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Corepower Yoga DC is a premier yoga studio located in the heart of the nation’s capital. Founded by Justine and Bryan Belgrave, two lifelong friends with a passion for promoting health and wellness, this iconic studio has become a beloved addition to the city’s vibrant fitness community.

Justine and Bryan have been practicing yoga together since college, which sparked the idea for Corepower Yoga DC. During the planning stages, they decided to go beyond offering just physical exercise and make their offerings spiritually fulfilling for all who stepped through the doors. Their goal was to create an open atmosphere where people of all backgrounds could come together to experience yoga and cultivate mental strength. Additionally, as part of their mission of mindfulness, they offered educational seminars and workshops throughout the year centered around various aspects of leading a well-rounded life. From plant-based cooking classes to meditation sessions and specialized yoga training, they continue to encourage further personal growth amongst their patrons.

Though Justine and Bryan never expected Corepower Yoga DC’s wild success ” quickly becoming one of Washington D.C.’s hotspots ” they continue to see it as an opportunity to share their love of movement and mindfulness with more people than ever before. To this day, they remain dedicated to ensuring that everyone who visits walks away feeling empowered not only physically but also mentally and spiritually; reminded of the ultimate power within us all: inner core power!

Features and Benefits of Corepower Yoga Dc

With Corepower Yoga DC, there are many features and benefits that you can explore when looking for a customized yoga experience. Private coaching offers a unique opportunity to work on your practice with guidance from experienced instructors. With private coaching, you can receive personalized attention and feedback from the instructor tailored to your needs. Private coaching is also excellent for refining your form, gaining clarity in your postures and movements, and identifying modifications for poses that you find challenging.

One-on-one sessions are also available at Corepower Yoga DC. These sessions allow for more personalized attention when focusing on strength building, posture correction, alignment refinement, as well as exploring specific sequences designed to meet individual needs and goals. During these sessions, certain variations may be introduced to enable you to deepen your yoga practice safely and optimally. One-on-one sessions also foster a stronger connection between student and teacher – providing valuable guidance while working towards growth and increased understanding of the practice.

Classes and Instructors

Corepower Yoga DC offers a variety of classes taught by instructors from all different backgrounds. Experienced yogis can be found teaching a broad range of styles, including Vinyasa, Hot Power Fusion,Restorative Yoga, Hot Power Flow, Pilates Mat and Bootcamp Yoga. All our instructors have dedicated hours in developing their teaching and practice to ensure an enriching and rewarding experience for all new and returning students. Many of the teachers have specific certifications; some are registered yoga teachers (RYT) recognized by the national governing body of yoga called Yoga Alliance. This ensures all students are receiving instruction from highly qualified individuals who adhere to specific guidelines of practice. Other instructors have earned additional prestigious titles, such as prenatal yoga specialist or therapeutic yoga instructors.

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At Corepower Yoga DC, we believe that our studio is more than just a physical space for practicing yoga ” it’s a thriving community. We focus on cultivating an inclusive and supportive atmosphere that is open to yogis of all levels and backgrounds. We pride ourselves on being the heart of the yoga community in the DC area, offering a welcoming atmosphere and knowledgeable staff.

To illustrate this community aspect of our studio, we feature visuals or interviews with members illustrating how they feel supported in their practice. Our imagery reflects the diversity of our membership base as well as the passionate teachers who inspire yogis in every class. We also provide opportunities for members to connect with eachother such as regularly hosted social activities at local restaurants or venues. As part of our commitment to being a strong presence in the DC yoga community, Corepower Yoga DC offers regular events open to the public such as skill-building workshops and donation-based classes benefiting local charities in addition to providing weekly classes for students at discounted rates.

Special Events and Retreats

Corepower Yoga DC runs a variety of special events and retreats throughout the year, which offer unique experiences to their attendees. These range from yoga-focused workshops on topics such as meditation and mindfulness to outdoor excursions that everyone can participate in. At each event, Corepower Yoga DC encourages participants to take photos of themselves enjoying the activity. Those pictures are then used to showcase the unique experiences that they’re providing. The photos are also often shared with other potential customers on Corepower Yoga DC’s social media pages so they can get an idea of what type of activities they’re usually offering. Through showcasing these exciting moments from past events, Corepower Yoga DC hopes to entice people to come out and experience their well curated offerings for themselves!

Other Services

Corepower Yoga DC is proud to be collaborating and partnering with a number of organizations in the city. Recently, CPY DC had the pleasure of working with the Washington Wizards Cheerleaders and NFL Wide Receiver Ryan Grant in running a team building workshop. Corepower Yoga Dc also partnered with local boutique fitness studio, Rise Nation for an hour-long sweat sesh followed by yoga flow. To support the local community, Corepower Yoga DC has also collaborated with some amazing charities including LUNGevity, Girls on The Run DC, MedStar Georgetown University Hospital and My Stuff Bags Foundation. To give back to the community even more, Corepower Yoga operates discounted classes for those who serve in military or police force as well as teachers at all levels of education. Lastly, Corepower took part in organizing wellness challenges with other local businesses to provide attendees with more healthful practices and nourishing experiences.

Pricing and Membership Options

Corepower Yoga Dc offers a variety of pricing and membership options for practitioners of all levels. Options include monthly memberships, class packages that must be used within a specified timeframe, and group classes that are available at discounted rates. Monthly memberships offer unlimited access to classes with no expiration date and no commitment required. Class packages provide discounted rates on studio visits with the flexibility of expiration dates ranging from 30 days to 12 months depending on the package type. Group classes allow individuals or partners to practice together and is the most affordable option in terms of cost-per-class.

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Moreover, Corepower Yoga DC offers various discounts based on different membership types. For example, military personnel receive 15 percent off any type of memberships or class packages bought every month. University students also get 15 percent off their first purchase with a valid student ID, as well as 10 percent off subsequent purchases up to six times per year. With the Senior discount program, seniors enjoy 10 percent off any type of membership or class package when purchased every month. Lastly, Corepower Yoga DC is one of few studios offering free community classes for everyone in the local community twice per week; these classes are completely free for anyone who walks in from anywhere around the world!

Review and Testimonials

CorePower Yoga DC has an incredible reputation among yogis of all levels. The studio provides a bright, uplifting environment that allows students to relax and recharge in the midst of a busy day. Certified teachers provide high-quality yoga instruction; from traditional hatha classes to dynamic power vinyasa sessions, allowing students to go at their own pace. Not only does the staff at CorePower offer excellent educational resources for those looking to deepen their practice, but also plenty of fun and engaging add-ons like essential oils and sound baths.

To gain further insight into the experience that customers have at CorePower Yoga DC, videos showcasing firsthand experiences have been created. These videos feature real people that have attended the studio for various classes. Customers share about how much they appreciate the variety of classes offered and how helpful and friendly the instructors are. They also express delight with being able to choose between physical or spiritual components during class, as well as make use of props such as blocks or straps to support them in poses they may find challenging without them. Other customers mention how grateful they are for the flexibility that comes along with memberships and drop-in classes ” giving everyone access to their favorite styles without any rigid commitment necessary.


Corepower Yoga Dc is committed to continual growth and development. It plans to do this by expanding the current network of studios in the D.C. area and beyond, offering more classes and types of yoga, as well as opening new studios with unique amenities such as saunas and spas. Additionally, Corepower Yoga DC wants to build stronger partnerships with other industry leaders and offer online classes for members any time, anywhere. Finally, it hopes to continue exploring innovative ways to make yoga accessible to more people – for example through virtual reality classes or making yoga more affordable for people on a budget. With these initiatives, Corepower Yoga DC can reach even more yogis around the world and help them find peace, balance and strength in their daily lives.

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