Do Victoroa Secret Pink Yoga Pants Run Big

Popular Colors

Victoria Secret Pink Yoga Pants come in various colors and designs. With options ranging from solid black or white to a variety of prints and patterns, these yoga pants can add a unique flair to any outfit. Solid colors look great when paired with bright tops, contrasting them nicely with the bottom half of an outfit. Printed designs look great when paired with bold shoes – perfect for running errands or a night out. And, because they’re made with stretchy fabric, they provide the comfort and flexibility necessary for yoga activities or athletic activities like running, stadium steps, and more! In terms of size, Victoria Secret Pink Yoga Pants not only run true-to-size but have an extra hint of stretching that provides additional comfort as well as room.

Customer Feedback

There are mixed reviews when it comes to the sizing of Victoria Secret Pink yoga pants. Some customers have commented that they run true to size, and others have said that they run big. Many customers suggest ordering one size down from your usual size if you prefer a more snug fit. Additionally, some customers say that the length of the pants is quite long and that going one size down may help with that as well. All in all, the sizing for Victoria Secret Pink yoga pants can be quite unpredictable so it’s worth reading customer reviews before buying or even better trying them on in store first!


Comparing Victoria Secret Pink yoga pants to similar brands can be helpful to decide if they run big or not. The fabric of the Victoria Secret brand is comfortable and soft, while some other popular brands of yoga pants tend to lack the same level of comfort and quality. When considering the actual sizing of the pants, it is important to note that Victoria Secret tends to run on the larger side. Some users report that other brands fit more snugly than Victoria Secret’s product. That being said, many people prefer a slightly looser fit for their yoga pants so as not to impede movement during stretching and poses. Therefore, a size smaller than usual might be necessary when purchasing from Victoria Secret in order to compensate for their tendency towards running large. Ultimately, choosing which brand will work best for you comes down to personal preference and what your body shape requires in terms of sizing flexibility.

Why Should People Do Yoga

Material & Fit

Victoria Secret Pink Yoga Pants are made from a lightweight material that is designed for maximum flexibility. The fabric used has been made to move with you and will give you a comfortable fit due to its stretchy material allowing it great range of motion and breathability. Because of this, the pants usually have an overall loose fit, making them ideal for yoga sessions that involve quick movements and intense poses. However, it should be noted that the waistbands tend to run slightly small due to their snug elastic nature, so they may be somewhat tighter than other types of yoga pants depending on your size.


Many customers recommend going one or two sizes smaller when purchasing Victoria’s Secret Pink yoga pants, especially the leggings. This is because they tend to stretch out and become baggy after a few wears. Additionally, many customers found that if they went with their regular size, the elastic in the waistband rolled down after intense physical activity. Taking this advice into account can help ensure that you get the perfect fit. For added comfort, some people also use a waist belt to help keep the pants in place while doing yoga or any other physical activity.

Special Offers

Victoria Secret Pink offers a wide selection of yoga pants in sizes ranging from extra small to 3X. It is difficult to give a definitive answer about whether or not the pants run big as this can vary from style to style. The best advice is to check out specific measurements for each item on the website or by consulting with an associate in store if you are shopping in-person. Many styles of Victoria Secret Pink yoga pants also offer free returns and exchanges, so if you order something and it doesn’t fit, you can always exchange it for a different size. Additionally, certain items may qualify for additional discounts or special offers from time to time that customers should be sure to take advantage of.

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