Can You Replace Yoga 930 Battery


The Yoga 930 is a popular laptop model recognized for its powerful hardware, intuitive design, and long-lasting battery life. However, after extended use and due to changing battery health it may be necessary to replace the original battery. Replacing the battery can help with longer use while you’re on the go, as well as restore some of its original performance levels.

When it comes to selecting a compatible replacement battery for your Yoga 930 laptop, it is important to make sure you take the time to find an exact match before making the purchase. Contrarily swapping out a piece of hardware that does not match the same type or specifications can create bigger issues for you in the future. Always double check that your new battery has the same form factor and voltage/mAh rating as your original unit. Doing this will ensure more optimal performance from your laptop over time. Furthermore, if something outside of your control goes wrong—such as damage sustained from mishandling or installation—it will be much easier to deal with since you have a warranty on hand just in case something does go wrong after replacing your device’s existing battery pack.

Battery Type

The Yoga 930 has a 4-cell Lithium-Ion battery with a capacity of 57Wh, and a 3.7V voltage rating. It supports fast charging, reaching 80% in an hour, and a full charge within two hours.

The battery is not user replaceable, which means the laptop must be sent to authorized repair centers for an authorized technician to change it. The customer support team of the manufacturer can provide further instructions for this. Customers can also buy spare batteries from online retailers that specialize in laptop parts.

It is important to keep the battery well cared for by avoiding extreme temperatures and using the laptop as directed by the manufacturer’s instructions. Frequently asked questions such as what kind of power supply units are compatible with this laptop model and how long will it take to fully charge the battery should be referred to customer support specialists or qualified technicians.

Purchasing a New Battery

The process of researching and obtaining a compatible new battery for the Yoga 930 laptop would involve first determining what type and size of battery is needed. This can be found in the instruction manual or on the manufacturer’s website. Additionally, one might need to review their device model number to ensure that any new purchase is compatible with their device.

Once this information is gathered, it’s recommended to shop around for different options available online. Doing a quick search across popular online retailers can help determine which options provide the best value of quality and price when it comes to replacement batteries. It’s also wise to read through customer reviews in order to ensure that battery purchases have been well-received by previous buyers.

Before submitting an order, it’s important to make sure all of the product details match what was originally identified as being necessary for your specific device model. Checking details such as voltage, capacity (in Watt-hours or mAh), chemistry type (lithium ion, etc.), and connector size can help ensure the right product is ordered.

Once a product has been identified for purchase and ordered, you may receive your new battery within a few days after payment has cleared depending on shipping terms associated with your chosen vendor. After arrival it should be ready to use as long as all compatibility conditions were met prior to ordering!

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Battery Installation

Replacing the battery of a Yoga 930 laptop requires taking apart the device. It is important to take proper safety precautions when attempting any repair on a device, such as unplugging from power and taking anti-static measures like wearing an anti-static wrist strap. Additionally, having the appropriate tools is imperative for such tasks. Specialized tools like a laptop screwdriver set and spudger are necessary for opening the laptop body in order to properly access the place where the battery resides. A Phillips head screwdriver may also be needed in order to remove the delicate screws on the underside of the laptop. Once inside, users should be able to easily identify and remove existing battery and replace with new one, if they have done their research on how to find replacement batteries online. After replacing battery, completing steps must be taken in reverse order to make sure all pieces were securely connected back into place before closing up laptop body again.

Reassembling Your Laptop

Replacing Your Yoga 930 Battery:

1. First, remove all power cords and devices connected to the laptop, as well as any accessories it may have. Place your laptop upside-down on a flat surface.

2. Unscrew the battery bottom cover with a Phillips head screwdriver; you will find that it is located at the bottom part of the laptop. Set aside the screws for safekeeping.

3. Slide out the old battery from its compartment carefully and place it away from your work area for safety reasons. You don’t want to unintentionally ruin or damage any components inside your computer when replacing the battery.

4. Put in the new battery, making sure that all connections are securely in place without forcing anything into place.

5. Replace the bottom cover and secure with screws in reverse order of how they were removed earlier. Close up your laptop tightly and securely paying attention to all screws and other fastening mechanisms used to secure it together properly after reassembly is complete.

6 After ensuring that none of your cables or connected parts have been forgotten in do dock station if applicable, connect power charger again connecting all wires appropriately lastly plugging into an electrical outlet before turning your device back on again to test energy storage capacity with new replacement battery installed before you begin use your Yoga 930 once more normally once more at desired energizing levels for proper operation with no issues now present for successful efficient enjoyment hopefully at last!

Tips and Tricks

Yes, you can replace the Yoga 930 Battery. It is recommended that you purchase a new battery from an authorized seller to get the best performance and longevity from your device. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your new battery’s life cycle:

1. Use your notebook in an environment with a temperature of between 16°C (60°F) and 32°C (90°F). This helps to ensure optimal lithium-ion battery performance and will maximize its life expectancy.

2. Don’t leave the laptop plugged in for extended periods of time; this can reduce the useful lifespan of the battery. Unplug it when not in use or when working at full charge to extend its life cycle as much as possible over extended periods.

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3. Ensure that you don’t discharge your battery beyond 25% too often, as doing so increases stress on the lithium-ion cells and degrades their condition more quickly than normal levels of usage would.

4. Charge your laptop whenever possible; this will help keep cells functioning optimally until their natural end-of-life nears, at which point they may not longer hold a charge properly due to damage and aging occurring over time.

5. Keeping your laptop’s operating system updated (especially BIOS) alongside essential applications and drivers are important for many reasons, including providing better power management and helping improve overall system performance; this helps conserve battery life in turn as well as helping improving overall system performance significantly!

Warranty Issues

Most laptop manufacturers offer a warranty on the laptop’s battery for one year to three years, but this may vary depending on the manufacturer. Some retailers who sell replacement parts may offer additional coverage beyond the manufacturer’s warranty. It is recommended to check with the retailer for more information about any extended warranties they may offer. Extended warranties can be beneficial if intending to replace the laptop’s battery and are concerned about potential issues in the future. With extended warranties it is important to read through all terms and conditions very carefully as they can be highly specific regarding what elements of your device they cover and how long the coverage will last.


Yes, you can replace the battery on the Yoga 930. Replacement batteries are available online and at many electronics stores. Depending on usage, you should expect the replacement battery to last between 1-2 years with proper care and maintenance. When replacing the battery it is important to select a compatible battery that was designed specifically for the Yoga 930 as other models may not fit properly or provide adequate power. Additionally, incorrect installation could risk damaging both your laptop and new battery, so if you are uncomfortable doing it yourself it is best to have an experienced technician perform the installation for you.


This blog post addressed the question of whether or not one can replace the battery on a Yoga 930 laptop. It was concluded that while it is possible to do so, users should be sure they have all the necessary tools and resources to safely complete such process as it could damage their device or pose a safety hazard. It is also recommended that users take their device to an authorized Lenovo service provider for battery replacement due to the complexities of this process. In conclusion, replacing the Yoga 930 laptop’s battery can be done but requires caution, preparation and only experienced personnel should attempt the task.

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