De Vos Yoga Capris


De Vos Yoga Capris is an iconic brand that has been providing activewear apparel with exceptional quality and attention to detail since its inception. Established in 2017, De Vos Clothing quickly built a reputation for using only the finest materials and delivering high-performance garments. The signature capris offer a perfect combination of fit and function – combining comfort, breathability, and intricate design details. Every pair of De Vos yoga capris is crafted with meticulous precision to ensure softness, stretch, structure and support. Passionate about their mission to keep people looking great while feeling their best in their active lifestyles, the company has continued to go beyond expectations in creating sophisticated designs that help individuals look good and feel empowered as they move through their day. With an impressive range of styles, sizes and colors ranging from classic navy blue to bright neon pinks; everyone can find a pair of capris that matches their individual style

Design Details

De Vos Yoga Capris are the perfect pants for any yoga enthusiast. They are made from a lightweight, breathable and moisture-wicking fabric that is designed to keep you cool and comfortable during intense workouts. These capris feature an adjustable waistband for maximum comfort, as well as two side pockets for your convenience. The extra-durable construction ensures that these capris last longer through multiple workouts, while the compression fit will help to keep you in place without restriction of movement.

To ensure the longevity of your De Vos Yoga Capris, we recommend machine washing them in cold water with like colors and hanging to dry. In addition, avoid using bleach or tumble drying on high heat settings as this may lead to damage of the fabric. To maintain their shape, we also suggest avoiding stretching or tugging the fabric once it’s been washed and dry. With proper care, you can enjoy your new De Vos Yoga Capris over multiple yoga sessions!


Workout Look:
A black racerback tank top, with a light shrug to keep warm. The De Vos yoga capris, which provide breathability and flexibility and stand out in a beautiful abstract geometric print. Finish the look with some supportive running shoes.

Lunch Date Look: A flowy graphic tee tucked into the capris for a cute, effortless look. Blush pink sandals or white sneakers to keep it casual but cute. Complete the look with layered necklaces for a chic finish.

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Girls’ Night Out Look: Throw on an oversized off-the-shoulder sweater to show off the capris’ abstract print even more. Add some ankle boots to dress up the outfit and add an edgier vibe. Finish off with dangling statement earrings, a neutral lip color and round sunglasses.


The De Vos Yoga Capris are designed with performance and flexibility in mind. They feature a lightweight, stretchy material that contours to the user’s body, allowing for an uninhibited range of motion in all directions, be it lunging or twisting. In addition, they have reinforced seams and areas of structural support to ensure growth in even the most challenging postures. The fabric also wicks away sweat and moisture, keeping you cool and dry for hours of comfortable practice.


The De Vos Yoga Capris are an incredibly versatile piece of clothing, ideal for transitioning from barre to yoga and everything in between. These capris feature a lightweight fabric and slightly flared legs that provide full coverage yet move freely during all physical activities. Additionally, the extra-long waistband and adjustable drawstrings create the perfect fit each time. Not only do they look stylish paired with a tank top or sports bra, but it can also be easily dressed up or down with a zip-up jacket or blouse, making them perfect for everyday wear. Whether you’re running errands, practicing yoga at home or out exploring the great outdoors, these capris will keep you comfortable and looking your best!


De Vos yoga capris are designed to make users feel powerful and confident in their practice. Their lightweight, high-stretch material offers maximum comfort and mobility during more challenging poses, allowing you to deepen your practice while feeling supported throughout. The breathable fabric helps keep moisture away from the skin, ensuring you remain cool even during intense workouts. Not only do these pants offer unparalleled performance and comfort during your practice, but they can help increase circulation to provide tangible health benefits as well. Improved circulation helps deliver more oxygenated blood throughout the body, which can help reduce fatigue, reduce inflammation and aid in speeding up the body’s natural healing process. With De Vos yoga capris you will stay comfortable and supported through every pose, allowing you to focus on deepening your practice and cultivating self-confidence with each workout.

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One customer, Marisa C., was rocking the De Vos Yoga Capris during a hot summer day and found them to be incredibly breathable and lightweight. “The material felt very pleasant against my skin, and almost seemed to aid me in my practice,” she recalls. “The fit was quite snug but still allowed for flexibility, with no interference from fabric bunching up or pulling in any one direction.”

Another satisfied customer, Daniella L., was wearing the capris for an outdoor yoga class on the beach. She said that despite being out in the sun all day long, she stayed fully protected from the UV rays. “The material had great UPF coverage and managed to keep me dry even after doing some sweat inducing poses!” she exclaimed. It appears that not only does the De Vos Yoga Capris protect customers from harmful UV rays, but it also serves as a great addition to any outdoor exercise routine.

Wrap Up

The De Vos Yoga Capris are designed for the modern yogi. They provide a sleek and comfortable fit with an antimicrobial finish that prevents sweat from building up on the fabric. The waistband is high-rise for maximum tummy control, flattering your silhouette during any yoga pose. Plus, special hydrophilic patterns at the back of the hips provide extra ventilation and help your body to stay cool even in warm classes. To make sure our customers get the best price on these amazing pants, we’re offering 10% off with promo code YOGACAPRI2021. Take advantage of this great offer now!

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