Corepower Yoga Westlake Village

CorePower Yoga Westlake Village

CorePower Yoga Westlake Village is an exceptional yoga studio providing a range of yoga classes for all abilities and levels. Developed from the traditional practice of yoga, CorePower Yoga Westlake Village enhances individual attention with an energetic, challenging and supportive atmosphere.

Benefits of CorePower Yoga Westlake Village:

  • Challenging: CorePower Yoga Westlake Village presents a fun, challenging and energizing yoga practice to help you become stronger, flexible and focused.
  • Supportive: The studio environment is supportive and encouraging, creating a safe and comfortable space for you to learn and experience different poses and breathing exercises.
  • Individual Attention: Qualified instructors provide individual guidance to help you reach your yoga goals, whatever they may be.

Classes Offered by CorePower Yoga Westlake Village

CorePower Yoga Westlake Village offers a wide variety of yoga classes ranging from beginner to advanced, power yoga to gentle flow classes, as well as daily classes and more.

  • Power Yoga: Power yoga classes at CorePower Yoga Westlake Village focus on fast-paced flow with emphasis on linking movement with breath.
  • Yoga Sculpt: This CorePower Yoga Westlake Village class combines traditional yoga postures with light hand weights for an added strength-training component.
  • Hot Yoga: This heated class is designed to detoxify and encourage balance in the body.
  • Gentle Flow: This accessible class incorporates gentle, restorative poses with accessible modifications.

Come and Visit CorePower Yoga Westlake Village

CorePower Yoga Westlake Village is a great place to experience the benefits of yoga. Come visit us and explore our classes, meet our amazing instructors, and give yoga a try!

CorePower Yoga Westlake Village

Welcome to CorePower Yoga Westlake Village! We are a vibrant yoga studio located in the heart of Westlake Village. Our mission is to bring yoga to everyone in the local area, so that everyone can experience the incredible, life-changing benefits of a regular yoga practice.

At CorePower Yoga Westlake Village, we offer a wide variety of classes designed to help each individual reach their full potential. Whether you’re looking for a beginner’s class, an intense vinyasa flow, or one of our specialty classes such as hot yoga, meditation, and more, we’ve got something to fit everyone’s needs.

Benefits of CorePower Yoga Westlake Village

CorePower Yoga Westlake Village is more than just a yoga studio – it’s a community. Here are some of the incredible reasons you should join us:

  • Yoga for everyone: We design all of our classes to be welcoming, no matter skill level. Whether you’re an experienced yogi or taking your first class, we can help you reach your goals and get the most out of your practice.
  • Group classes: Classes are small enough for everyone to receive personalized attention, yet large enough for a fun, social atmosphere.
  • Convenient locations: With three locations in Westlake Village and online streaming available, you can always find a class that fits your schedule.
  • Top-of-the-line amenities: Our studio is equipped with the latest yoga mats, props, and more so that you can get the most out of your practice.
  • Exceptional instructors: Our instructors are some of the best in the business – knowledgeable, experienced, and passionate about teaching yoga.

What to Expect in a CorePower Yoga Westlake Village Class

At CorePower Yoga Westlake Village, we create a fun and supportive environment for our students. Here’s a little preview of what you can expect in a class:

  • A dynamic vinyasa flow with postures that emphasize proper technique and alignment.
  • A focus on physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.
  • A challenging and invigorating practice.
  • A friendly, welcoming atmosphere.
  • A customization of postures to fit each individual’s needs.

What’s New at CorePower Yoga Westlake Village

At CorePower Yoga Westlake Village, we’re always looking for new ways to help our students reach their goals. Here are some of the exciting things that we’ve recently introduced:

  • Yoga challenges that allow you to track your progress and work towards specific goals.
  • Online streaming so that you can practice when it’s convenient for you.
  • A variety of new classes and workshops to help deepen your practice.
  • Special discounts for seniors and military personnel.

At CorePower Yoga Westlake Village, our mission is to make yoga accessible to everyone. We hope you’ll join us and take advantage of all the amazing benefits of yoga!

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