Can We Do Yoga During Menstrual Period


Yes, you can do yoga during your menstrual period! While there are some traditions that suggest avoiding certain types of yoga when on your period, there is still plenty of evidence that suggests that doing yoga during a menstrual period can have many beneficial effects for both your body and mind. Not only is it ok to do yoga during menstruation, it can even be a time for extra self-care.

Studies have suggested that women who practice yoga during a menstrual cycle have had reduced symptoms associated with periods such as cramps, mood swings and headaches. Some research has even indicated that practicing breath work and meditation during this time helps to relieve anxiety and depression. Furthermore, studies suggest that certain postures in yoga such as hip openers may help reduce the feelings of bloating and other mild discomforts associated with PMS.

On a personal level, I have found yoga to be an incredible form of self-care during my menstrual cycle. Yoga encourages me to take a break from life’s chaos and slow down enough to listen to my own needs instead of worrying about the expectations placed upon me from outside sources. This has made my periods much easier and less stressful than ever before! Practicing mindful movements like stretching combined with breathing exercises gives me the opportunity to embrace this powerful time with grace and humility instead of dreading it like so many of us do.

The History of Doing Yoga During Menstrual Period

The practice of doing yoga during menstrual period has a long and varied history. Some cultures have strongly discouraged or prohibited women from any physical activity while menstruating while others have embraced yoga as a way to bring comfort and healing during this time. Ancient yogic texts generally don’t mention anything about the differences between an actual menstrual cycle and other cycles of activity, implying that all activities were permissible regardless of the stage in one’s cycle. Unfortunately, many societies throughout the centuries (including in India where yoga was first developed) have considered menstruating women “unclean” and thus able to disrupt certain rituals or objects upon contact. These views were heavily gender biased as men were rarely subject to such restrictions despite their own unique needs for care at certain times.

Fortunately, there has been a gradual breakdown of these gender biases over the last few hundred years. This change in perspective has led to an increased recognition of the benefits of practicing yoga even while menstruating. It is now believed that doing yoga during menstrual period can help provide relief from various side effects such as cramping or nausea associated with this time by improving circulation, helping relax muscles and reducing stress levels. The practice can also be used as an opportunity for self-reflection and deeper understanding of one’s body and emotions, something which is often neglected in traditional methods of healing but can be beneficial during this vulnerable period.

The Benefits and Effectiveness of Doing Yoga During Menstrual Period

Yoga can be a great help during your menstrual period to reduce the discomfort such as cramps and PMS-related mood swings. Certain poses, such as forward bends, hip openers and spinal twists can give you relief from menstrual cramps by stretching the muscles and calming the nervous system. When we practice yoga postures on our mats, not only do they provide physical relief, but also help us take time away from daily routines to sit in meditation and become centered.

When it comes to managing PMS symptoms like mood swings, anxiety or simply being grumpy, some yoga styles are more suitable than others. Yin yoga is generally considered better when dealing with menstruation-associated hormone fluctuations because of its gentler approach. Hatha Yoga is another type that focuses on self-awareness, calming the breath and body through stretches combined with breath control and visualization. Restorative Yoga works to relax and restore the body through poses mainly done lying down or seated supported by props. All these categories of yoga require limited movements given how sensitive one might be during their period – making them ideal for relieving symptoms connected with menstruation like headaches, low energy levels and general fatigue.

Effective Gain From Yoga

The most important factor to consider when practicing yoga during your menstrual cycle is listening carefully to your body and never forcing yourself into any pose that doesn’t feel good or that increases abdominal pressure. It’s important to create a safe space for yourself on your mat without judgment or competition so that you can find comfort within this inward journey of healing.

Different Types of Yoga Suitable for Women During Menstruation

Yes, it is possible to practice yoga during the menstrual period, however there are certain types of yoga that are advised and some considerations to take into account.

Examples of types of yoga suitable for women during menstruation include gentle restorative Yoga, which includes supported postures (with a bolster or pillows) that can help relax tired muscles and provide comfort; Yin Yoga, which also involves poses held for longer periods of time with emphasis on connecting with your inner experience; and pranayama (breath work), which can help with calming the mind and focusing your thoughts away from physical discomfort.

It is recommended to avoid vigorous yoga postures during menstrual period as they can increase cramps, bloating and fatigue. It is also important to ensure you’re properly hydrated before practicing any type of yoga exercise, especially when menstruating as dehydration can be linked to excessive loss in electrolytes. This helps to prevent exhaustion or dizziness while performing different poses. Additionally, for extra comfort during the practice, use props like blankets and bolsters for added support and relaxation.

When considering yoga class options during menstruation, teachers who have experience in guiding women through specific cycles may offer more appropriate guidance than general classes. Whatever type of class you choose it is always best to inform your teacher that you are currently on your cycle so they have an understanding of what posture modifications may be necessary or helpful. Yoga practices combining mindfulness meditation or relaxation technique can be great additional tools in managing painful symptoms associated with your menstrual cycle

Health Precautions

When doing yoga during your menstrual cycle it is important to note that each woman’s body and needs are different, therefore poses should be adapted to individual suitability. Modifications such as increased use of blankets or bolsters can help create more comfort and safety. Some suggested precautions when practicing yoga during this time include avoid strenuous postures like deep back bends, inversions, and abdominal contractions as these may have a negative effect on the endocrine system which may cause further discomfort.

It is also advisable to limit time spent in poses which require extended use of static muscle contraction, as this can increase fatigue levels and cramping. Gentle forward folds are encouraged instead and poses which involve intense stretching should not be used. Additionally, any yoga forms that involve vigorous breathing techniques and fast arm movements should be avoided at least for the first few days of your period.

Women should also be mindful of how they feel during their periods; if tiredness or discomfort occurs due to a pose, then it should be modified or abandoned altogether. In order to meet all physical restrictions while still experiencing the benefits of yoga; it is best suited to practice restorative or gentle yin style where poses are held longer in order to give muscles a positive stretch without over straining them. Practicing mindfulness measures such as staying hydrated during practice and listening closely to body signals can further reduce potential health issues associated with menstrual periods when doing yoga.

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Strategies to Overcome Challenges

Yoga is a powerful form of exercise that can provide many benefits to women during their menstrual period. To ensure the best possible experience and minimize any potential side effects, there are several key strategies to keep in mind when incorporating yoga into your regular menstrual cycle routine. Firstly, be sure to practice mindful movement. Pay attention to how the different poses feel on your body and adjust or modify the posture if necessary. Secondly, take deep breathing exercises throughout each session to further relax the mind and body while also boosting oxygen levels in your bloodstream. Thirdly, focus on gentle and restorative postures as they can help with cramps as well as calming down an overactive mind. Lastly, don’t forget light stretching exercises: they can help relax tense muscles and ease physical discomfort caused by bloating or cramping. Sticking to these strategies throughout your menstrual cycle will not only allow you to create an improved sense of wellbeing but can also help you stay motivated and improve your overall karma.


The answer to the question of whether or not we can do yoga during our menstrual period is a resounding yes! Yoga can help you reduce cramping and lower back pain, boost energy levels, and help combat stress. It also helps to improve sleep quality and reduce feelings of anxiety associated with menstrual cycles. Practicing yoga during your period can also give you an opportunity to just slow down, be mindful, and enjoy a little self-care.

The benefits and advantages of practicing yoga during your period are vast. By focusing on deep breathing techniques, gentle stretching and mediation exercises it may help to reduce your discomfort while regulating hormones that contribute to premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Additionally, it may help promote the flow of fluids throughout the body by improving circulation which in turn helps ease tension.

Overall, there is plenty of evidence that suggests yoga promotes overall health benefits no matter when it’s practiced. So if you’re feeling comfortable enough to move your body during your menstrual period then definitely go for it! However, don’t push yourself too hard – always listen to your body. When deciding how much yoga you should do during this time be sure to take into account any pre-existing conditions such as anemia, low blood pressure or chronic fatigue syndrome that might cause challenges when performing certain postures or poses.

To conclude, if you’re experiencing physical or emotional discomfort due to menses then try some light exercises such as walking or swimming as both activities promote healthy circulation without pushing the body too much. Ultimately, whatever activity you pick should make you feel relaxed and empowered so have fun! Remember that taking care of yourself is paramount ” respecting what your body tells you it needs will ensure that you come away from every practice feeling contented with strong mind and body.

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