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Corepower Yoga Broomfield opened in 2013 as part of the committed mission of Corepower Yoga to provide high-quality yoga instruction to everyone. Founded by Trevor Tice, the first studio opened in Denver, Colorado over 20 years ago. He wanted to invite students of all levels and backgrounds to experience a deep connection with themselves through the practice of yoga. Corepower Yoga Broomfield stands out among the 500 studio locations across North America as a particularly inspirational space that provides fitness classes such as Hot Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow and Yin/Yang balance, among others.

The commitment to offer not only top-notch yoga classes but also an overall practice that encourages physical and mental well-being has been at the heart of Corepower Yoga’s mission since its inception. In addition to its rigorous classes, instructors are trained in anatomy and safety measures during each class,which offers a safe space for practitioners to explore their strength and flexibility while learning more about what makes them unique. Additionally, Corepower seeks to bridge its community together through charitable opportunities like donation-based classes as well as partnerships with prominent local organizations in need. By providing both quality offerings and dedicated community outreach, Corepower strives for excellence in everything it does: from cultivating conscious movement on the mat, cultivating trust outside the studio – both on an individual and macro level – healthy impactful relationships is always at the forefront of their practice philosophy.

Overview of Benefits

Corepower Yoga Broomfield offers so much more than just a physical workout. Regular practice of yoga can bring numerous mental, spiritual, and holistic benefits. Studies show that taking part in regular yoga sessions can reduce stress and improve overall mental clarity, allowing you to better handle the challenges of daily life. Regular practice is also known for increasing confidence as well as flexibility—both body and mind.

The spiritual effects of practicing yoga are equally powerful. By restoring balance in the body and calming the mind, practitioners will often achieve a new found sense of peace in their everyday lives. An understanding that there is something greater amongst us can be fully embraced during regular practices at Corepower Yoga Broomfield through breathing exercises, focusing on mindfulness and reflecting on deep philosophical questions regarding our purpose in life.

Yoga also carries strong health benefits in terms of protecting your body’s immune system as well as improving digestion and circulation throughout the body. Exploring various pathways towards total wellness, decreasing suffering, developing inner strength or cultivating a positive attitude towards life-long healthful activities are but some of the holistics benefits you will find at Corepower Yoga Broomfield.

Growing Popularity

Corepower Yoga Broomfield has had an incredible impact on the local community since its opening. The unique classes offered have attracted many yogis from all around Broomfield, thanks to the variety of options as well as specials such as student and senior discounts. The instructors focus on creating a safe space for yoga practitioners to explore their personal practice in a supportive and nurturing atmosphere. They emphasize physical and intellectual development in each class with ever-growing poses and challenges. Corepower’s signature classes are focused on powerful poses, strength building, deep breathing and chants; their Vinyasa Flow classes bring balance into life through movement and music to create an accessible option for all skill levels.

The team of Corepower yoga instructors also develop a strong sense of community inside the studio by engaging customers through inspiring talks, group events, and workshops when available. This facilitates meaningful connections that last outside of the studio walls. They provide participants with additional resources such as specialized mats, straps, blankets and blocks to ensure comfortable practice sessions during each hour-long yoga class session. Furthermore, they host donation-accepting practice sessions where proceeds go towards various charities that actively seek to improve local conditions in Broomfield; showing just how much Corepower cares about its audience as well as people in need worldwide. All this enthusiasm behind their cause has led people from all around town to participate in their events every week throughout the year– even during times of lockdown due to COVID restrictions– kicking off a series of positive track records amongst locals here in Broomfield!

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Teacher Training

Corepower Yoga Broomfield offers a wide range of training programs to help yogis become certified yoga instructors. The studio is staffed with highly experienced and qualified instructors who are trained in various lineages, including Ashtanga, Yin, Vinyasa Flow, Hot Yoga, Hatha, Power Flow, and more. They have certifications from Yoga Alliance and CorePower’s Signature Program.

Students rave about the warm atmosphere created by the passionate team of instructors at CorePower Yoga Broomfield, citing words such as “inspiring,” “empowering,” and “enlightening.” One student says: “The teachers at the studio are amazing! They break down postures step-by-step and offer hands-on adjustments for proper alignment. After each class I felt both rejuvenated and energized.”

The training program provided by CorePower is designed to empower students with a meaningful education tailored to their needs as yoga practitioners and aspiring teachers. Their intention is to help students deepen their practice while learning how to effect positive change within their communities. CorePower also provides career placement assistance after successful completion of the program so graduates can explore the many opportunities available within modern yoga teaching.

Special Events

Corepower Yoga Broomfield offers a variety of special events throughout the year that give yogis an opportunity to stretch their practice and have some fun. In addition to our usual regularly scheduled classes, we host workshops that help students deepen their knowledge of yoga and foster personal development. We also provide introductions to Intermediate and Advanced Yogic Practices and regular Guest Artist Workshops featuring world-renowned teachers.

For 2019, Corepower Yoga Broomfield is planning a series of lectures offering insight into yoga philosophy, anatomy, practicing techniques, meditation, mantra recitation and pranayama (breathing exercises). Our annual “Wellness Day” will be held in the spring with guest speakers from the health and wellness community. We are also offering interactive events such as “Yoga for Health & Healing” that focus on restoring health and vitality through a blend of therapeutic movement, breath work and relaxation practices. Special classes such as Yin/Restorative Yoga, Chakra Balancing Flow & Meditation Night will provide even more inspiring opportunities to practice mindfulness. For children ages 5 – 12 we offer “Kid’s Yoga” which is specifically designed to make learning about yoga fun!

Community spirit is important at Corepower Yoga Broomfield! In addition to grabbing coffee afterwards in one of our local tea houses or gathering together before class in one of our Viewing Rooms – we invite our yogis to join us for Happy Hours after select classes where delicious snacks (vegan/gluten free options included) are served up along with other complimentary refreshments. We encourage you share your experience with others via Word Of Mouth Wednesday or attend any one of our quarterly outreach activities including tree plantings, beach cleanups or helping at a Women’s Shelter – just to name a few! Check out our website regularly for complete details on upcoming Corepower Yoga Broomfield special events!

Convenient Location

Corepower Yoga Broomfield is conveniently located in the heart of Broomfield, providing its members with an easy-to-access studio for their wellness journey. In addition to being convenient to attend, Corepower Yoga Broomfield’s location provides other benefits as well. The studio is easily accessible through public transportation and the local bus system, making getting to a class even easier for yoga enthusiasts who don’t have access to a private vehicle. Plus, there are plenty of restaurants, shops, and recreation centers within walking distance from the studio. This makes it easy for members to socialize after or before class and explore their own neighborhood while taking a break from their day-to-day routine.


Corepower Yoga Broomfield is an amazing yoga studio offering classes ranging from beginner to advanced. The studio has several amenities that make it a great place to start or enhance your yoga practice. They keep the space clean, bright and inviting with large windows that invite in natural light, cozy cushions and yoga mats, and music playing throughout each class to help you relax.

The studio also offers relaxing showers, towels, and changing rooms designed for comfort and convenience after class. A retail area with apparel, buti-yoga wear, yoga gear, refreshments and supplements for sale give shoppers everything they need to get started after a class. The experienced instructors customize classes to ensure safety among all skill levels while empowering students to reach their fullest potential. Corepower Yoga Broomfield also offers membership packages which include discounts on merch and classes as well as unlimited access to select online classes. Additional perks include invitations to special events such as parties or workshops offered by Corepower instructors. This is a great community full of supportive individuals looking to grow their practice in the beautiful Rocky Mountains!

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Membership Options

Corepower Yoga Broomfield offers a variety of membership options to suit everyone’s needs. Monthly Membership: Our monthly membership option allows you to come as often as you like throughout the month, so it’s perfect for those who want to attend classes several times per week. The more classes you take each month, the more cost-effective this membership becomes! Annual Membership: This commitment to Corepower Yoga Broomfield will provide members with unlimited yoga penetration for an entire 12 months and of course, exclusive deals and discounts. Couples/Family Membership: We all know how important it is for couples and families to spend time together, why not join our corepower family today at a discounted rate? Three Month Introductory Offer: New customers receive up to two weeks of unlimited yoga access along with additional discounts on packages and merchandise. Student Discounts: With valid student ID, students can receive special discounts on their first three months of membership. Senior Citizen Discounts: Residents aged 60 or older are eligible for special senior citizen discounts on any package or deal purchased through CorepoweYoga Broomfield.

Community Engagement

Corepower Yoga Broomfield has been actively engaged in the local community in a number of ways. Most notably, for the past two years, Corepower Yoga Broomfield has sponsored regular yoga classes at The Gathering Place, a homeless shelter located just outside the city limits. These classes are free and open to members of the community who are staying at the shelter.

In addition to these regular classes, Corepower Yoga Broomfield also hosts charitable yoga events throughout the year whereby proceeds from tickets sold go towards local charities. Last fall they held a fundraiser for GrowHaus, a local non-profit organization that is dedicated to providing access to healthy food through innovative programs and initiatives. Through this single event, Corepower Yoga was able to raise $2,500 for GrowHaus which was used towards its efforts to provide fresh produce and education about nutrition to members of the community facing food insecurity.

Corepower Yoga Broomfield also has strong partnerships with local health service organizations such as Mental Health Colorado which provides mental health advocacy and education initiatives in the area. Through this partnership, Mental Health Colorado created special classes at Corepower’s studio that focus on mindfulness techniques specifically tailored for those living with mental illness.


Corepower Yoga Broomfield offers a variety of classes for yogis of all skill levels, from beginner to advanced. It is a welcoming and inspiring community that provides experienced instructors, amazing amenities, and an energizing atmosphere. Practicing at Corepower Yoga Broomfield can help deepen your yoga practice in many ways — their challenging classes will help you strengthen your physical practice while exploring new poses; the meditative classes will provide a full-body experience focused on mindful breathing and stillness; finally, the energetic classes give you an outlet to freely express yourself as you flow through sequences. With so many options to choose from, Corepower Yoga Broomfield provides something for everyone.

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