting out their yoga practice they may lack the strength needed to keep their bodies safe in more advanced postures so having an additional support system in place will make all the difference. Lastly, a long towel provides not only physical assistance but also mental comfort and relaxation knowing that whatever happens during your practice, you have an added layer of protection there with you.

Tips For Choosing the Right Long Towel

Fiber: One of the first things to consider when choosing a long towel for beginners yoga is the type of fiber it is made out of. Natural fibers, such as cotton or linen, are a good choice because they will absorb moisture and can be machine-washed easily. Synthetic fibers are also an option, although they do not absorb moisture as well and may need to be hand-washed.

Quality: The quality of the towel should also be taken into account when selecting one for your needs. Look for towels that are made from medium weight fabric and densely woven threads ” this will help ensure that the towel lasts through many uses without tearing or stretching out. Additionally, try to find a product with good stitching and reinforced edges ” these details will extend the life of your new towel.

Brand: Whether it is a major brand or small start up, looking at established brands is important when shopping for a long towel for beginners yoga. Many established brands have excellent customer service and warranties in place if you have any issues with their product, so make sure you take this into consideration during your search process.

How to Use a Long Towel During a Beginners Yoga Practice

Using a long towel during your beginner’s yoga practice can be beneficial to both your physical and psychological health. Here are a few tips for effectively using a long towel during practice:

Yoga Pose On Head

1. Lay out your towel before you begin your sequence and make sure that it is positioned lengthwise along the length of your mat. Take note of the size of the towel so you don’t injure yourself by stretching too far from one side to the other.

2. When practicing yogic positions (asanas), use the towel as a way to help deepen stretches and refine alignment. Try folding it under you for seated postures like Padmasana, or roll it up long ways and use it as an external aid on tougher poses like Bharadvajasana or Pascimottonasana.

3. Use the towel as a prop to help warm up muscle groups prior to deeper stretches. Place one end under the lower part of your back at different angles to challenge the muscles around your spine before attempting complicated twists like Ardhabharadvajasana or Marichyasana III.

4. As you flow through Vinyasa sequences, use your towel in place of a stretching belt (or “strap”). Loop each end around each hand then breathe evenly while trying to lengthen through any stretch that feels challenging without strain or discomfort.

5. During restorative postures, drape them over feet, arms and shoulders for especially relaxing support throughout Savasana or Supta Baddha Konasana, for instance..

Wrap Up

Having a long towel with you when doing beginner’s yoga is highly recommended. Not only can it help with sweat absorption, but it can also provide extra cushion and support to certain postures and poses. The towel can also be used as an additional prop or support for the body during challenging poses or stretches. Plus, having a larger option than a regular hand towel will give you the space and coverage you need to practice safely and comfortably. All in all, having a long yoga towel when starting out will give you peace of mind and an improved sense of security to your yoga practice that will aid in your progress.

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