Brian Kest Yoga

Where to Take Classes

Brian Kest Yoga offers classes in many cities all over the United States, such as Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Austin and Miami. Each city offers a variety of instructors who have trained in Brian’s specific style of vigorous and mindful vinyasa yoga. Classes focus on creating strength and flexibility through linking breath with movement.

In each city, there are generally at least three studios that offer classes for all of Brian’s students. Furthermore, each studio often offers different instructor styles to further customize your yoga experience based on your personal preferences. All classes typically range from an hour and a half to two hours long and prices vary depending upon which studio you attend. Most studios offer bundle deals such as weekly unlimited packages or monthly discounts to help save money if you plan on attending multiple classes throughout the week or month. Additionally, there are usually free community classes offered in select studios as well, should you be looking for a more affordable option.

Online Resources/Videos

Brian Kest Yoga provides several online resources and video tutorials to help yoga practitioners learn and progress in their practice. In addition to regular instructional classes, there is also an online streaming platform that can be accessed 24/7 to learn more about the basics of yoga. For example, the platform includes resources such as postural demonstrations, health tips, lectures on meditation and breathing exercises, vinyasa flow class tutorials, and even monthly “question & answer” videos from Master Kest himself. Other helpful video tutorials can be found on Brian’s YouTube channel where he regularly posts educational content focused on creating a sustainable yogic lifestyle. Each video does an excellent job of breaking down each posture/flow into concise, easy-to-follow steps for people looking to refine their existing practice or create new poses and flows. From livestream classes featuring celebrity instructors such as Gwyneth Paltrow to daily guided meditations with Master Kest himself, Brian Kest Yoga is fully-equipped with the necessary tools needed for anyone looking to become a proficient yogi.

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Practicing with a Partner

Practicing yoga with a friend or partner can provide many benefits that enrich your practice and enhance the experience. When working out in pairs, you can hold each other accountable during difficult poses and help each other reach new heights in flexibility. You also have the chance to learn something from one another, taking criticism and praise alike as constructive advice for growth.

Incorporating a partner into a Brian Kest Yoga class is easy! To ensure there’s minimal disruption, both of you should find spots close together so there’s no need to move around. That way, you can use each other’s support when needed without disrupting the rest of the class. Remember, if you’re practicing with someone who has a different level of experience than you, there are plenty of variations available at every stage ” do what works best for both of you! Finally, don’t be afraid to communicate with your partner during class ” they may even have some good advice or an inspiring perspective on how to approach certain poses that could elevate your practice!

Mindful Living and the Brian Kest Practice

Brian Kest’s approach to yoga centers on a focus on mindful, energizing movement and breathing that is designed to benefit both the body and the mind. His goal is to help others build strength, increase their range of motion, and establish an internal practice that goes beyond just physical fitness. He believes that mindfulness”including paying attention to all of our senses, thoughts, and actions”can be used to cultivate awareness and a greater degree of connectedness with oneself, other people, and nature.

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The techniques developed by Brian Kest are based in yoga philosophy as well as modern physical therapy methods. His classes explore doing fewer postures with deeper intention. Each pose is geared towards accessing the “sweaty edge,” which is the point at which growth takes place; not too much nor too little for an individual’s current capacity. From this place of intentional effort with time for rest comes transformation internally and externally ” allowing both the practitioner’s body and mind to open up more fully into a state of balance ” equanimity” thus creating sustainability within New York City both personally and collectively.

Brian Kest also stresses being mindful in everyday life as a way to extend one’s practice off the mat or cushion. This includes practicing non-judgmental observation of our thought patterns, cultivating gratitude for each moment rather than taking things for granted, listening without providing advice or criticism, eating consciously with respect for one’s body condition and environment, communicating truthfully but kindly while withholding judgments and assumptions about others intentions, setting healthy boundaries using kindness rather than defense mechanisms such as anger or blame toward others or ourselves. By implementing these strategies into daily living over time we can bridge connection between our internal (mind-body) process and external reality; breaking countless cycles stagnant thought patterns that prevent us from embodying deep presence in all aspects of life.

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