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Corepower Yoga Ponce is the newest yoga studio to hit Puerto Rico, and it’s quickly gaining a lot of attention in the fitness community. Corepower offers something that other studios don’t, which is an unique blend of athleticism and mindfulness for their classes. What sets this studio apart from other yoga studios is its commitment to providing an empowering space with its heated classes, creating an environment where each student can reach their fullest potential. Their heated classes are designed to be a safe atmosphere for students of all levels to explore different poses, challenge themselves and find peace. All classes include a light stretching session to help create balance within the body. This style of yoga helps develop strength, agility and awareness; allowing you to reach your deepest intentions while having fun! To add on, instructors offer hands-on adjustments and inspiring words so you can achieve your best posture while finding the flow in each class. Corepower’s goal is to have students revitalized and awakened after each class – Corepower Yoga Ponce provides just that!

Location of Corepower Yoga Ponce

Corepower Yoga Ponce is located at 116 Calle San Francisco, San Juan, PR 00901. This studio can be easily found in the bustling popular tourist and residential area of Ponce in Puerto Rico.

To get to Corepower Yoga Ponce, take 148th Street Est/Poncetec until you reach Calle Vives. Turn left at Calle Vives onto 173rd Road and continue straight until you reach Calle Santiago. Make a right turn and go one block up to Calle San Francisco. Corepower Yoga Ponce will be on your right-hand side.

For those using public transportation or needing directions with a map, you can use Google Maps or Waze to locate the exact address of Corepower Yoga Ponce. Be sure to check out the reviews from previous customers before deciding whether or not this studio is the right fit for you!

Meet the Instructors and Trainers at Corepower Yoga Ponce

Take a look at who is currently teaching and training at Corepower Yoga Ponce, and get to know the instructors a little better.

Instructor Dan:

Dan loves to make yoga as accessible as possible by offering modifications for every pose. News to yoga? No problem! His calming demeanor and detailed instructions make it easy for everyone to find yogic bliss from headstands to deep breaths. Train with Dan to take your practice even further, improve your alignment, and fully embody the poses.

Instructor Dan has been teaching power yoga for four years in Atlanta, Georgia. He has experienced multiple styles of yoga including Bikram and Astanga practices, giving him a comprehensive understanding of this ancient art form. He uses his observations of alignment, breath work and physical conditioning from his own practice to inform his teachings. In addition to his knowledge of anatomy, he was trained in the foundational techniques of Iyengar Yoga which he often integrates into classes. His fitness certifications include RYT-200 (registered Yoga Teacher) by Yoga Alliance, TRX suspension trainer certified specialist, Crossfit level 1 certified coach and Pre/Post natal certifications by core power yoga RYT-500 (advanced registered yoga teacher).

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Overview of Classes Offered

Corepower Yoga Ponce offers a variety of classes to help fit every yogi’s needs and fitness level. Below are descriptions of some of the classes offered:

Power Flow ” A powerful, heated class designed to build strength, create flexibility, and reduce stress. It is accessible to all levels, with modifications given for each pose.

Yoga Sculpt ” This class combines cardio intervals, strength training exercises, and yoga poses for an intense full-body workout. It is recommended for practitioners that are familiar with yoga poses and enjoy a challenge.

Hot Power Fusion ” A challenging fusion of power vinyasa flow and hot yoga. It emphasizes body awareness as it teaches you how to move in a mindful way both on and off your mat.

Restorative Yoga – An introspective practice that offers relaxation in each pose using props like blankets and bolsters through deeply held postures.It is suitable for all levels from beginners to advanced practitioners who want to take the time to slow down their practice.

Yin Yoga – Slow-paced poses which are held for several minutes at a time designed to target the connective tissue around the joints throughout energetic pathways in the body. This meditative practice cultivates stillness in the mind and provides emotional nourishment while offering deep relaxation.

Benefits of Practicing Yoga at Corepower Yoga Ponce

Physical: Practicing yoga at Corepower Yoga Ponce offers a wide range of physical benefits. Yoga helps increase flexibility and strength, as well as reduce physical ailments such as back pain, joint pain, or fatigue. It also helps develop balance of mind and body and improve focus and concentration.

Mental: Along with increased physical health, practicing yoga at Corepower Yoga Ponce can benefit your mental wellbeing as well. The deep stretching and meditative aspects of the practice can help reduce feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression. Practicing regularly can also help cultivate self-love and improved body image by learning to listen to our bodies’ signals instead of reacting negatively out of habit or insecurity.

Social: Aside from the individual benefits that come with practicing yoga at Corepower Yoga Ponce, it can benefit you socially too! After regular practice sessions, you may find that you form relationships with classmates and instructors that provide support for one another in regards to achieving your goals. Additionally, being part of a larger group has been known to be more motivating for many yogis – practicing together creates an atmosphere where everyone can celebrate successes (big or small) within the group!

Pricing and Discounted Packages

Corepower Yoga Ponce offers a variety of pricing and discount packages for yogis of all levels. All classes come with mats and props, so you won’t have to worry about purchasing your own. Their introductory offer for newcomers is very popular since it gives 50% off a month of unlimited classes. Newcomers are also welcomed each month to join the Corepower Yoga community with a free trial day available on the first Sunday of every month. If you know you’ll be attending more than just one class, then Corepower Yoga Ponce offers packages that include 10, 15, 20 and 30 classes per month plus discounts on memberships starting at 3 months. If you’re looking for additional savings, they also have special offers like their Hot Fusion Tuesday where the class price is reduced by 20%. Private sessions are also available with certified instructors at discounted rates if purchased in a pack of 4 or 10 sessions. Corepower Yoga Ponce really puts an emphasis on making their classes affordable while still providing quality instruction to their students.

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Testimonials from Members

Corepower Yoga Ponce has become an important part of many people’s lives, offering a warm and inviting atmosphere where members can relax and practice yoga. With its wide variety of classes and dedicated instructors, it’s no surprise that members are raving about their experiences at Corepower Yoga Ponce. Testimonials from members draw attention to the positive atmosphere created at Corepower Yoga Ponce and how it has helped them to grow both spiritually and physically. From improved flexibility to a newfound sense of peace, a journey through Corepower Yoga Ponce is one that undoubtedly leaves people feeling relaxed and revitalized. Photos shared by members show them doing yoga poses in beautiful surroundings, surrounded by other yogis all dedicated to their practice. Reviews also touch on the comfortable atmosphere created by experienced instructors who take the time to listen to each person’s needs before creating a customized yoga group session or one-on-one class tailored specifically for them. Many praise the individualized attention provided by instructors and mention the healing effects of breathing exercises, chanting mantras, and meditating within their own practice space at Corepower Yoga Ponce. Regulars appreciate the convenience of scheduling their sessions online ” eliminating last-minute stress when trying to make class times – as well as check into classes with pre-registered time slots quickly so they can get down to business on the mat. Ultimately for many individuals, whether long-time practitioners or newcomers, Corepower Yoga Ponce offers a unique experience in which members can explore their true selves while improving overall wellness.


Corepower Yoga Ponce is undoubtedly the best yoga studio in town. They offer classes for all levels of expertise, from beginner to advanced, and feature a team of experienced instructors who will help you reach your goals or explore your own yoga practice. With a welcoming and encouraging atmosphere, Corepower Ponce provides an ideal environment for practicing popular styles such as Vinyasa flow, Yin Yoga, and Meditation. Whether you’re looking to build strength and flexibility or just relax and de-stress, Corepower Ponce is the perfect place for it all. So if you’re interested in a truly awesome yoga experience, come give Corepower Yoga Ponce a try!

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