Do Nba Players Do Yoga

Does NBA Players Do Yoga?

The short answer is ‘Yes’, NBA players do yoga to help with flexibility and balance, increase core strength and prevent injuries. NBA players and coaches have been turning to yoga to help them increase performance, improve agility, prevent injuries and lengthen their playing career.

Yoga is important to the game of basketball because it can help improve the main skills needed to excel on the court: strength, balance, and concentration. Players who practice yoga regularly have a better knowledge of their bodies, as well as improved coordination, balance, agility, and flexibility.

Yoga Benefits for team sport athletes

If you’re an athlete who plays for a team sport, then you realise there are benefits to improving agility and balance so you can play at your best. Here are some of the benefits that athletes can obtain from doing regular yoga:

  • Improved concentration and focus – Knowing how to stay focused in a high-pressure environment is a necessity when playing a sport like basketball. Yoga can help in this by improving the ability to concentrate on tasks and to be aware of yourself and your body.
  • Increased flexibility – Flexibility is an important part of any sport, but especially in basketball with the need to move quickly and change direction quickly. Yoga can help improve flexibility and help lessen the risk of injury.
  • Better balance – balance is key when playing basketball, especially when going up against the bigger, stronger players. Yoga can help by improving balance, coordination and preventing injuries from falls or awkward landings.
  • Improved core strength -Core strength is necessary for all team sports and when playing basketball. Having a strong core can help improve speed, agility, balance and power. Yoga can help NBA players by helping to improve and strengthen their core.


Yoga has become an essential part of NBA players’ training regimen. It has been found to help improve coordination, agility, balance, and flexibility. The benefits that result from consistent practice has proven to be beneficial to NBA athletes, and they will continue to utilize yoga to help them excel on the court and extend their playing careers.

To benefit from yoga, it is recommended that you practice it regularly – as much as 4-5 times a week. With a consistent practice, you can be sure to see vast improvements in your game.

Beginner Yoga Sequence At Wall

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