Can You Use A Bath Towel On A Yoga Mat


Using a bath towel on your yoga mat serves both practical and beneficial purposes. Firstly, it adds an additional layer of padding and cushioning to the hard surface of your mat, lending itself to more comfortable poses and postures as you practice. In addition, towels are also great for absorbing sweat which can cause a slippery surface if not managed correctly; this could potentially become quite dangerous and impede on one’s ability to hold poses. Thus towels help provide good grip so that you don’t have to worry about slipping or sliding off nonstop. Finally, using a bath towel helps absorb any bodily oils and lotions you may use during a session, preventing any staining that might occur when wiped away with water alone. All in all, it’s a clever hack which can add extra security and comfort while doing yoga.

Different Types of Towels to Choose From

When using a bath towel on a yoga mat, it’s important to choose the right type of towel. Depending on your needs, there are several types you can choose from. Microfiber towels are highly absorbent, lightweight and dry quickly. These often have an integrated carrying loop making them great for taking to and from the studio. Cotton towels are thick and provide extra cushioning. They take longer to dry than microfiber towels, but they will last longer as well. Terry cloth is another common material used in yoga mats; this type offers enough grip that you don’t slide off your mat while keeping sweat away from your skin. Bamboo towels offer an eco-friendly alternative with soft materials and natural antibacterial properties that keep bacteria away from your skin ” perfect for those who are prone to sweating during their practice. Whichever type of towel you decide upon, make sure it is large enough to fit over or around your entire yoga mat for optimum performance.

How to Securely Place the Towel on Your Yoga Mat

When using a bath towel on your yoga mat, it is important to ensure that it is in the correct position. Start by laying out the towel flat on the floor. Then roll out your yoga mat on top of the towel, so that there is an equal amount of excess fabric from both sides of your mat. Secure each side of the towel with a rubber band or clips that are specifically made for holding down yoga mats. Once firmly secured, you will be able to practice yoga safely and have an extra layer of cushion and grip.

Proper Care Methods for Your Towel

Using a bath towel on your yoga mat can be a great way to provide extra cushion and increase grip so that you don’t slip while performing poses. However, it is important to take proper care of the towel in order to ensure it provides its maximum benefit and to ensure long life of your mat. To ensure proper care, first dampen the towel with water before use. This will help increase grip and moisturize the surface area of the mat where the towel rests. After each session, wash your towel in cool water with a mild detergent and hang dry. Spot cleaning may also help if you find yourself away from home and unable to launder the towel regularly. When storing your yoga mat and towel, roll them together for maximum efficiency. As long as you take proper care of your bath towel, you can enjoy more comfort on your yoga mat for many sessions to come!

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Dangers of Using a Towel on a Yoga Mat

Using a bath towel on a yoga mat is not recommended as it can be quite dangerous. A bath towel typically has a smoother or rougher texture than a regular yoga mat. This differential in textures makes it difficult to find traction, particularly when attempting poses such as downward dog and other balance poses. Slipping of the hands and feet can result in slips, falls, and serious injury. Additionally, towels are typically made from cloth material like cotton which absorbs sweat quickly leaving the user slippery during their practice. This too can equate to falling down and injury. Finally, most towels do not provide adequate cushioning that a specialised yoga mat offers to protect your joints during inversions and more challenging poses. For all these reasons, it is best to avoid using a basic bath towel on an exercise or yoga mat.

Recommended Towel and Mat Combinations

The use of a bath towel on a yoga mat is not recommended. Bath towels are not designed to grip when wet, and can move around on your mat which may lead to slipping and sliding during classes. There are special yoga towels that are specifically made for using on your mats. These towels are usually lightweight, extra absorbent, and designed with a silicone or rubber backing that gives you extra grippy traction when wet.

For those looking for something even more secure, combination mats and towel sets are available that offer the user an all in one convenience package. The combination mats act as a built-in base layer for the towel, greatly reducing movement during class. This option is great for users who suffer from extra sweaty hands or feet or find themselves needing to pad their mat in certain areas further than just a regular top layer. With increased amount of cushioning supplied by this combination method, it’s also ideal for those with joint pain who need more protection while they practice.

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Pros and Cons of Using a Towel on a Yoga Mat


• Towels provide comfort and padding for some poses that require more cushioning.
• They can make difficult poses easier to perform and emphasize the need for proper alignment of the spine, hip and shoulder area.
• Using a towel on a yoga mat can reduce slipping during challenging poses such as headstands or handstands.
• It increases hygiene since you don’t have to worry about sweat building up on your yoga mat over time.


• Towels may not be able to provide enough grip if placed alone without any additional mats beneath them.
• Towels are typically heavier than yoga mats, so they can be uncomfortable to carry around with you when going between classes or studios.
• Some people prefer the tactile feel of their yoga mats against their skin while practicing, as cotton towels may be too slippery against bare skin.


A: Yes, you can use a bath towel on a yoga mat, however it is not recommended. Bath towels are usually thicker and less absorbent than yoga towels, which can make the surface of your mat slippery. This could cause you to slip out of poses or lose your balance during practice. For that reason it’s generally advised to use a smaller towel specifically for use on your yoga mat. These specialized yoga towels are thin and highly absorbent so that they provide grip and stability during practice as well as absorb sweat quickly without bunching up.


Yes, you can use a bath towel on a yoga mat. Using a towel on top of your yoga mat may provide extra cushion and help with sweat absorption. To ensure long-lasting usage, you should always wash your towel after each session to keep it fresh and free of bacteria, as well as pay attention to any wear and tear which may have happened over time in order to prevent any rips or tears from developing. Additionally, the added cushion from the towel will give you more support when performing various poses. Overall, using towels on top of your yoga mats help improve grip and create a safer yoga practice environment for those who choose to incorporate them in their routine.

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