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Introduction to Colony Square Yoga

Colony Square Yoga is a studio dedicated to bringing health, wellness, and peace of mind to every one of its students. Through offering high quality classes with experienced instructors, our mission is to create a community where each person can learn and improve their yoga practice while finding true relaxation and harmony in their own body. Our teaching philosophy focuses on mindfulness and the development of physical, mental, and spiritual health. We are committed to providing an environment that encourages individuals of all levels to challenge and grow through yoga practices that have been adapted specifically for them. Colony Square Yoga offers several different styles of classes, including Bikram, power, yin, vinyasa flow, restorative as well as private lessons tailored to individual needs. Additionally we offer monthly workshops focusing on breathwork, meditation, sound healing and more! Our teachers are not only experts in their field but compassionate professionals who will lead you along your journey towards health and wellbeing. Come join us at Colony Square Yoga–healing your body while creating inner balance!

The Benefits of Yoga

Colony Square Yoga offers more than just a workout ” it is an opportunity to take charge of your health and wellbeing. Through the art of yoga, you can unlock your potential and create a healthy lifestyle that will help you reach your goals.

The benefits are far-reaching and vary from person to person, but they encompass physical, mental, and emotional advantages. On the physical level, yoga builds strength in the muscles and increases flexibility in the joints, creating balance throughout the entire body. It also helps to reduce pain caused by tension or injury. On the mental level, yoga teaches calming breathwork techniques to refocus chaotic thoughts and clear stress from the mind. Furthermore, because of its slower pace, we can learn to listen deeply to our bodies which can provide insight into underlying issues like repressed emotions or unresolved traumas.

On an emotional level, yoga encourages us to be mindful in each moment without attaching judgment or expectation. It allows us to open up spiritually as we learn mindfulness practices such as meditation which can bring peace of mind no matter how great our troubles may be. Lastly, studies have shown that commitment to a regular yoga practice helps cultivate feelings of joy even in times of struggle due to yogic philosophy that all is one ” none are separate from each other so connective understanding brings joy for both yourself and others!

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The Colony Square Yoga Experience

Colony Square Yoga is the premier yoga studio in the city, and has been operating for over ten years. With its open-air rooftop space, clients can enjoy scenic views during their practice or catch the morning sun during a sunrise session. Our instructors are certified from around the world and specialize in a variety of practices from Hatha to Vinyasa, as well as workshops on meditation and Ayurvedic principles. We offer group classes for all levels ranging from beginner to advanced, private lessons for individuals or small groups, corporate classes for companies looking to invest in their employees’ health & wellness, special events such as sound healing and women’s gatherings, and teacher trainings with an internationally accredited program. Whether you’re looking to relax, tone up or just find some inner peace – come join us at Colony Square Yoga!

Getting Started at Colony Square Yoga FAQs

Q: What is the cost for Colony Square Yoga classes?

A: The cost of classes at Colony Square Yoga varies depending on the type of class, length of the class, and frequency. We offer a range of prices to accommodate different budgets, including one-time drop in rates, community class packages, monthly payment plans, and multi-class packages. Details regarding pricing can be found on our website or discussed with a member of staff in-studio.

Q: Does Colony Square Yoga offer beginner classes?
A: Yes! We offer a range of different classes suitable for all fitness levels ” from absolute beginners to experienced practitioners. During your first few visits, it’s best to focus on the basic postures so that you develop proper technique and posture alignment. It is important that students learn the fundamentals before progressing into more advanced poses. Our instructors are very welcoming and supportive and are more than happy to provide assistance with any questions you may have about beginner classes or postures.


Colony Square Yoga is home to some of the best yoga classes in town, and their satisfied customers are here to prove it! Since opening, Colony Square Yoga has collected an overwhelmingly positive collection of testimonials from their clients. People have raved about the knowledgeable and experienced instructors, the tranquil atmosphere, and the wide variety of styles available. In order to reach as many people as possible, Colony Square Yoga has included reviews from social media sites in addition to gathering direct feedback from customers. The studio is proud that after hearing what their students think of them, they now feature an A+ rating from customers all over the city. Providing a safe place for those looking to practice yoga with a community of likeminded people is one of Colony Square Yoga’s top priorities”and their testimonials speak volumes about its success in doing so.

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Colony Square Yoga has demonstrated its commitment to the yoga community through its welcoming atmosphere, beneficial classes and workshops, and highly experienced instructors. By offering a wide variety of styles for practitioners of all skill levels, Colony Square Yoga encourages growth and self-exploration in its members and community. Their monthly events and workshops are tailored to nurture a sense of wellbeing as well as bring new experiences to those participating.

In conclusion, Colony Square Yoga is dedicated to providing value and enriching experiences to the yoga community. Through their range of offerings made accessible to yogis at every stage of their practice, they deeply care about each individual’s journey in their respective practice. To extend your experience with Colony Square Yoga even further, be sure to like them on social media or sign up for one of the many special events or workshops they offer!

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