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Student Testimonials

Arthur: “I recently started taking classes at Corepower Yoga Studios, and I’m so glad I did. Not only am I getting a great workout but I’m learning the practice of yoga too! My instructor is encouraging and makes everyone feel comfortable regardless of their skill level. I’m looking forward to continuing my progress here.”

Samantha: “Corepower Yoga Studios has become my favorite yoga studio since starting classes here last year. The instructors are knowledgeable and passionate about teaching yoga and that’s been invaluable for me as an aspiring yogi. Additionally, the warm and inviting atmosphere of the studio makes it a great space for students to come together in our common practice of yoga.”

Tara: “The different levels of classes offered means that there’s something available for everyone, no matter your experience or fitness level. But what keeps me coming back is how much Corepower Yoga Studios truly cares about its members – they create a welcoming environment with tons of supportive staff, making it easy to stay committed to the practice of yoga.”

Instructor Profiles

Corepower Yoga Studios are home to some of the best instructors in the yoga community. With an extensive level of knowledge, each instructor seeks to create a safe practice for all levels of yogis and yoginis alike. Make sure to check out the Corepower Yoga website for instructor profiles, where you can get a better idea of who’s teaching at each studio. The instructor profiles feature pictures and bios to personalize the post and give students a better insight into the teacher’s background, motivation and practices. All instructors have completed extensive training in their craft and are passionate about yoga, so you know that regardless of which instructor is teaching class that day, it will be a high-quality yoga experience. Whether you are an experienced yogi or a complete beginner you can trust that the guidance from each instructor will set up your practice for success.

Interactive Map

Corepower Yoga Studios are located in various parts of the United States and offer powerful and energetic yoga classes for all levels. The studios provide a clean, safe, and inviting environment for yogis to deepen their practice. With the interactive map below you can easily find a Corepower Yoga Studio near you so you can join the movement today!

The interactive map shows all relevant information on each location such as street address, phone number, classes offered at each location and timetables – perfect for finding your nearest studio quickly! You’ll have access to advanced hot yoga workouts, strength-building options, beginner focused classes as well as specialized teacher training courses. There are also additional features with this interactive map such as directions to locations from your current device location and descriptions of each individual studio. And best of all – each Corepower Yoga Studio is equipped with amenities such as showers, lockers, towels and mats so that you can be ready for class when you arrive!

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Corepower Yoga Studios offer a unique and complete yoga experience. Not only do they provide classes for all skill levels, they also have spa-like amenities that cater to each individual’s needs. From infrared heat lamps to heated mats, their sessions are designed to give practitioners an unparalleled physical and mental experience. The atmosphere is calming, nurturing and tranquil – perfect for focusing the mind on achieving inner peace and relaxation.

In addition to their traditional yoga classes, Corepower Yoga Studios also offer specialized classes such as Corepower Sculpt, which utilizes hand weights and body weight at various speeds and intensities to help you build strength while practicing mindful movement. They also have a competitive Hot Power Fusion class that combines moves from Vinyasa inspired by Ashtanga with elements of conditioning, alignment and balance technique. No matter which class you choose, you’ll know that every practice will be tailored to your specific needs.

Social Media

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1. Are you looking for a yoga studio that offers a variety of classes?
2. What type of yoga class do you prefer (i.e. gentle, vinyasa, hot, etc.)?
3. Is accessibility an important factor in choosing a yoga studio?
4. Would you prefer to have single-session classes or commit to longer packages?
5. Do you want a cozy atmosphere with small class sizes?
6. Is there particular equipment or amenities (such as showers) that would be important to you when choosing your yoga studio?
7. How important is instructor qualification and expertise to you?
8. Are affordability and budget considerations important when making this decision?

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Freebie Offers

Corepower Yoga Studios offers a fantastic bonus for signing up for a membership. When you become a member, you will receive one free class. That’s right- you can practice yoga for free at Corepower! The free class allows you to get to know the studio and to experience their unique style of classes. This is an easy and effective way to try out the studio before committing to ongoing membership.

Not only that, Corepower also offers exclusive deals and discounts on memberships, boutique items, apparel and more when you join them. All this means that signing up with Corepower yields great rewards! So why not take advantage of their generous offer and start your journey into yoga today?


Q: What safety protocols are in place at the Corepower Yoga Studios?

A: To ensure safety for all customers, Corepower Yoga Studios have implemented numerous protocols and policies. All signs, surfaces, and equipment are regularly sanitized during and in between classes. We provide hand sanitizer to students at the end of each class as well as throughout the studio. Additionally, we require everyone to wear face masks except when actively participating in a session. Finally, our studio layout is designed to maintain social distancing, including larger spaces for classes where possible.

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