Can One Do Yoga During Periods

Yoga is a beneficial exercise that can help to maintain physical and mental well-being. One of the most common questions asked by female practitioners is if it is safe to do yoga during periods.

Menstruation is an extremely important part of a woman’s life, and it is necessary to make sure that certain physical activities, such as yoga, are not harmful during this time. This article will provide more information about whether one can do yoga during their period.

The Benefits of Doing Yoga During Your Period
Yoga has been found to have many positive benefits regardless of whether you practice it during your period or not. It can help promote good mental health, improve strength and flexibility, increase energy levels, reduce stress levels, and even aid in digestion. As such, practicing yoga when menstruation arrives can be incredibly beneficial for women from both a physical and mental standpoint.

Safety Guidelines When Practicing Yoga During Your Periods
Even though yoga can be helpful during a woman’s monthly cycle, there are certain precautions that should be taken into consideration in order to protect against potential injuries or other difficulties incurred due to menstrual pain or cramps. For instance, poses and sequences such as forward bends may put extra pressure on the abdomen which may cause discomfort for some women when they’re menstruating.

Furthermore, strenuous activity should also be avoided since this too could trigger uncomfortable cramps or increased bleeding.

Conclusion – Recap of why people should think deeply before engaging in physical activities while on menstruation cycles:

In conclusion, it is important to remember that although yoga can help with body and mind fitness during periods it is still essential to consider safety measures first and foremost so as not to place strain on yourself while doing rigorous exercises during menstruation cycles.

Ultimately each individual has different sensitivities or triggers which could cause more discomfort than just having a regular exercise routine so it’s best to always weight out the pros and cons before engaging in any sort of physical activity while undergoing menstrual cycles.

Benefits of Yoga for Women During Their Periods

Yoga is a great way to stay active and healthy for women throughout their entire menstrual cycle, including during their periods. There are many benefits to practicing yoga during this time including improving your overall strength, reducing fatigue and cramps, calming your mind, and increasing flexibility. Those engaging in yoga while on their period will be able to better control their emotions and maintain balance during what can be an intense hormonal time.

Yoga can help when dealing with premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms as well. Practicing specific poses that address the areas of tension that tend to come up when PMS hits will help relax tight muscles and release jaw tension.

In addition, breathing techniques used in yoga will help reduce anxiety and headaches which are common with PMS. When practiced regularly while on one’s period, these methods will help increase emotional stability over time as well as physical health benefits such as improved circulation.

Besides addressing physical changes or discomforts when menstruating, yoga can also simply provide a sense of peace in times of greater difficulty or stress which can be quite beneficial for empowerment – allowing for respite from the world against us sometimes solely because of our gender identity or experience tied to it (e.g oppressive stereotypes around periods).

Starting a practice that focuses on presence helps overcome distracting thoughts that may be consuming and present some wonderful clarity otherwise absent when caught up in discomfort or distress – ultimately leading to healing pain through relaxation among other desirable effects.

For those wishing to fully optimize the many potential positive impacts of yoga during one’s period, it is recommended to choose each pose according to your personal needs at that moment.

This might be low intensity poses such as gentle stretching or twists if you are cramping or feeling fatigue; or more energizing poses like sun salutations if you have been sitting still for too long; as well as calming poses like child’s pose if feeling overwhelmed with life tasks.

Meditation and breathing exercises should also fit into this personalized practice depending on personal preferences – helping restore equilibrium both mentally and physically no matter one’s stage in their menstrual cycle phase.

Types of Postures

Yoga is an excellent form of therapy for the mind and body, and there are certain postures and techniques that can be incredibly beneficial during a woman’s menstrual cycle. Restorative poses such as Child’s Pose, supported Bridge pose, Apanasana (Knees to Chest Pose) and Supported Baddha Konasana (Bound Angle Pose) are all helpful in relieving the physical pain experienced during menstruation.

They also help ease stress, tension and anxiety that often accompany this stage of a woman’s biological cycle.

The practice of yoga should not be seen as something to accomplish or reach a peak performance at. Instead, it should be viewed as something that is practiced for time to center oneself and focus on breath work in order to deal with the physical symptoms of periods: pain in the lower abdomen, cramps, fatigue, bloating and headaches. Additionally, consciously focusing the breath into them can provide calming effect by encouraging relaxation throughout the entire body.

Yoga In Vedic Period

Yoga postures combined with breathing exercises offer effective relief than just doing one or other alone. This is because they enable energy currents within our bodies to flow freely without interruption – enabling us to reach deeper states of calm more quickly than if we had only used one method.

Some key breathing practices for women during their period include Pranayama (breath control), Abdominal breathing (Focusing on expanding your abdominal area while controlling your exhalation) and Ujjayi breath (A type of pranayamic breathing where you breathe through your nose while slightly constricting your throat). The technique helps reduce any menstrual cramps you might experience while also allowing for long inhalation which nourishes the cells within our bodies with oxygen-filled air allowing us to feel calmer overall.

In conclusion, yoga can offer assistance to women throughout their cycle if practiced with awareness and intention. This type of exercise can be very effective at alleviating some discomforts associated with periods; however it should still always be practiced under supervision of a trained instructor or coach who has knowledge about how best use these powerful practices.

Safety Precaution

When practicing yoga during periods, one should take extra precaution to avoid any potential hazards. People who are menstruating should be particularly careful with exercises that are strenuous, jumping and compressing the abdomen. This includes poses such as Navasana (boat pose), Uttana Shishosana (extended puppy pose), Anjaneyasana (low lunge) or high planks that involve a full body contraction.

Women should also steer clear of extreme heat and longer holds in inverted poses to prevent lightheadedness or dizziness during their cycle due to the increased amount of blood flow. Poses like Sirsasana (headstand) and Sarvangasana (shoulder stand) can cause more blood to rush into the pelvic area which can lead to cramping and strengthen contractions.

Asanas such as forward folds can increase the intensity of abdominal cramps throughout menstruation, while twists may help alleviate them by massaging the organs inside the pelvis like an intestine massage when practiced with caution.

It is important for female practitioners to listen carefully to their own bodies in order to understand what kind of yoga will suit them best while menstruating. For those who prefer a softer practice, they can opt for low-intensity options like restorative, Yin or Hatha yoga with plenty of support from a cushion or bolster, as well as gentle breath-oriented practices like Pranayama breathing techniques.

Meditation might also be a great way to keep your mind stress free and bring about better relaxation which could help ease physical discomfort. Ultimately, it is important for women feeling uncomfortable practicing during montherly cycles not to push themselves too hard until they feel prepared both mentally and physically ready enough to do so.


Yoga is an ancient practice that promotes physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing, and it’s gaining popularity these days. Practicing yoga during periods can provide many physical and emotional benefits to menstruating women. As the body changes during menstruation, it is important to remember the need for comfort when doing yoga poses during this time.

The use of props can be beneficial for menstrual cycles. Props aid in getting deeper into poses while giving extra support to areas of the body that could be easily overstretched or put under too much strain. Props such as blankets, blocks, bolsters and straps are all great options during your period. Blankets provide a soothing warmth to the lower back area which often gets very tense when PMS kicks in.

Blocks are great when practicing seated poses or lying on your stomach as they make it easier to maintain proper posture without putting too much strain on your lower back and pelvic region. A bolster can help you relax into poses comfortably if your hips tend to get quite sore when your cramps kick in.

Lastly, straps are amazing for certain postures like reclined butterfly pose where usually all you need is something to wrap your arms around for an extra sense of security.

Overall, there are many props available that can make yoga more comfortable for women who are menstruating; self-care should always be a priority throughout our cycle. It’s not only possible but very beneficial for one to do yoga safely during their period by paying close attention to how their body feels and looking at different ways a prop may offer additional comfort and support if needed.


Yoga is one of the most popular forms of physical exercise which not only helps to improve one’s strength and flexibility but also aids in overall wellness. It has become something of a cult with people from all walks of life joining in.

However, many people question as to whether they can practice yoga during their menstrual cycle, when they may be feeling more sensitive and uncomfortable. Although there are some modifications that may need to be done, the answer is yes – one can still practice yoga during periods.

First and foremost it is always advisable to listen to your body and do what feels therapeutic. Since each individual’s body reacts differently to hormonal imbalance depending on lifestyle choices like diet, sleep patterns etc., it’s important to recognize cues like if the body feels weak or too tired and adjust accordingly. Generally, gentle practices such as restorative poses should be practiced as strenuous workouts could lead to further fatigue and exhaustion.

Yoga On Your Period

It might help to start with slower pranayamas like Alternate Nostril Breath or Humming Bee Breath along with a few asanas like Cobra pose which will activate the abdominal muscles gently yet effectively without causing any further stress. Also it might be beneficial to include poses like Upward Bow (wheel pose) or Camel pose as these tend to stretch the abdomen and reduce the discomfort from cramps.

It would also be wise not to overdo things while practicing yoga – this goes for any time during period days or other times – by consciously modulating the intensity level of each asana according them special attention while going slow and careful on postures so that nothing gets stretched too hard leading you into an uncomfortable situation later on.

Special consideration should also be given towards avoiding inverted poses until you feel really comfortable even though there are several benefits attached with doing them-like pushing out retained fluids naturally, relieving headaches etc.

– but you don’t want a nasty surprise your way. Moreover, this would also provide you an opportunity assess where specific areas require extra care when trying out a routine for another day or when your period symptoms ease up for a fresh round in regular timing.

Focus Areas

Yoga during one’s period can be very beneficial for many reasons, including relieving cramps and encouraging relaxation. When practicing yoga during a menstrual cycle, a woman can create more balance in her mind and body by focusing on energy centers specific to the menstrual cycle.

One of the main energy centers that should be focused on is the sacral chakra or Svadisthana. This chakra is located right above the public bone and is associated with creativity, emotions, sensuality, and intuition. It is also thought to be related to fluidity in both emotional and physical states.

When balanced, it helps move energy in the body that has been stuck due to hormones or feelings during the period. Asanas like Supta Baddha Konasana (Reclined Bound Angle Pose) are particularly helpful in aligning this center.

The navel center is another important energy center for creating balance during one’s menstrual cycle since this area is perceived as a power source through which all organs get nourished. Although all organ systems are affected by hormonal fluctuations here, particular attention should be given to the digestive system since it helps activate elimination functions during periods of detoxification.

Doing twists such as Ardha Matsyendrasana (Half Lord of the Fishes Pose), Marichyasana I (Seated Twist), or Parivrtta Parsvakonasana (Revolved Side Angle Pose) would help open up this area while simultaneously aiding digestion.

Finally, women should pay attention to chest expansion poses such as Anahatasana (Lying Down Posture) or Ustrasana (Camel Pose). These postures help open up the torso naturally and bring more attention inward towards opening up one’s heart and inviting more acceptance throughout the course of a woman’s period.

Opening up one’s chest improves respiration which leads to improved circulation within our inner bodies-a technique which will help relax muscles dealing with cramps as well as reduce other painful symptoms associated with menstruation like headaches or abdominal pain.


Yes, one can (and should) do yoga while on their period. Contrary to popular belief that it’s not safe to practice yoga, there’s no reason why one should avoid practicing while they are menstruating. There are many poses and techniques that can be used to make the patient more comfortable and release tension during this time.

One can start by focusing on gentler poses like Stretches, Bridge Pose, Supported Child’s Pose, Legs Up The Wall and Supine twists which will help reduce cramps and stress levels. Combined with slow breathing exercises like Pranayama , these poses will increase circulation throughout your body and bring more oxygen into your abdominal region, easing discomfort caused by PMS symptoms and cramps.

In addition, they require very little physical effort so one can easily maintain a steady yoga flow even in difficult circumstances during specific times of the month.

Finally, the emotional effects of yoga can prove highly beneficial for women suffering from period-related guilt or anxiety. Therapeutic poses such as Reclining Bound Angle pose help to reduce mental tension while calming poses like Corpse pose provide an effective counterbalance for when emotions are running high due to hormonal shifts in the body.

Moreover, practicing conscious awareness during this time allow us to connect with our bodies in a meaningful way & giving us an opportunity to relax deeply & foster self-healing & compassion towards oneself.

Overall, from reducing past menstrual symptoms to simply embracing the magic of embodying your womanhood through mindfulness & self-care practices, yoga is an incredibly powerful tool for women during their periods both physically as well as emotionally.

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