Corepower Yoga Midtown

Overview of Popular Classes

Corepower Yoga Midtown offers a variety of classes to choose from, depending on the type of yoga practice that resonates with you. The most popular classes they offer are Hot Power Fusion, Vinyasa Flow, and Yoga Sculpt.

Hot Power Fusion is a form of yoga designed to help build strength and flexibility through a combination of asana postures combined with breathing techniques and poses taken from Bikram’s traditional hot yoga practice. This class is for all levels and focuses on physical health, relaxation and improved clarity.

Vinyasa Flow is a flowing form of yoga linking the breath with movement. In this class, you will learn how to use rhythmic repetition to move gracefully in and out of postures while improving your posture, endurance and balance.

Finally, Yoga Sculpt combines traditional Ashtanga-inspired vinyasa flow with weights and high-intensity interval training for an intense full body workout. Expect plenty of cardio challenge combined with core exercises as well as poses taken from Vinyasa Flow. A great way to sculpt the entire body!

At Corepower Yoga Midtown, experienced instructors guide these classes and enhance the workout experience by creating an energetic atmosphere while providing personalized attention to each student in their individual practice. Instructors focus on aligning breath work with pose progressions that are built upon throughout the course as well as correct alignment to ensure maximum results in every session.

Health Benefits Specific to Corepower

Corepower Yoga Midtown offers an array of physical and mental benefits to members who practice regularly. Physically, Corepower can help improve muscle strength, flexibility, balance and immunity in the body. It has been known to reduce inflammation (which can lead to pain relief), improve posture and the condition of your skin and heart health.

On a mental level, Corepower Yoga Midtown is able to help individuals reduce stress, manage depression and anxiety, increase concentration and focus, improve sleep quality and sharpen the mind. This form of yoga also encourages mindfulness as it teaches individuals how to be present with their body and breath in each moment.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of Corepower Yoga Midtown is its ability to rejuvenate not only your physical body but also your mental well being eventually leading one towards overall improved health and vitality! By connecting the rhythm of your breath with movement, you will find yourself on a journey of self-exploration, discovering flowing degrees of awareness that you may never have imagined existed within. Ultimately this practice allows you to become energized physically while healing mentally. In addition, Corepower Yoga Midtown has multiple forms such as Vinyasa classes that allow participants to sync their breathing patterns with postures enabling one to strengthen their personal practice.

In-Studio vs. Online

In-Studio: Corepower Yoga has a number of studio classes across the country and in certain cities that feature a variety of styles from intense power yoga to calming restorative sessions. Pros: In-studio group classes provide an opportunity for accountability and motivation with other practitioners as well as having access to the guidance of an experienced instructor. The heat and energy of a group class can be energizing and help to deepen your practice. Cons: In-studio classes are not always available at convenient times or locations, require an extra effort in terms of planning ahead, and involve additional costs, such as paying for a membership or purchasing a class package.

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Online: Corepower Yoga also offers virtual classes which are available anywhere with an internet connection or streaming device. Pros: The online platform provides flexibility in terms of being able to fit a practice into your existing schedule without having to travel to the studio. The cost is typically lower than one-off in-studio classes since there is no need to pay for a membership upfront. Cons: On the flip side, virtual classes lack the sense of community associated with in-studio classes and practitioners may miss out on helpful modifications given by experienced instructors due to lack of interaction between Teacher and student.

Student Discounts

Corepower Yoga Midtown offers a generous 15% discount on their drop-in classes for students 18 and over. All students must show their valid student ID for the discount to be honored. There are also student memberships available for college age yogis. These memberships allow access to unlimited yoga classes, giving them the flexibility of taking as many classes as they’d like without worrying about breaking the bank. Also included in membership is monthly exclusive events that focus on building community with other like-minded individuals while raising awareness around local causes and positive lifestyle choices. Signing up for a membership also comes with discounts at local businesses, ensuring that clients stay active outside of the studio’s day to day activities.

New Student Resources

Corepower Yoga Midtown provides resources to help new students get the most out of their first classes. They offer beginner classes that focus on learning the fundamentals of yoga, such as practice poses and proper breathing techniques. New members can also receive helpful advice about making a safe transition into an active lifestyle and getting the most out of their yoga practice. Additionally, knowledgeable instructors are always available to answer questions and provide guidance on proper alignment and form. Corepower Yoga Midtown also provides an informative website with tips, guides, equipment suggestions and various other resources that are useful for new students.

Additional Amenities

Corepower Yoga Midtown offers more than just yoga classes. The studio also has an array of amenities to make your experience at Corepower Yoga enjoyable and comfortable. Whether you’re a new mom or need shower access after a hard workout, Corepower Yoga has you covered.

Childcare – For parents who want to attend yoga classes, Corepower Yoga Midtown provides quality childcare services onsite while classes are in session. These services are available throughout the day, so you won’t have to worry about finding someone to watch the kids while you practice yoga.

Showers – After getting all sweaty during class, the studio’s showers provide the perfect place for you to freshen up. This can be especially beneficial for those who need to go back to work or run errands after class. Corepower Yoga provides all necessary supplies and towels so that you don’t have bring anything from home.

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Lounge Area – After enjoying a yoga class, many people enjoy relaxing in the lounge area at Corepower Yoga Midtown before heading home for the day. Each location is outfitted with comfortable furnishings such as sofas and tables, making it easy and convenient for visitors to sit down and chat with friends or use their laptops if needed. WiFi is also available at no additional charge, which means that students can stay plugged into the world during their visits.


“Corepower Yoga Midtown is a fantastic yoga studio with an excellent selection of classes! I especially enjoy their hot power fusion and vinyasa classes, but all the instructors are highly skilled and teach a wide variety of class types. They offer high-quality instruction in a welcoming environment that makes you feel right at home. The areas are well kept and always clean. Every time I go, the staff is friendly and helpful, which adds to my overall experience each visit. Highly recommend!”

“Before finding Corepower Yoga Midtown, I never considered myself to be someone who could handle an intense yoga practice because of my lack of flexibility and strength. But after taking classes there for six months I now have improved posture, coordination, balance and increased mobility — all of which I can credit to the studio’s attentive instructors and top-notch facilities! The studio’s ambiance is great too; the soothing colors make me feel so relaxed when I am stretching or meditating.”

Special Events

Corepower Yoga Midtown is proud to offer a variety of unique special events and workshops throughout the year. Our retreats provide an opportunity for participants to unplug from their stressful lives in order to reconnect with their bodies and their spiritual selves. Not only do we offer retreats but also unique teacher trainings. These sessions are led by CorePower’s highest-trained yoga teachers, are suited for all levels of yogis, and allow participants to explore different aspects of yoga such as Hot Power Fusion, Vinyasa, Yin, or Restore pilates classes. In addition to these amazing experiences, our special events include group challenges that support individual progress and team building exercises to create a close-knit community amongst our members. Corepower Yoga Midtown recognizes that life is full of experiences that help strengthen us both physically and mentally, which is why we strive to provide numerous options in order to expand both your yoga practice and your emotional wellbeing.

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