Best Yoga Leggings 2021


Yoga leggings are a specialized type of clothing specifically designed to provide the necessary comfort and flexibility required while doing yoga or other stretching exercises. The right pair of leggings helps in providing the correct posture and alignment of your body throughout a yoga session, thus helping you get maximum benefit from it. Moreover, these leggings also help to keep you cool and comfortable, and provide ample support for your joints and muscles. Thus, wearing the best-suited pair of yoga leggings is essential for an optimal yoga experience. The 2021 collection offers an impressive range of styles and designs available in different materials which are lightweight yet supportive and ultra-comfortable. With these stylish options, you can make an activewear statement that complements your practice, whether it be low impact or high intensity.

Key Features to Look for When Buying Yoga Leggings

When buying yoga leggings, the most important thing to look for is fabric quality and comfort. Look for leggings that provide the best breathability and moisture-wicking abilities. Leggings made of polyester or spandex blends are usually a great choice as they are comfortable and lightweight. Additionally, it’s crucial to ensure any yoga leggings you buy feature a high waistband to ensure they remain in place throughout your practice. Make sure that the waistband allows you to make necessary modifications if needed, such as tightening or loosening while stretching or moving. Waistbands should fit comfortably without pinching or digging into the skin. If looking for tummy-supporting leggings, search for those with a thicker waistband that provides extra support during your practice. Consider purchasing tights with an inner pocket for convenient storage of items like credit cards, keys, and cell phones. This will prevent having to hold them during poses as this could cause distractions from your practice. It’s also beneficial to make sure that the leg openings of your legging fit snugly on your body without being too tight yet not too loose either so that the fabric does not obstruct movement in any way. Lastly, try on all types of styles before settling on yoga legging so you find one that looks best on you and suit all your requirements!

Our Best Picks for the Top Yoga Leggings of 2021

When it comes to yoga, finding the right leggings is absolutely essential. Not only do you need a pair of bottoms that move with your body but also something comfortable and flattering. With so many options on the market, it can be hard to narrow down which ones are best. That’s why we have created this list of the top yoga leggings in 2021.

Whether you’re after lightweight or compression styles, or the latest trends like snake print, we have rounded up our favorites from all different brands from across the web. Each pair of leggings has been chosen for its unique features and design, so you can look good whether you’re nailing a studio class or just stretching out at home.

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Our list includes popular options from superstars like Lululemon, along with eco-friendly alternatives made from recycled materials such as Girlfriend Collective and Fe Noel. Other highlights include vegan leather versions from Varley and minimal monochrome looks from ŌR Somme Studios. With prices ranging from a budget buy to splurge-worthy style statements – no matter what kind of yogi you might be – there is sure to be a pair of leggings perfect for your practice.

Best for Squatting and High Impact Workouts

The Prime Leggings Powerflex Compression Pants are an amazing choice for any active yogi looking to take their practice to the next level. These leggings have superior moisture-wicking fabric, designed to keep you cool while you move your way through sequences and challenging postures. The wide waistband ensures a secure and comfortable fit during even the toughest of exercises, while the four-way stretch fabric allows for maximum freedom of movement throughout every bend and twist. Additionally, these compression pants also boast reinforced seams and quick-drying qualities that make them perfect for squatting and high impact workouts. So no matter how hard you’re working in your practice, these leggings will rise to the challenge with you! Lastly, they come in a range of fun prints and bold colors to add some style to your yoga sessions.

Best for Versatility and Everyday Use

The Baleaf High Waisted Yoga Leggings are a great choice for those looking for an all-around legging that can be worn easily throughout the day. They feature a high waist that is designed to provide abdominal support and lift while still allowing complete mobility during workouts. The thick fabric is made of 87% polyester and 13% spandex, ensuring breathability but also making them hold up well even after many washes and stretches. The design also features elastic drawstrings on the ankles, helping ensure you get a snug fit each time you slip these leggings on. Additionally, these best yoga leggings come in sizes from XS – 4XL , so most people should be able to find their perfect size quickly and easily. Finally, these leggings come in 35 different colors and prints, enabling you to find the one that best fits your personal style or color palette.

Best for Any Weather

The 90 Degree By Reflex-High Waist Squat Proof Leggings are the perfect yoga leggings for any weather condition you may find yourself in. These comfortable and flexible leggings are designed to move with you, no matter what level of activity your practice calls for. The high waist design helps provide extra support for your back and core, keeping everything in place and preventing uncomfortable bunching or slipping during your practice. The four-way stretch material is lightweight and breathable and allows you maximum range of motion without sacrificing comfort. Plus, these stylish leggings come in an array of classic colors and fun designs, so you’re sure to find the perfect pair to match your unique style.

Best for Comfort and Style

The SB SOX Yoga Leggings have been receiving rave reviews from yogis for their comfort and style. They are made from high-quality, stretchy fabric that is breathable and lightweight to ensure complete freedom of movement and the enhanced durability ensures they will last a long time. The leggings feature a high waistband that offers excellent coverage and abdominal support, as well as anti-slip straps that allow you to adjust the fit to your needs. For added convenience, they also come with two side pockets where you can store your essentials while engaging in any kind of exercise. With plenty of color and design options available, these leggings offer plenty of choices to suit any preference, making them ideal for all types of yoga practices. Their combination of comfort, support, breathability and style make them an excellent choice among the best yoga leggings 2021 has to offer.

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Best for On-The-Go and Road Trips

The prAna Women’s Solstice Leggings are the perfect companion for any yogi on the go. These super lightweight leggings are designed with ultra-comfortable 4-way stretch fabric that gives you range of motion and breathability no matter which yoga pose you choose. Plus, they feature a gusset detail that allows space for movement and helps to reduce chaffing. Whether you’re on a road trip or simply popping into your favorite studio, these leggings will keep up with every twist and turn. They also have a slim fit that won’t bulk up under fitted tops or tops with lots of layers, so you can feel confident and look fashionable when doing yoga in public. With colors ranging from bold to neutral hues, these pants are sure to be an instant wardrobe favorite ” regardless of how long your journey is!


Finding the right yoga leggings can be difficult. There is a lot of factors to consider when selecting what type of leggings works best for you. High-waisted and compressive leggings offer tummy control, support, and coverage during poses. Breathable fabrics such as luon from lululemon, Nulu from Athleta, or Supplex from Manduka are great for practices as they keep you cool and comfortable during classes. If you’re looking for more fashion-oriented leggings that might not provide much in terms of support but look amazing with cropped tops and high-rise sneakers , skinny fit leggings such as those by Alo Yoga may be the perfect choice for you. Finally, petite yogis should opt for petite length 7/8 length pants to ensure that their pants do not bunch up while they practice. Regardless of what kind of yoga leggings you choose to go with, always make sure they make your body feel good and provide movement without hindrance through every pose.

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