Do I Wear Underwear With Yoga Pants


Yoga pants have become popular for both athletes and everyday fashionistas alike. While exercising, running errands, and lounging around the house in comfort”yoga pants have become a staple in the wardrobe of millions of people. But one question that has come up is: do yoga pants require underwear underneath?

For some wearers, this is an important question to answer as doing certain exercises in yoga pants could be potentially embarrassing if you are not wearing proper undergarments. Others may find that having underwear on under yoga pants can restrict movement or be irritating if the clothing itself is tight enough. Either way, it is important to make sure you are comfortable with the clothing you wear while exercising or out and about.

To give a simple conclusion”it is ultimately up to personal preference when it comes to deciding whether or not to wear underwear underneath yoga pants. Ultimately, comfort should come first since everyone’s bodies are different and what works for one wearer may not work for another. Many wearers choose to go commando (without wearing any underwear) beneath their yoga pants, especially those made from softer fabrics such as bamboo or lycra blend materials which will stretch with the body easier than thicker fabrics like cotton and polyester blends. Some prefer wearing seamless bikini underwear which can provide breathability without forming a visible line under the clothing. Regardless of your preferences, everyone should be able to determine for themselves what their ideal level of comfort looks like when it comes choosing what type of apparel they feel most comfortable wearing underneath their favorite pair of yoga leggings!

Pros of Wearing Underwear With Yoga Pants

Wearing underwear with yoga pants can be incredibly beneficial, as it adds layer of both support and comfort to your body. Underwear with a built-in compression system can act as extra tummy control and provide additional support for the muscles during workouts. The added layer of clothing also eliminates any discomfort from materials rubbing up against the skin. Additionally, wearing underwear with yoga pants also helps provide sweat wicking capabilities and absorb any moisture to keep you dry during your workout. Underwear also prevents any potential chafing caused by continuously having material rubbing against your skin.

Cons of Wearing Underwear With Yoga Pants

The biggest con of wearing underwear with yoga pants is the potential for discomfort. Depending on the type of fabric and design, traditional underwear can bunch up or chafe when worn beneath skin-tight exercise clothing. Whether it’s boxers, briefs, thongs, hipsters or bikinis, adding an extra layer of material to the equation can cause uncomfortable bunching and chafing at certain areas of your body, like around your backside or between your legs.

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Another disadvantage to wearing underwear with yoga pants is that it will add bulk to your outfit, making them seem unappealing aesthetically. From a style perspective, an extra layer of fabric might disrupt the flattering look of yoga pants and spoil their form fitting appeal. As a result, you may feel less attractive in this outfit combination. On top of that, if the underwear peeks out from beneath the pant leg as you move or stretch during exercise activities it could appear stuck-on in an unattractive way.

Different Types of Underwear Typically Worn With Yoga Pants

Underwear is an important aspect to consider when deciding what kind of clothing to wear for your yoga practice. It is important to choose a type of underwear that will not interfere with your movements, be comfortable, and provide good moisture absorption.

The most widely worn type of underwear for yoga pants are briefs. They are usually cut low in the back so that they sit just above the waistline, often offering some coverage from the fabric. This ensures worry-free movement and adds additional comfort when doing poses. Briefs come in many shapes and sizes ranging from boxer-briefs which offer more coverage, traditional briefs, and mid-rise briefs which sit higher on the waist line but still offer full coverage like regular briefs.

Boyshorts are also a popular choice when it comes to pairing underwear with yoga pants. Boyshorts often have a longer cut in the leg area than regular briefs providing extra modesty while bending or stretching into various poses throughout your yoga session. They also are great for avoiding panty lines underneath a pair of form fitting yoga pants.

Thongs or G-strings should not be worn while practicing yoga as they can interfere with your practice by riding up between poses or slipping out completely due to its minimal design.

Full coverage panties are a popular choice for anyone looking for optimum modesty during their practice but want more support than traditional boy shorts provide since this style offers more fabric around the hip region creating a flattering silhouette on the figure while offering complete coverage where you need it most during your yoga session.

Benefits of Not Wearing Underwear With Yoga Pants

One major benefit of not wearing underwear with yoga pants is increased breathability. Not having an extra layer underneath gives your body more room to release heat and moisture, which keeps you cooler and from feeling uncomfortable during physical activity. This can be especially important when practicing strenuous exercises that cause a lot of sweat and body heat, as it will provide essentially unrestricted airflow for the entire duration of the exercise.

Similarly, there can also be a comfort aspect to not wearing underwear with yoga pants. Without the added fabric of another pair of underwear rubbing or chafing against the skin, many people find themselves in less discomfort while performing their yoga session or working out in general. It also eliminates any potential issues with ill-fitting or uncomfortable waists or too tight fabrics associated with regular underwear.

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It depends on what you’re most comfortable with. Wearing underwear can provide extra support and coverage to avoid the sensation that the pants are riding up. Some prefer not to wear any, especially in hot weather when it can be more uncomfortable. No matter which option you choose, wearing a thicker waist band or longer t-shirt could help with any self-conscious feelings you may have as fabric provides extra coverage.

When making the decision of whether or not to wear underwear, consider how much movement you’ll be doing and if lightweight breathable fabrics are best for your activity. You should also factor in personal hygiene, as going commando may make a workout sesh less comfortable if traces of sweat remain in your yoga gear after washing. And don’t forget about any straining activities – this is where wearing underwear can be beneficial as they provide an extra layer of protection and support if lunging during your practice!


The decision of whether or not to wear underwear with yoga pants is ultimately up to the individual. Different people may prefer different levels of coverage and comfort when it comes to wearing underwear. On one hand, wearing underwear can provide support and reduce friction that may be caused by the tight fabric of yoga pants. This can make activities more comfortable for some people. On the other hand, some people may feel too constricted or hot when wearing underwear with yoga pants. Ultimately, it is up to each individual to decide what level of coverage works best for them.

If you do decide to wear underwear with your yoga pants, consider going for lighter fibers such as breathable cotton blends, spandex-cotton mixes, or even seamless options. These fabrics should provide enough coverage while allowing for plenty of flexibility in movement. Additionally, it may be helpful to avoid overly tight styles when selecting your underwear ” especially if you plan on engaging in a more intense activity like HIIT or yoga. Finally, remember that hygiene and cleanliness are also important factors when determining whether or not you should wear underwear with your activewear ” so don’t forget to change into a fresh pair regularly!

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