Bhodi Yoga

## What is Bhodi Yoga?
Bhodi Yoga is a modern system of physical, spiritual, and psychological practice which combines aspects of traditional Eastern Oriental practices, including Eastern philosophy and Western sciences. It blends aspects of Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and Yin Yoga, with the breath-work, and relaxation techniques of other Eastern Traditions.

This yoga practice seeks to improve health, flexibility, and enhance the general wellbeing of an individual. Bhodi Yoga follows the 4 traditional paths of Yoga- Raja, Bhakti, Karma, and Jnana paths. Through the practice of Bhodi Yoga, one can develop the tools to go beyond mere physical fitness, and gain inner peace, balance and joy.

## Main Benefits
The Bhodi Yoga practice provides numerous physiological, mental, and spiritual benefits.

Physiological benefits include:
* Improved posture
* Increase in core strength
* Improved ability to concentrate
* Increased respiratory capacity

Mental benefits include:
* Reduced stress and anxiety
* Enhanced creativity
* Improved clarity and memory
* Improved ability to handle pressure and difficult situations

Spiritual benefits include:
* Development of inner self-awareness
* Greater sense of inner wisdom
* Improved sense of inner peace and balance
* Awakening of the spirit of self-discovery

## Posture
Bhodi Yoga largely employs the practice of Asana (posture) through the conscious use of breath and guidance of mental focus. This form of yoga focuses on the integration of a relaxed body-mind relationship, in order to improve posture and balance within the individual.

## Breathing
The primary focus within Bhodi Yoga is Pranayama (breathwork). The conscious use of pranayama helps to cultivate an inner atmosphere of relaxation and meditation, while increasing the overall awareness and the connection between body and mind.

Kemetic Yoga

## Meditation
Although the practice of Bhodi yoga is predominantly centered on physical postures, an important aspect of the practice is to incorporate meditation and mindfulness into the physical practice. By using meditative approaches such as pranayama, visualization, and mantra – the practitioner is able to access deeper levels of awareness and connection.

## Core Principles
The core principles of Bhodi Yoga are based upon the concept of mindful movement, breath, focus and awareness. These principles help students access a deeper awareness of body and mind, leading to a more balanced and mindful practice.

* **Mindful Movement:** Moving with awareness of the breath and body.
* **Breath:** Creating an atmosphere of tranquility through the practice of conscious breathwork.
* **Focus:** Maintaining a focus on the present moment and recognizing the power of the breath to transform.
* **Awareness:** Being aware of what is happening in the body and mind, and connecting to the inner self.

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