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Circle Yoga DC has an outstanding team of instructors that bring their own unique perspectives to the practice.

At Circle Yoga DC, the head instructor is Rina Jakubowicz. Described as passionate, inviting, and down-to-earth, she brings her extensive teaching experience to each class. Her specialty is vinyasa flow – She has been teaching for over 10 years and draws inspiration from many different styles of yoga. In addition to Rina’s classes, Circle Yoga also offers classes featuring renowned teachers in a variety of traditions.

Suzie Lomax leads restorative classes at Circle Yoga DC with a unique blend of precision and artistry which helps students get into perfect and comfortable body alignment throughout poses. Additionally, Jennie Keblish provides challenging but energizing classes with highly accessible instruction – making powerful yogic practices accessible to all levels of practitioner.

With a vibrant and practiced team of instructors behind them, clients at Circle Yoga can be sure their sessions will be filled with learning, discovery and transformation.

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Circle Yoga DC offers yoga, meditation and spiritual classes, resources, and supportive community programming both online and in person in Washington, D.C. Online classes are held live via Zoom, allowing students to attend from anywhere around the world. If you’re interested in deepening your practice but can’t make it to a live session, Circle Yoga’s virtual library will provide you with access to a growing assortment of pre-recorded meditation sessions and other educational materials.

The online platform also contains its own digital community which consists of discussions and resources for exploring personal growth topics like self-care, relationships, career building and motivation. The website features podcasts featuring interviews with inspirational life coaches and authors as well as visionaries in the wellness space; plus upcoming virtual events open to anyone looking to become an active participant within this close-knit community. There’s also an accompanying blog aptly titled “Inspirations & Wisdom From Our Community,” highlighting stories from members offering life advice while connecting readers on a deeper level. All these resources combine to form one of the most welcoming yoga communities ” perfect for newbies or established yogis alike!

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Circle Yoga DC provides a variety of yoga classes in the heart of the Washington, D.C. area. Classes are offered throughout the week and each class allows for an opportunity to relax or challenge your body and mind.

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Pricing: New students may take an introductory class for $15 or purchase 10 classes for $109. Monthly memberships can be purchased for varying lengths of time; 3 months at $90/month, 6 months at $80, 12 months at $60/month. Promotions are available too – such as 2-months of unlimited classes for $199 and discounts when bringing friends to the studio!

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Q: What type of yoga classes does Circle Yoga DC offer?
A: We offer a wide selection of Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative, and Aerial classes, as well as Yin, Meditation and Pre & Postnatal sessions. Plus special workshops to take your practice even further. All our classes are suitable for the beginner or the more experienced practitioner.

Q: What should I bring to my first class?
A: You can wear comfortable clothes that you can move in easily and bring a water bottle to stay hydrated throughout your practice. Most importantly bring an open heart and an open mind!

Q: Are there changing rooms or lockers for me to leave my personal belongings?
A: Yes – We have changing rooms complete with lockers where you can store any personal items during your practice.

Q: Is there anything else I need to know before attending a class?
A: Please arrive at least 10 minutes before your scheduled class time so you have time to register and get prepared for your practice. This also allows us enough time to start the class on time and make sure we are all safely set up for a pleasant yoga experience.

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Circle Yoga DC is an amazing place to practice yoga in the nation’s capital. Many of our customers love it because of the welcoming and non-judgemental atmosphere that exists there. We strive to provide an inviting space for people of all backgrounds, levels and ages to come together to practice yoga.

One customer recently said, “I absolutely love Circle Yoga DC! The instructors are incredibly knowledgeable and friendly, which makes me feel comfortable and relaxed practicing here. They make sure everyone’s needs are met based on their level or even special physical requirements. Everyone is always so supportive throughout the classes.”

Another customer said, “I have never felt so accepted in a yoga studio before visiting Circle Yoga DC! I immediately felt welcome when I stepped through the door. The teachers take time before each class to ensure that you understand what you will be doing during the session, and they also offer modifications if needed. Knowing that they are willing to work with you no matter your skill levelmakes Yoga less intimidating!”

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Our customers appreciate that we make sure everyone feels like they belong at Circle Yoga DC regardless of their level of experience or ability – it is a safe environment for our students where people can train together as a community and become stronger in every sense of the word.

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Circle Yoga DC offers corporate yoga classes and team building, health, and wellness programs to help their clients reach the highest possible level of well-being. The corporate yoga classes focus on bringing together employees from different departments and uniting them as a cohesive team. Each class can be tailored for the specifics of the company’s environment and objectives. These sacred sessions are designed to provide a space for focusing on building awareness, improving communication and relationships between staff, reducing stress levels in the work place, and increasing work fulfillment. Circle Yoga DC also offers inspiring health education workshops that deepen understanding of the powerful effects of mindfulness practices. Their wellness programs offer insight into nutrition plans based on Ayurveda principles that support each individual’s unique lifestyle goals. With its knowledgeable experts, will equip your team with tools to grow physically, mentally and spiritually!

Discuss the safety procedures that Circle Yoga DC follows

Circle Yoga DC has implemented a variety of safety protocols to ensure the health and safety of their patrons. All surfaces in studio, including mats, props and the reception desk are now sanitized before and after each use. Physical distancing measures have also been taken with markings placed around the space to encourage students to maintain an appropriate distance from each other. Additionally, all frequently touched surfaces such as door handles and bathrooms will be disinfected every 15 minutes. To limit contact, Circle Yoga DC has switched to a contactless check-in system as well as cashless transactions for payments and deposits. Finally, staff are required to wear face shields at all times while teaching or on the premises.

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