Best Yoga Dvd For Beginners 2016

The best yoga DVD for beginners in 2016 is Yoga For Beginners and Beyond from Rodney Yee and Patricia Walden. People are becoming more health conscious, particularly with the need to combat the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle. Participating in an exercise program has become a necessity for many individuals, as it provides numerous physical and mental health benefits. In particular, yoga has gained traction in recent times due to its gentle yet thorough approach to exercise.

It helps people reap rewards such as increased flexibility, improved posture, better breathing pattern, and even stress and pain reduction. Significant evidence also suggests it may reduce cardiovascular risk factors. The Yoga For Beginners and Beyond DVD is perfect for novice yogis who want to experience all the advantages that this practice has to offer.

Going Through Content: Exercises Tailored To Your Level

This step-by-step instructional yoga video was created by renowned yoga instructors Rodney Yee and Patricia Walden who have over four decades worth of combined experience on teaching this ancient art form. Featuring sequences tailored according to your expertise level, it can be practiced anywhere a mat, comfortable clothes, and some water.

Start out with an introduction lesson that covers breathing techniques followed by progressively harder postures all the way up to advanced poses that will test the levels of even experienced practitioners. You’re free to move at your own pace according to personal preference or switch between levels anytime you like depending on how far away you are from your objectives for any session you undertake.

Outcome: Achieving Long Term Positive Results

Whether you’re hoping to calm down before bedtime or increase your strength for sports activities, this video offers something for every aspiring athlete regardless of their current level of proficiency in yoga training or any other physical activity. There are also easy tips available throughout the course that help enhance your knowledge further whenever you feel like edifying yourself while performing individual exercises or groups of related ones within a given session – the only limit is your motivation.

With plenty of positive results provided by completing these challenges on a regular basis; improved concentration, enhanced joint mobility as much as staying healthy without risking injury – all these objectives are easily achievable following The Yoga For Beginners and Beyond DVD path towards being fitter than ever before.

Identifying Your Goals for Doing Yoga and Choosing the Right Type

If you are new to yoga and want to take advantage of the many benefits it offers, then it is important that you select the best yoga dvd for beginners in 2016. Before choosing a dvd, it is necessary to identify your goals and objectives. You must ask yourself why you are doing yoga and what level and style of yoga works best for you.

For example, if you are looking for increased flexibility and stress relief, then a gentle Hatha or yin style class is recommended for beginning yogis. These classes emphasize slow movements, holding poses for several minutes at a time, and breathing exercises. Alternatively, if your goal is physical fitness then flowing Ashtanga or vinyasa classes may be more appropriate.

It is important to take into consideration the level of challenge presented by the practice as well. When selecting a dvd, look out for cueing instructions that provide modifications to poses that accommodate both beginner and advanced levels of practice.

Such instructions should include props such as blocks or straps to work with body alignment in various poses as well as using breath awareness and exploring varying ranges of movement in an isolated pose over multiple sets instead of holding each position once only before moving on to another part of the sequence.

The length of class duration should also be taken into account when selecting a yoga dvd. Whether you prefer longer sessions stretching one hour or shorter practices – thirty minutes being ideal – this will help determine which dvds are most suitable for your lifestyle needs–both personal timing considerations as well as which type of workout fits best with your mental attitude about exercise time frames.

It’s helpful that some DVDs come in packages containing multiple videos ranging from five-minute meditations all the way up to sixty minute sessions allowing users a great deal of choice between intensity levels based on their current skill level or desired outcome from their session.

Understanding the Elements of a Great Yoga DVD

The best Yoga DVD for beginners 2016 had to include several essential elements. First, the production quality should have been excellent; low resolution images and fuzzy sound detract from an otherwise great program. Second, the presentation of the poses and sequences should have been clear with minimal confusion between steps and adequate time to transition between poses. Finally, an effective Yoga DVD should have provided core information on beginning Yoga principles such as body positions, poses, breath work and meditation.

An important part of the best Yoga DVD for beginners was the ease of use. Many newcomers to yoga are intimidated by its complexity or lack familiarity with different poses and inversions; a user-friendly format is often key for introducing new students to yoga.

Ease of navigation helps keep distracted minds on task allowing users to focus on following along without worrying about selecting complex menus or scrolling through unfamiliar instructions. Additionally, being able to quickly manage which segments or features may be helpful when coming back from a session.

The aforementioned qualities are not only important for learning how to do yoga correctly, but finding ways to keep motivated – which can make all the difference throughout one’s practice. The best DVD for beginners indeed offered personalized support tools , including motivational reminders that help overcome excuses like fatigue or lack of trust in oneself.

In addition , bonus diet messages can also provide help by ensuring continued benefits are had while switching up routines or simply providing new insights into mindful eating habits beyond one’s yoga practice.

Last but certainly not least , detailed instructional videos promoting healthy lifestyle choices made it easier for individuals to begin making valuable changes within their lives in order feel healthier and live a more fulfilling life. Ultimately , those who use a combination of these components find themselves better engaged in their own fitness journey with positive results.

Comparing the Top 5 Yoga DVDs for Beginners in 2016

Beginning a yoga practice can feel intimidating, but getting started has never been easier in the digital age with an array of yoga video content available. With so many options available, choosing the best yoga DVD for beginners can be overwhelming. That’s why we want to save you time by helping you compare the top five Yoga DVDs aimed at beginners released in 2016 so you can decide which is right for you.

Am Yoga For Beginners

The first option to consider is Yoga with Adriene – Foundations of Yoga, which is a comprehensive series focusing on developing strength through fundamental poses and building a strong foundation. There are six 20-minute class practices included, as well as access to extra guided releases from her expansive library of content. It boasts instruction from international yoga teacher and blog queen Adriene Mishler, who is widely known for having an accessible approach perfect for students of all levels.

This DVD offers adaptation suggestions and modification options for those who are new to their mat or have special physical considerations due to injury or chronic illness. Overall, it’s perfect for the beginer looking for something straightforward.

The second option is Rodney Yee’s Power Yoga Collection: Uniting Ancient History with Modern Practice. Rodney Yee was one of the most influential people in modernizing yoga when it came to the United States in the 80’s and this brand new collection demonstrates precisely why.

An iconic figure in the world of modern yoga, he has designed four progressive instructional sessions featuring his own fusion style approach that draws on both traditional and non-traditional elements of yoga practice such as Ashtanga/Vinyasa flow styles as well as more static postures emphasizing alignment based movement philosophy originating from Iyengar style teachings.

Aimed specifically at individuals looking to build strength without moving too quickly into advanced poses or movements, this selection allows practitioners to make gradual progress over time while becoming mindful and conscientious about each pose they attempt in their journey towards mastery.

Finally there’s 5 Day Fit Kripalu: Yogini with Alison West that offers gentle movements meant to unite your body mind and spirit into balance no matter what level pupil you may be starting at upon beginning your practice This combination of integrated methods allows individuals to slowly advance through introductory poses while learning how to simultaneously connect breath with movements throughout their sessions leading them towards a stronger sense self understanding over time.

Each 30-minute daily routine begins with a centering meditation session grounding even novice practitioners into a solid state focused positive intention ultimately leaving them feeling energized refreshed emotionally stable and peacefully balanced within themselves after every session completed according Patricia Walden co author of The Woman’s Book Of Yoga And Health.

Ultimately any one these five DVDs will offer newcomers an inviting introduction into basic foundations of yogic thought process looking initially towards well choreographed classes gradually leading their users down paths greater self discovery enlightenment contemplation inner peace exploration.

Preview of Each Yoga DVD

Cycling Hot Yoga: There are several yoga DVDs available on the market, but Cycling Hot Yoga stands out as one of the best options for those who are just beginning their practice. This workout DVD focuses on balancing postures and strengthening the core while building up heat in the body.

Each session includes multiple sets of standing postures, standing balances, seated poses, and floor stretches that provide an intense yet safe practice for anyone who is starting to explore the world of yoga. With guidance from an experienced instructor, this DVD provides both a physical and mental challenge that will leave you feeling energized and relaxed after each session.

Calming Minds Yoga: If you’re looking for an introduction to a gentle yoga practice, then Calming Minds Yoga is the perfect fit. In this series, soothing music sets the tone for a calming personal practice designed to help reduce stress and promote inner peace. The slow-paced poses focus on proper alignment which helps improve posture as well as breathing efficiency during your practice.

Along with being incredibly relaxing and calming, each pose in this sequence builds balance between mind, body, and soul. Suitable for those seeking rehabilitation or de-stressing from everyday life; this is an ideal DVD choice if you’re just starting out with your yoga journey.

Strong & Steady VinyasaflowA completely different take on traditional yoga practices is found in this Strong & Steady Vinyasa Flow DVD series by renowned teacher Kathryn Budig. From sun salutations to challenging arm balances – every movement works to strengthen your muscles while also stretching them out safely and effectively. With detailed instruction through an easy-to-follow format, Kathryn demonstrates how to flow smoothly between postures while still being mindful of your breath work throughout the entire sequence.

Not only does it serve as a great introduction to vinyasa style yoga but it can also help seasoned yogis deepen their own practice with new challenges every session. As such – it might just be 2016’s greatest pick among beginner level yoga DVDs.

Pros and Cons of Each Yoga DVD

Yoga DVDs are a great option to practice yoga from the comfort of your home, but there are many different DVDs available that can be overwhelming for beginners. Therefore, it’s important to find the best yoga DVD for beginners so they can learn poses and get the most out of their practice. In 2016, particularly good Yoga DVDs included “CorePower Yoga 2”, “Elements of Yoga: Beginner’s Collection” and “Yoga Zone Level 1 Beginner’s Program”.

The CorePower Yoga 2 program is designed with a focus on flow, providing users with challenging yet accessible postures at a moderate level of intensity that connects body awareness while building stamina and strength. The program includes five different workouts in thirty-minute increments of intense sculpting and cardio intervals to target every area of the body.

Pros include plenty of instruction for students who have never practiced before as well as different options for length and focus each day. The downside is that this program is not suitable for absolute beginners; someone should be familiar with poses in order to gain the most benefit.

The Elements of Yoga DVD by Patricia Walden was created especially for beginners and those just starting their practice. It has seven separate twenty minute lessons focusing on breathing techniques as well as poses tailored to individuals who lack flexibility or lack in strength training.

Each lesson builds upon one another culminating in an all body journey from head to toe including poses like triangle pose, warrior I, half moon pose and cobra pose among many others. Pros include easy-to-follow instructions which makes it perfect for novice students but may be considered dull for experienced practitioners looking for more advanced options or increased intensity workouts.

The Yoga Zone level 1 beginners program led by Alan Finger focuses less on cardiovascular exercise than Corepower yoga but includes more instructional detail throughout the entire program making it a great resource for brand new students struggling to get it right from the start.

Poses include several standing postures such as sun salutations along with other basic backbends, forward bends and twists like mountain pose seated twist or Supported Fish Pose while walking viewers through proper alignment details to prevent injury when performing postures incorrectly.

Pros include very clear direction which may entice some however there isn’t much challenge either physically or mentally due which can be seen as both a pro or con depending on what you’re looking for in your practice.

Final Recommendations

Yoga is an ancient practice that has seen exponential growth in recent years. Those who practice yoga experience a host of physical and mental benefits, including improved strength and flexibility, lower stress levels, and enhanced concentration. With so many available options, it can be difficult to know which video best suits your needs as a beginner. Fortunately, this guide covers the top five best yoga DVDs for beginners of 2016.

Yoga For Beginners Chelmsford

The first entry on our list is Rodney Yee’s Yoga For Beginners. This set features two complete workouts with Rodney Yee as your instructor. Together these will provide you with a comprehensive overview of yoga basics and postures to get you started on your journey – without having too intimidate even the novice yogi. Plus, each workout offers optional breathing exercises to help you relax and increase your awareness each time you practice.

The next entry on our list is Jillian Michaels: No More Trouble Zones Yoga Meltdown. This video provides one intense thirty minute workout designed to target problem areas of your body while also providing a challenging cardio workout. Each move is accompanied by instructional guidance from coach Jillian Michaels, giving you all the motivation necessary to see results fast. The short length make this DVD perfect for busy schedules or those just starting out in their yoga practices.

The third DVD on our list is Shiva Rea’s Fluid Power Vinyasa Flow Yoga for Beginners + Beyond. It features four complete classes ranging from 45 minutes up to 90 minutes – perfect for any level of expertise.

Each class includes unique sequences blending power yoga and vinyasas within seamless transitions making this DVD great for practitioners of all backgrounds looking to switch their regular routine up into something new. Additionally, Shiva Rea provides informative cues and adjustments that help deepen understanding along the way so viewers get the most out of their practices upon completion.

Finally we have Iyengar: Beginner’s Yoga Course featuring 8 step-by-step instruction routines around twenty-five different poses taught by certified teachers Joyce Morgan and David Keil, beginners will learn how to properly adjust their bodies during various poses while also finding clarity regarding alignment points – all broken down into easily accessible pieces written by Iyengar himself.

Numerous props explainer illustrations are included not just help viewers understand how each pose should look but also how they can further modify them according to personal needs.

Plus additional chapters such as meditative tips and Ayurvedic massage techniques make this DVD particularly user friendly – something any beginner should definitely invest in if they want to avoid bad habits or incorrect form later down the line when done wrong could lead severe injuries in extreme cases.


One of the most common questions about best yoga DVD for beginners in 2016 is how much of a difference it will make to their practice. It’s true that having a visual aid can help to ensure posture and form are correct, but many seasoned yogis may argue that no DVD can replace the experience of being in the presence of a dedicated teacher who can observe and provide personalized guidance.

However, having access to a good quality video resource means that even if you don’t have access to a studio class or for those limited by physical ability or other circumstances, you’re still able to learn and progress with your practice.

The range of different DVDs available on the market means there’s something suitable for everyone; from casual practitioners navigating their first steps into yoga through to experienced yogis eager to hone their techniques. When choosing an appropriate DVD, consider what type of practice best suits your individual needs. There are relaxing Hatha classes teaching basic postures perfect for beginners and more intense Vinyasa Flow classes designed to target balance, focus and strength.

A great benefit of DVDs is that they enable students to practice in the comfort of their own home at any time; allowing them to go at their own pace without feeling rushed or anxious about keeping up with others. This allows newbies to learn skills such as breathing exercises more diligently without worrying about feeling self-conscious in busy studios.

The slow flow pace provides ample opportunities for relaxation between postures, giving plenty of chance for contemplation and discussion on key elements within each session – important when looking to deepen your understanding of each exercise – all at just the press of a button.

At the end of the day, whether using DVDs as part of an existing yoga program or as a stand-alone resource entirely; finding an appropriate sequence from an accredited professional that works best with individual needs will result in accelerated progress, helping one unlock potential benefits such as increased flexibility, improved posture and reduced stress levels with ease.


For any beginner looking to get into yoga, the best choice for a starting point is the 2016 edition of Yoga for Beginners. It is an easy and effective program that uses a step by step approach to teach users the basics of yoga.

With instruction from experienced teachers and helpful visuals, it is an excellent resource designed specifically for those just getting their feet wet in the practice. Even if taking actual class lessons isn’t viable due to time or financial restrictions, this video series can provide an alternative way to learn and make progress in yoga.

In addition to providing instruction on poses, breathing exercises, and meditation, this series also explains some important concepts in hatha yoga such as anatomy, philosophy, mantra chanting, pranayama and chakras. This allows new practitioners to develop a deeper understanding of this ancient tradition outside of just physical exercise. As users become more comfortable with the material presented here they can then look into attending group classes or furthering their studies for advanced instruction.

This DVD is well produced throughout and includes two different voices providing instructions which gives it more variety and helps viewers absorb the material better. It also comes with two bonus DVDs featuring very knowledgeable instructors complete with multiple language options which makes it easier to understand in different languages too.

With bonus content that provides additional guidance on nutrition, diet and other lifestyle-related topics; this program offers a comprehensive introduction to all those interested in learning about the ancient practice of yoga without having to invest large amounts of money or energy into other options like instructor led classes or expensive retreats.

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