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Daniella Smith has become an innovator and influencer in the yoga world. She has used her expertise to develop an innovative style of yoga combining the traditional practice with modern elements. Her classes combine gentle stretching, more dynamic movements, and nourishing imagery as a way for students to gain physical awareness as well as inner peace.

In addition to her yoga classes, Daniella has also developed online videos following her personal YouTube channel entitled “Live Life in Balance” which teachers viewers how to bring balance into their lives through mindful movement and conscious breathing. Daniella loves to share with followers the ways that yoga can not only assist you with your physical goals but can aid in reducing stress and anxiety daily life brings.

She is leading expert on wellness travel, speaking internationally at events such as Wanderlust Festival and consulting companies on creating customized retreats worldwide. On top of this, she designs yoga clothes with fashion flair, specifically designed for movement and comfort perfect for any yogi!


The Daniella Smith Yoga lineage dates back to the ancient Indus Valley Civilization in India, circa 2500 BCE. This lineage is believed to have been practiced and developed by the priests of that time. Later, Indian philosopher Patanjali codified and systematized Yoga into a human science, leading to its immense popularity today.

In 1935 Edwin Arnold, an American yoga instructor, established The Yoga Institute in Santa Cruz, California, through which he taught his students his particular style of Raja Yoga. The modern Daniella Smith yoga lineage is based on Edwin’s teachings which were passed on to his student Mary White who founded the White Lotus Foundation in 1977 to promote classical yoga studies.

Through her foundation, Mary trained many well-respected teachers such as Swami Satchidananda and Dr. Georg Feuerstein who furthered the teachings’ reach across the United States and around the world ” ultimately coming into contact with a skilled teacher from India named Shrinivas Damodar Semvalkar whose particular style was becoming increasingly sought after for its genuine quality of yoga practice.

Eventually this knowledge was passed on to Yoga Teacher Daniel Smith ” after years of study ” and it is from him that Daniella Smith got her name and inspiration for her eponymous method; fusing unique elements within various styles such as Jiva Mukti Yoga, Anusara Yoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa Flying Power Flow. It is now one of the most popular contemporary methods used worldwide.


Daniella Smith Yoga is an accessible style of yoga that focuses on the postures and flow. The basic techniques of this practice include proper alignment, breath control, focus, relaxation, integrity and discipline. Alignment is important in order to ensure your body is properly supported when performing the postures. Breath control helps to enhance focus and relaxation while also helping to open and close specific areas of the body. Focus allows practitioners to be present with their bodies while flowing through each movement. Relaxation can help to facilitate movements that are more coordinated and deliberate. Integrity helps the practitioner stay connected both physically and mentally throughout their practice.Finally, a strong sense of discipline helps people stay engaged in their practice and work towards establishing a consistent routine.

For more advanced Daniella Smith Yoga practitioners, tips such as focusing on micro-movements can be helpful in developing deeper levels of body awareness as well as greater flexibility and stability within the asanas (postures). Additionally, exploring different dynamics from moment-to-moment within a posture such as contracting and releasing various parts of the body can help refine coordination between mind and body during each pose. Lastly, learning foundational poses can provide a solid base for advancing into different sequences with more complicated postures – allowing for greater exploration within the practice!

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Physical Benefits:

1. Improved strength and flexibility: Daniella Smith Yoga deepens your body’s natural range of motion, allowing for increased control over every movement you make. Additionally, these classes provide an effective workout as you challenge and tone your muscles, leading to vast improvements in physical strength.

2. Improved posture: With the emphasis on tall, elongating poses during class, your posture will improve tremendously with regular practice of Daniella Smith Yoga. Reaching the correct alignment of each pose helps you learn how to better support yourself, resulting in improved posture all around.

3. Stress relief: A regular routine of Daniella Smith Yoga can help reduce muscle tension and relieve stress-related symptoms due to its calming nature and focus on healthy breathing techniques that ease physical and emotional stresses alike.

Mental Benefits:

1. Heightened focus and concentration: With the abundance of breathing exercises incorporated into class, Daniella Smith yoga provides a great opportunity for practitioners to hone their sense of inner focus by connecting with their breath throughout the duration of the session. This increases concentration skills drastically over time.

2. Improved confidence: The one-on-one instruction provided in each session helps participants to get familiar with their own abilities quickly; this leads to improved confidence in themselves since they know what they are capable of when it comes to achieving a certain goal or task.

3 Mindfulness & awareness: Learning how to be mindful and aware of oneself enables better understanding when it comes to spiritual connections with others as well as personal relationships; mindfulness is an important aspect when it comes to easing anxiety and clearing up emotional blocks that prevent serenity throughout the day-to-day life


Daniella Smith Yoga offers a comprehensive range of knowledge-based yoga practices that bring together the ancient traditions of India with contemporary Western teachings. Each practice approaches yoga from its own distinct perspective, offering practitioners a unique and individualized experience of spiritual growth. From Ashtanga to Iyengar to Hatha, each class within the Daniella Smith Yoga lineage is designed to strengthen your body, clear your mind, and elevate your spirit. These classes are pre-designed with the intention of embodying traditional yogic wisdom for modern-day living. The Daniella Smith Yoga lineage includes other modalities such as pranayama (breathing techniques), meditation (dhyana), chakra work (energy healing), sound healing, kundalini yoga, lifestyle workshops and much more. No matter where you are on your journey, these practices provide holistic guidance in stretching and releasing physical tension while inviting stillness and presence into everyday life. The knowledgeable modalities offered through the Daniella Smith Yoga lineage are carefully tailored to nourish the inner self and awaken deeper wisdom within each practitioner’s heart.


Daniella Smith Yoga offers customized yoga classes that guarantee an amazing experience for each of its clients. Users who have already participated in Daniella’s classes are continually providing positive feedback on her services. Many clients have commented on the physical and mental benefits they experienced thanks to Daniella’s expertise and individualized approach to each class. One client said, “My time spent with Daniella has been one of the most memorable experiences of my life ” I’m so grateful for the wonderful guidance she provides!” Another described how their time with her “helped [them] understand [their] own body better” and “achieved a great peace of mind”. Many praise her ability to make yoga enjoyable, regardless of fitness level. People have said that taking classes with Daniella is like going to a party ” everyone leaves feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and inspired!

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Positively engaging with negative criticisms and using them as an opportunity for positive growth is an important part of Daniella Smith’s role in the yoga world. Daniella Smith has established herself as an authority figure in the yoga sphere, making it essential that she remains aware of how her work and words are being perceived by those who interact with her. By actively taking time to listen to and understand negative criticisms, Daniella Smith can strengthen her relationships within the community, demonstrate a commitment to personal growth, and build upon her foundation as a leader within the field. This will also help clarify both Daniella’s individual goals as well as her mission to support others in their journey through yoga.

Additionally, it is important for Daniella Smith to remain open-minded while critically evaluating negative critiques. Through constructive conversations, she can use such feedback to identify ways to improve or adjust her practice so that it resonates better with different circles of yoga practitioners. Furthermore, this will not only provide valuable self-reflection opportunities but also allow room for personal growth which aligns with helping others grow alongside her in the community. As a role model for many aspiring yogis, expanding upon these relationships can help foster an environment for positive change and continues to validate Daniella’s purpose in promoting physical and mental wellbeing throughout the yoga world.


We hope you enjoyed learning about Daniella Smith Yoga! While focusing on her unique approach to yoga, we discussed her use of positive reinforcement, guidance, and one-on-one instruction. We explained how these elements allow participants to move away from their own restrictions and limitations and experience greater physical alignment and emotional well-being. With years of experience, Daniella helps make yoga accessible for everyone regardless of age, size or ability.

In conclusion, Daniella Smith Yoga is an option for anyone looking for an effective and individualized approach to practicing yoga. Through her special blend of positive reinforcement, guidance and one-on-one instruction, Daniella creates a space that allows everyone to reach their goals in terms of physical alignment and emotional wellbeing. Whether you’re a beginner looking to get started with yoga or an experienced yogi wanting to deepen your practice, Daniella Smith Yoga can accommodate your needs. Join us today at Daniella Smith Yoga ” let’s break free from our restrictions together!

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