Can I Do Yoga After Getting A Tattoo

Can I Do Yoga After Getting a Tattoo?

Many people are concerned when they get a tattoo that they will not be able to do their usual activities afterward. This includes going to the gym, exercise, and even yoga. It is good to know that yoga can still be practiced following a tattoo- as long as certain precautions are taken. Allowing sufficient time for the tattoo to heal and following the instructions of the tattoo artist are essential for keeping the artwork looking its best.

1. Healed Tattoo

Before any yoga poses can be performed, the tattoo must be fully healed. It usually takes 2 to 4 weeks for a tattoo to heal after the procedure. If there is any redness, scabbing, or soreness, the tattoo is not fully healed, and it should not be subjected to any weight-bearing exercises. Moving ahead with activities before the tattoo is completely healed can cause tearing of the tattoo and will make the area more prone to infection.

2. Making Preparations

When the tattoo has fully healed and it’s time to revive the yoga practice, it is best to take certain precautions. The most important are to clean the tattoo with a mild cleanser and moisturize the area with natural oils or lotions. It is good to wear clothing that won’t rub against the tattoo, as it is still highly sensitive.

Chest Opening Yoga Stretches

3. AVOID These Postures

  • Avoid inverted postures that put direct pressure on the tattoo, like headstand and shoulder stand.
  • Stay away from contact sports that may cause friction and make the picture to fade.
  • Sweat can be corrosive, so it is best to avoid carrying out strenuous activities that cause a great deal of perspiration.

4. Do These Postures Instead

  • Prone poses, such as cobra, bow, and locust, can be beneficial for everyone but are gentle enough for those with newly inked tattoos.
  • Supine postures, such as bridge and those involving supported twists, can also be beneficial. These poses require minimal effort and force.
  • Standing poses, such as mountain, warrior, and triangle, can usually be done with light arm motions. Be sure to perform poses on both sides, as this helps maintain balance in the body.

5. Final Note

Remember that yoga should always be performed in a way that honors what the body needs. When coming back to yoga after a tattoo, it is best to start slow and focus on becoming aware of different sensations as they appear. Being mindful of the postures and paying attention to how they feel will ensure a safe and enjoyable yoga practice with a brand new tattoo!

Bottom Line

Yoga can be practiced following a tattoo—as long as sufficient time is given for the tattoo to heal and certain appropriate precautions are taken. Before attempting any yoga poses, it is important to make sure that the tattoo is fully healed and to clean and moisturize the area before and after each session. In order to keep the tattoo looking its best, certain postures to avoid and postures to do instead should be considered. In general, listening to the body should be the primary focus when returning to yoga after a new tattoo.

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