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Bfree Yoga Austin is a yoga studio founded in 2012 by professional Athletes and wellness advocates Max Rosencell and Nel Pizzichillo. With the intention of helping people find balance and connection in body, mind, and spirit, the duo created Bfree in an effort to provide a sanctuary where individuals can connect more deeply with their authentic selves. At Bfree they offer classes across a spectrum of styles including Power Vinyasa, Yin, Hot 26-series (Bikram style), Restorative.

Since its inception in 2012, Bfree has grown to become one of Austin’s most popular and celebrated yoga studios. People who visit the studio appreciate its laid back atmosphere and close community that seeks to make everyone feel welcome regardless of their physical abilities or skill level. With 10 different instructors all striving for excellence in their craft and bringing positive energy into the space, Bfree allows individuals to focus on connecting with their inner spirit through yoga practice. The instructors focus not only asanas (poses) but also breath work (pranayama). In addition to providing classes for beginners or those experienced yogi’s looking for a strong practice; the studio offers workshops with expert teachers such as Kathryn Budig, Sadie Nardini & Rod Stryker among others highlighting anatomy-based approaches; intensive Pranayama classes incorporating methods from Sivananda & Krishnamarcharya traditions; AcroYoga sessions aimed at group training/playfulness; meditation classes which includes philosophical approaches among many other activities meant to provide balance within our daily lives.

The success of Bfree is largely attributed to its commitment towards teaching practical tools that can be used outside of the Yoga studio like consistent breath awareness techniques , lifestyle modifications & advise on necessary supplements when needed. Those seeking therapy are offered private yoga sessions tailored to each individual’s specific needs. We try out best here at Bfree so that students can integrate new understanding into everyday life while getting closer control over emotional responses brought on by physical sensations. Ultimately, providing an avenue that helps sometimes temporarily quiet full overwhelming minds leading towards clarity during difficult periods within life’s journey is always our goal!

Variations of Yoga Offered

Bfree Yoga Austin offers a wide variety of yoga classes for students of all levels and abilities. Whether you are a beginner or advanced yogi, there is something for everyone. They offer both Vinyasa and Yin styles of yoga that focus on alignment, breath, and meditation. Specialized classes such as Restorative yoga, Beginner series classes, as well as classes focusing on diving deeper into philosophical studies of the practice are all available. One-on-one private instruction is also offered for those looking for individual coaching and adjustments to develop their practice with more ease. Other specialty classes include books clubs to further discuss the philosophies behind the practice and special guest teachers visiting the studio to share new techniques and knowledge in their fields. With upmost dedication to help each student deepen their connection within their selves and allow them to unlock the fullest potentials within themselves Bfree Yoga Austin will continue to evolve with its mission!

Variety of Membership Options

The Bfree Yoga Austin studio offers a variety of membership options to meet anyone’s individual needs. These options include single, five, ten and twenty classes, as well as monthly and yearly subscriptions. With the single class option, customers are able to purchase one class at a time for each session they attend and the pass expires within three months of purchase. The five class package enables customers to save money and enjoy five classes within three months of purchasing the pass. Similarly, the ten and twenty packages provide ten or twenty classes within six calendar months of purchase respectively. Finally, their monthly subscription can accommodate unlimited yoga sessions in any given month while their yearly subscription provides access to all classes held within one year from purchased date. All purchases are non-refundable and non-transferable so it is important that customers make sure that they intend to complete their chosen session prior to completing their transaction online or in-person.

Client Testimonials and Achievements

Bfree Yoga Austin has earned a stellar reputation in the area for providing high-quality classes and instructors. Many clients have seen remarkable results from taking classes here, from weight loss and increased flexibility to overall peace of mind. They boast a unique style of yoga that combines traditional yoga moves with HIIT-style exercises and mindfulness practices, allowing their clients to get the most out of each class while staying mindful of their bodies. Their team consists of highly qualified instructors who make sure every client is taken care of and give personalized guidance to ensure they are getting the most out of each movement. Clients have shared that this personal attention ensures effective results as well as acts as an aid for injury prevention, since even basic poses can become dangerous if done incorrectly. They frequently receive overwhelmingly positive reviews from clients, with more than one remarking on how Bfree Yoga Austin managed to help them discover a newfound self-love and sense of ease within their own body that had been previously unobtainable before beginning classes at the studio.

What Is The Yoga

On-site Cafeteria and Other Amenities

Bfree Yoga Austin is a premier yoga studio located in the heart of Austin, Texas. This state-of-the-art studio offers a variety of classes for all levels of yogis; from gentle, restorative classes to super-intense power yoga and hot yoga. The facility also offers an onsite cafeteria with healthy snacks such as salads, smoothies, acai bowls, and plant-based protein meals. Additionally, Bfree Yoga Austin provides several amenities including top-of-the-line showers and lockers for changing into comfortable workout gear. There are complimentary massage chairs available for use before or after class and free access to wifi throughout the building. Furthermore, this amazing studio provides opportunities for beginner practitioners to explore their practice in a welcoming environment while experienced yogis can challenge themselves with instructor led workshops using special props such as tensor bands and hand weights. With its excellent instructors and welcoming atmosphere, Bfree Yoga Austin is sure to provide an incredible experience to anyone who takes part in their enriching classes.

Instructors and Their Specialties

Bfree Yoga Austin is home to some of the best yoga instructors in Texas. The studio’s lineup of certified experts bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to every practice. Whether it’s Ashtanga, Restorative, Vinyasa or Yin – there’s something for everyone.

The flagship instructor and owner at Bfree Yoga Austin is Julie Johnson. A lifelong practitioner and teacher, Julie offers private classes specializing in Iyengar-style of alignment and breathing techniques. Her years of experience give her a unique teaching style that is both informative and engaging.

Helen Smith is another well-known instructor at Bfree Yoga Austin who specializes in postnatal yoga for mothers. She prides herself on helping new moms regain strength, posture, energy levels and emotional wellbeing through postnatal yoga practice. Helen has completed several specialty courses in prenatal health care that enable her to provide safe guidance throughout each class.

For those interested in exploring deeper realms of relaxation ” Thea Miller teaches therapeutic restorative yoga with a focus on sleep deprivation recovery techniques. Her soft guided meditations nourish the nervous system as students move through gentle asana variations designed to reawaken flexibility, emotion regulation, creativity, vitality and joy!

The impressive roster doesn’t stop there! Other excellent instructors teach more widely known forms of Vinyasa flow like Chris Bailey (who believes strongly in living life with passion!) or energetic HIIT classes with Jennie Sung (who emphasizes mindful conditioning). Well respected teachers like Sam Black promise an uplifting journey into spiritual awakening ” based off his teachings from Zen Buddhism masters ” while Kendall Orenstein help cultivate strength by birthing power away from any judgmental thoughts or outside expectations.

Catered Group Classes, Programs, and Events

Bfree Yoga Austin offers catered group classes, programs, and events designed to help people of all ages and abilities achieve physical and mental well-being. Their classes range from hot yoga, traditional yoga, prenatal yoga, restorative yoga, meditation, breath work and so much more. The instructors are certified in the yogic tradition and passion runs deep in each class providing an energizing but calming atmosphere for everyone that attends. Bfree Yoga Austin also offers private lessons for those who want a more personalized experience or would like to focus on particular postures that may be beneficial for their specific needs. Specialized programs are available to introduce yoga as a tool for self-transformation through physical awareness, conscious breathing exercises and relaxation techniques. Additional offerings include Corporate Wellness Yoga Programs for businesses who might wish to offer their employees complementary activities during the work day such as stress relief workshops or guided sound relaxation sessions. Their events are open to the public and provide a platform with topics from nutrition and transformative guidance to healing workshops as well as live music concerts. Bfree Yoga Austin’s mission is to provide quality yogic instruction and wellness services that nourish a positive life experience regardless of one’s level of ability or budget constraints.

Benefits and Advantages of Practicing at Bfree Yoga Austin

Bfree Yoga Austin is a great place to practice yoga. The studio offers a variety of classes, from hatha to vinyasa and restorative, so there is something for everyone regardless of their level or experience. Those who practice at Bfree Yoga Austin enjoy the communal atmosphere of the studio, which encourages connection among yogis and teachers. Not only does this foster an attitude of support and respect, but it also creates opportunities to ask questions and receive helpful advice when needed.

Detailed Yoga Sequences

In addition to creating a comfortable environment where individuals can learn, grow, and release stress, Bfree Yoga Austin offers many benefits and advantages to its students. Instructors lead each class with intention, helping students understand the practices involved in each movement while focusing on proper breathing techniques. The poses are tailored to the individual’s physical abilities and no two classes are ever alike. Bfree Yoga Austin also provides essential equipment such as yoga mats, blocks, straps and bolsters so participants can completely relax during their sessions with little worry for any missing accessories.

The studio encourages awareness beyond the physical realm by incorporating various forms of meditation such as guided imagery, affirmations and chanting into each practice session. Students at Bfree Yoga Austin have access to workshops that will assist them in developing different skills related certain areas such as relaxation techniques or healthy eating habits. Lastly, the staff provides personalized attention which helps attendees stay focused on the present moment while providing emotional safety – an important component of stretching your body’s limits through yoga practice..

Special Offers and Discounts

Bfree Yoga Austin offers a variety of special offers and discounts to help their customers save money while attending classes. Friends and family can enjoy discounted rates when they purchase multiple passes or monthly memberships. Bfree Yoga Austin also offer discounts for students, seniors, veterans, and even first responders. In addition to these deals, they also have a discount program called YOGAFREE which allows members to take free classes on specific days each month in exchange for spending time at the studio volunteering or helping with marketing projects. These discounts make it easier for more people to experience the joys of yoga at an affordable rate.

Photo or Video Gallery

Bfree Yoga Austin is the perfect place to practice, de-stress and stay mindful. Located right in the heart of bustling downtown Austin, our beautiful studio features natural light, spacious layouts, music systems and a full range of yoga props to really help you get the most out of your practice. We offer an all-inclusive range of classes by experienced instructors who have deep knowledge and passion for yoga. From hot power vinyasa to soothing restorative sessions and classical yoga styles, we’ve got something for everyone regardless of experience or skill level.

Our online photo and video gallery showcases snapshots from our studio and class offerings. Our images of yogis mid-asana capture their intensity as they focus on moving their bodies with breath work. We also have mesmerizing time-lapse footage from some of our hottest classes that show just how intense some workouts can get! These images highlight Bfree Yoga Austin’s vibrancy, movement and positive energy ” truly inspiring others to put down their phones and pick up a mat.


Yes, you should join Bfree Yoga Austin! If you’re looking for high-quality and affordable yoga classes in the Austin area, this is the perfect option. You get to choose from different classes, such as power vinyasa, basic flow yoga and restorative yin yoga. Each class is tailored to your individual needs, goals, and fitness level to ensure that you get the best workout possible. Besides taking part in classes, Bfree Yoga Austin also offers workshops and retreats that are designed to provide an even deeper understanding of what it means to practice yoga. They provide a safe environment for learning and growth both on and off the mat. With all these offerings, along with their great team of dedicated instructors, there’s plenty of reasons why joining them is worth it.

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