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Yoga is more than the typical poses and stretching. It encompasses a whole life approach towards health and wellness that encourages positive connections with your body, mind, and spirit. To get a better understanding of this holistic lifestyle, it helps to listen to podcasts coming from renowned professionals in the yoga community. Here are some of the best yoga lifestyle podcasts that feature modern insight on this ancient practice.

Yoga Talks: The Road to Health & Happiness The Yoga Talks podcast is as close as it gets when it comes to having an expert conversation about yoga philosophy and spirituality. Hosted by social worker, counselor, and certified yoga instructor, Gena Davis, Yoga Talks dives into topics such as how to have healthier relationships with oneself, nutrition for spiritual balance and inner peace management.

You may also listen to interviews from practitioners who share their insights while using integrative approaches like Eastern medicine, aromatherapy, Ayurveda and nutrition awareness/weight loss support.

The Yogafire Podcast The Yogafire Podcast focuses on developing mindful practices from within so you can access internal power. Hosted by international yoga teacher Letícia Silva-Kunitz – a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – each episode draws from Silva-Kunitz’s martial arts journey blended with her years of experience teaching yogic traditions in various settings such as clinics, detox centers and prisons to offer viewers a holistic lifestyle approach to living beyond physical boundaries.

Tune into discussions on navigating hardships through resilience building practices or inspiring stories shared by guests who opened up about their pain before healing.

On the Path Yoga Podcast Get guidance from experienced professionals in various fields of personal development through the On the Path Yoga Podcast hosted by Dharma Rajya Ananda Sattwa Gautama.

Learn ancient wisdom techniques that allow you view your current life through an enlightened lens while covering various subject matters ranging from intuitive eating habits to overcoming anxiety stages via meditative self-care rituals Each episode offers authentic advice coupled with powerful strategies for personal growth recommended by accomplished contributors at the top of their field such as authors Joshua Bloomfield or Tom Cronin among many other renowned figures featured within the yoga community.

Benefits of Listening to Yoga Lifestyle Podcasts

Yoga lifestyle podcasts are a great way to stay connected to the yoga community. Listening to exciting interviews and conversations with experienced yoga practitioners can help deepen your understanding of the practice. Not only can you learn about the various forms of yoga, but also gain insight into the lifestyle habits that accompany it. Additionally, discovering ways to apply yogic principles within your everyday life can give you a healthier outlook and provide greater balance throughout your day.

As you listen to inspiring stories from others who’ve practiced for many years, or motivational talks with experts who have dedicated their lives to spreading this ancient spiritual wisdom, you’ll inevitably come away with a newfound sense of purpose and clarity in your own life.

From discussing ways on how to stay motivated during your practice or overcoming challenges with positive thinking, podcasts are not only educational but also uplifting; enabling you to carry on through rough patches in life more easily and living more mindful moments each day.

Finally, there are plenty of practical tips divulged in these broadcasts that you can apply as part of your daily routine. Many include helpful advice on how to incorporate healthy eating habits into one’s diet while others focus on honing self-care strategies like taking regular breaks throughout the day for better mental wellbeing or utilising alternative modes of exercise like Pilates for increased flexibility and range of motion.

With so much surrounding us in our hectic lives, it is important to be reminded every once in a while to be mindful of our actions and connection between body and mind via relaxing techniques; something podcasts like this offer with ease.

Tips on Finding the Best Podcasts for You

Staying connected with the yogic lifestyle involves more than practicing pranayama and asanas. When it comes to gathering advice and learning more about your practice, podcasts are a great resource. As a yogi, having the right guidance can help streamline your spiritual growth process. To help get you started, here are some tips for finding the best yoga lifestyle podcasts for yourself:

Choose Ones That Match Your Goals

When deciding which podcast to commit to, make sure to pick ones that match up with the goals you want to accomplish in your practice. Whether it’s gaining an overall understanding of the yogic lifestyle or focusing on a particular area such as mental health benefits or yogic philosophy, find podcasts that will speak directly to whatever you hope to learn.

Consider What You Want to Get Out Of Each Podcast

Another element of choosing an enjoyable podcast is considering what practical elements you want out of each one according to your needs or interests. If you want educational details about different limbs of yoga, be sure that the podcast covers such topics in depth.

If physical benefits are more important for you at this time, try looking for shows that have guest fitness experts accompanied by interviews with practitioners discussing their own experiences so that you learn from both sides of the conversation.

Do Your Research

After taking into account your goals and expectations from each podcast, make sure do thorough research before making any commitments so that the content matches what YOU need specifically from a wellness point of view. Look into reviews written by prior listeners as well as checking out past episodes online if possible too before making any decisions on whether a podcast might be right for you.

Three Must-Listen Best Yoga Lifestyle Podcasts

Yoga can have a huge impact on daily life. From increased physical strength and flexibility, to greater mental clarity and improved well-being – the potential benefits of yoga are expansive. With so many props to reap, it’s no surprise that podcasts related to yoga have become increasingly popular. Here are three highly rated podcast series about yoga lifestyles that shouldn’t be missed:

Namas Day Podcast. Hosted by founder Ashley Heffernon, the Namas Day Podcast is an excellent resource for those looking to pursue a vibrant, positive yoga lifestyle. Each episode focuses on current topics related to the practice of yoga, offering perspectives from renowned instructors and thoughtful responses from guests who have achieved success through their practice of this ancient spiritual development system.

Yoga And Lifestyle For Women Tribeca

The purpose of each episode is to offer inspiring stories while discussing practical practices designed to help yogis move closer towards living out their destiny. Through thoughtful conversation and gentle guidance, Ashley encourages listeners to deepen their understanding of both the physical and philosophical aspects of yoga in order to make meaningful shifts in every area of life.

The Positively Authentic Life Show. Hosted by Rachele Talento, The Positively Authentic Life Show is an online radio program designed to explore what it means to live an authentic life through various practices such as meditation, mindfulness and yoga. Exploring personal growth and connection with one’s self-and others-are just some of the topics discussed throughout the series.

In addition, viewers are granted deep insight into lifestyle changes that may be necessary for optimal emotional health and overall wellbeing. Each episode offers valuable tips on how to use these principles in everyday life for improved balance and harmony with oneself and others around them.

Yogi Appetite with Tara Stiles & Friends. This podcast hosted by top fitness instructor Tara Stiles is all about connecting your body and mind through mindful movement within your own home or studio at your convenience-no matter our schedule or financial situation. Get creative ideas on creating healthy meals that nourish both your body & soul from renown chefs & nutritionists alike – all while maintaining balance & ease within mind & body.

Plus, enjoy practical tips which clarify complex philosophies drawn from 2 millennia worth of wisdom in this fast-paced world we live in now. These conversations also delve into interesting workspaces where yogis can sell content or find work as instructors or more specialty professionals like Ayurveda practitioners after a consultation with mentors who explore a wide range of topics covering all facets of wellness & well being.

Podcast #1

The Dharma of Yoga is a great podcast for those looking to gain insight into the core of their yoga practice. Hosted by Shanti Lei, this podcast explores how yogic philosophy can be applied to everyday life, offering guests practical tools for personal growth and development. Each episode is filled with anecdotes and advice from entrepreneurs, yogis, scientists, and healers as they discuss various aspects of yoga in relation to lifestyle.

Topics range from the importance of getting enough sleep and managing stress to dealing with issues such as commitment and decision-making. The Dharma of Yoga empowers its listeners to own their life story and live authentically in accordance with yogic values.

Podcast #2: ____ Yoga Talks is a monthly podcast providing valuable information about yoga topics relating to wellness. With each episode delving into a new topic intended to help listeners enhance their mind, body, and soul connection, host Desirée Pais guides you through empowering stories on mindfulness meditation, self-care techniques, gentle movement exercises (including restorative postures), finding gratitude within our lives, exploring yoga philosophy, nutrition guidance for balancing energy levels – just to name a few.

Beyond the physical benefits associated with practicing yoga, Yoga Talks aims at helping people reconnect with themselves psychologically by implementing healthy practices into their every day lives.

Podcast #3: ____ Raw Yogi Unscripted is another must-listen podcast if you’re looking for insightful conversations on how life can be enriched through yoga practices.

Going beyond traditional academics or dogma associated with many other podcasts in this genre, host Mary Jane Kasliner interviews inspiring individuals who have created meaningful lives inspired by living aligned with true selves-guests like influential teachers Jai Sugrim and Shannon Paige – while discussing worldviews that center around mindful intentionality rather than rules or regulations set forth by any organized religion or institution.

Raw Yogi Unscripted offers an entertaining yet cerebral approach into the inner workings of living a more enlightened lifestyle guided by the beauty of nature.

Podcast #2

The second podcast in this list is the Consciousness Explorers Club by the Samyama Foundation. This podcast focuses on personal exploration through yoga and meditation, allowing listeners to find their own path of inner guidance and awakening.

The podcast covers a wide range of topics, such as self-exploration, relationships, guided meditation, creative expression, yoga, self-discovery tools and much more. The podcast has featured many noted practitioners from the spiritual world as well as leading experts on health and wellness.

Each episode provides listeners with detailed insight into different aspects of self-improvement that can help one find balance in all areas of life. With its relaxed yet informative tone, it’s easy to get to know about the benefits and advantages of leading a mindful lifestyle through the stories shared in this inspiring podcast.

Unique Perspectives

This inspiring podcast is unique for its feature of depth interviews with leading experts like Michael Pollan and Gay Hendricks providing essential insight into various aspects such as how to stay conscious while at work or how sleep plays a critical role in good mental health. Furthermore, some episodes delve deeper into topics such as law of attraction or synchronicity that allow us to connect everything around us together even when they don’t seem grouped up initially.

One example would be answering why your boss gives you hard time but someone else might seem too good for the same job position.

Involving Solutions

Apart from inspiring interviews from special guests, Consciousness Explorers Club also features digging deep into solutions and process processes which can accompany yogic practices for living an awakened life where one can experience joy each day despite traffic jams or other heated moments of everyday struggles. Through his podcasts episodes like connection with inner wisdom or understanding food cravings for nourishing body better can teach valuable lessons about living healthier lives overall while being deeply rooted into our hearts.

Wide Variety

In addition to interviews by notable figures in personal exploration field there is also vast array of usual mundane but still exciting discussions between other heart centered people about their journeys towards finding deep happiness within themselves and around them that can come just from getting enough rest at nights or what career paths are ideal for staying true to oneself etc.

So if you are looking to listen an enlightening conversation that will encourahe you go continuing your journey back home – Consciousness Explorers Club is your destination.

Yoga And Lifestyle Class 12

Podcast #3

Finding and Creating your Perfect Yoga Lifestyle is a new podcast hosted by yoga and fitness instructor, Jaimie Chung. In each episode, she shares her personal journey as a yoga practitioner and teaches listeners helpful tips to cultivate their own mindful practice. The content ranges from do-it-yourself meditations, creative visualization techniques to using inspirational mantras and music to motivate people to keep living their life the way they want.

During interviews with prominent personalities in the field of spirituality such as mindfulness experts, meditation teachers and even athletes – Chung digs deep into those meaningful conversations that share ideas on how people can be better versions of themselves.

One consistent theme Chung sticks with is creating a lifestyle centered around maintaining a healthy balance of mind, body and spirit. Listeners are sure to walk away with these valuable tips for loving yourself and caring about well-being:

  • Building good habits: Developing small habits every day such as going for a walk or stretching each morning can help form larger rituals over time that set up an effective routine.
  • Accepting imperfections: Letting go of unrealistic expectations can help you become more compassionate with yourself when it comes to accomplishing your goals.
  • Making time for self-care: Taking breaks during work or dedicating Sundays as off days are sure-fire ways one can best enjoy their leisurely activities without interruption.
  • Releasing fear: Reappraising certain thoughts that cause anxiety allows you to create an easier path towards overcoming mental roadblocks.
  • Spending time outside: Communing with nature is key in achieving mental clarity since it has been proven to reduce stress levels significantly.

Yoga Lifestyle Podcasts for Different Interests

Yoga lifestyle podcasts are a great way to stay informed and inspired in the yoga community. They provide valuable information about topics from yoga instruction to mindfulness and health. With so many podcasts out there, it can be hard to choose which ones are the best for your particular interests. Here are some of our favorites:

  • The Yoga Lifestyle Show: Featuring interviews with athletes, teachers, yogis, and authors from around the world, this yoga lifestyle podcast provides unique insight into the practice of yoga. Guests discuss their perspectives on how to live a mindful life and explore topics such as health, wellbeing, personal growth, happiness, meditation and more.
  • Yoga for All: Yoga Warriors: This award-winning podcast focuses on making yoga accessible to all. Hosts Richard Freeman and Mary Dana Abbott interview military veterans who have used yoga to help them cope with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in addition offering practical advice for veterans dealing with PTSD.
  • Yoga Basics: If you’re looking for an easy way to learn more about the basics of modern yoga practice then this podcast is perfect for you. Hosted by Tracy Townsendeau Dombrowski each episode dives into real-life conversations about different aspects of traditional Buddhist teachings like grounding your energy or understanding ethics.’

Another popular yoga lifestyle podcast worth checking out is Sermons from the Mat, hosted my Matt Kahn. Each episode offers an exploration of radical self-love through spoken dialogue and healing music. With an ever-expanding collection of teachings Matt provides listeners with useful tools that support spiritual growth as well as emotional healing.

If you prefer a more conversational approach when learning more about yoga lifestyle then Yoga Talk Show, hosted by Miki Ash is definitely worth considering. The show features interviews with various teachers discussing different types of practices as well as conversations between practitioners sharing stories related to conscious living experiences.

Finally Good Vibes Good Life Podcast, hosted by Carla Grande is another excellent resource for anyone looking specifically for guidance related to manifesting our most harmonious lives through yoga practices. Here she talks with experts in personal growth and focuses mostly on helping us become aware of our inner thoughts so that we can make changes in our lives that eventually lead us towards success.


Yoga can be a great addition to any lifestyle, providing calming moments of respite from the busy and stressful day to day activities. But if you’re looking to take your yoga experience further, there are plenty of engaging podcasts that can open up new horizons for yogis at all levels of expertise. From discussions about mindful movement to interviews with some of the top practitioners in the field, these podcasts allow for an enriching journey of insight.

To get started, check out Yama Hour hosted by Marla Meenakshi Joy. This podcast is great for expanding knowledge into the various topics of Yoga including meditation, breathing techniques, philosophy, asana practice and much more. Each interview dives deep into different areas of expertise and provides an extensive outlook on how to maximize one’s experience with their practice. As well as a wealth of information, the host also offers her own light-hearted anecdotes which bring each topic alive.

The Mindful Movement Podcast hosted by Clair Marsh is another excellent choice that delves into various topics related to yoga, mindfulness and life philosophy. Through intimate conversations with leading figures in the yoga industry, Clair provides valuable insights into essential aspects such as time management and yoga philosophy while offering small tidbits on meditation and spiritual healing as well. With its casual yet informative tone this podcast has something interesting waiting around every corner.

Similarly Don’t Stress It with Kate Guerra is packed full of useful resources on how to effectively manage stress through natural methods like breathwork and mindfulness. Aimed at helping listeners build resilience while pursing their goals in everyday life, show explores nutrition practices, emotional intelligence habits as well as long term perspective changes so that you can keep going even when it gets tough.

These amazing podcasts provide a great way for anyone wishing to delve deeper into a yoga lifestyle curve new heights within their practice. Whether you’re just getting started or already have years worth of experience under your belt; these podcasts offer plenty to gain for yogis everywhere.

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