Couples Yoga For Beginners

Couples Yoga for Beginners: What to Expect and Benefits

Yoga is a great activity for couples, bringing them closer and helping them to stay in shape together. Here is a detailed overview of Couples Yoga for beginners and the range of benefits it can bring.

What is Couples Yoga?

Couples Yoga is a fun and intimate way for couples to practice yoga together. This type of yoga generally involves practice of partner yoga poses designed to foster increased physical trust, communication, and support. The focus is on the connection that couples share, rather than physical challenge. These classes are suitable for any couple who wants to deepen their connection, even if they’ve never done yoga before.

What to Expect in a Couples Yoga Class

Couples Yoga classes can vary greatly depending on the teacher, but some typical activities you might encounter include:

  • Warming up: You will likely do some simple stretching or light sequence to get your muscles ready for practice.
  • Communication drills: This helps couples to build trust and foster better communication.
  • Partner poses: Activities are designed to improve balance, strength and flexibility, usually in the form of partner yoga poses.
  • Relaxation/Meditation: Finish your class with some group meditation or a restorative partner pose.

Benefits of Couples Yoga for Beginners

Couples Yoga offers a range of benefits to beginners, these can include:

  • Improved Relationship: Through communication, trust and shared experience, couples can deepen their connection.
  • Stress Relief: Taking the time to breathe and relax together can help to de-stress and bring couples closer together.
  • Fitness Benefits: Improve coordination and range of motion, as well as building strength and flexibility.

Tips for Couples Yoga for Beginners

If you’re considering Couples Yoga for the first time, here are some tips to help you get the most out of the experience.

  • Be Open to Learning — Every class will be different, and even if you’ve done yoga before you may need to pick up new skills. Be willing to learn and make mistakes!
  • Communicate — Talk to your partner about what you’d like to achieve from the class, and how you’d like them to support you.
  • Have Fun — Couples Yoga is a great opportunity to laugh, tease each other and explore new ways of experiencing yoga together.


Couples Yoga offers a great opportunity for couples to deepen their connection and develop their communication, trust and fitness. Classes are suitable for all levels, from absolute beginners to those more experienced with yoga. Whether it’s a regular activity or just a one-off experience, Couples Yoga is sure to be a rewarding experience.

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