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The story behind Behappy Yoga is one of transformation. It began with a journey from darkness to light, from struggling to find true inner peace and connection to the divine within, to finding it through the practice of yoga. This yoga practice, founded by Alice Wamanga, focuses on emphasizing holistic wellness through knowledge-based self-care practices that emphasize mindfulness and community. With an aim of creating a space where people can focus on their spiritual growth and healing journey, Behappy Yoga works to turn struggles into transformation by helping individuals learn how to tap into their true wisdom within. Through utilizing various calming breathing techniques, asana poses and deep relaxation methods – such as meditation – practitioners can find inner peace inviting deep healing into their lives. Furthermore, when people engage in a practice like yoga they are encouraged to listen more deeply so that they can access their intuition which in turn contributes them reconnecting with the world with more love. Lastly, there is great emphasis placed on the cultivation of meaningful connections with the community which allows for sense of solidarity among practitioners and promote positive change for collective wellbeing.

Benefits of Practicing Behappy Yoga

Physical Benefits: Practicing Behappy Yoga can help improve your strength, flexibility and balance. It has been shown to improve posture, reduce stress and fatigue, lower cholesterol levels, increase circulation, and decrease the risk of injury from physical activities. It can also aid in weight loss due to the higher intensity of some poses.

Mental Benefits: Practicing Behappy Yoga can help ease emotional difficulties such as anxiety and depression. It encourages relaxation and mindfulness which helps heighten self-awareness and provide an opportunity for self-reflection. The meditative practices of yoga can help promote clarity of thought, harmony in relationships, greater creativity, better decision-making skills, increased concentration, improved memory recall and problem solving skills.

Spiritual Benefits: Practicing Behappy Yoga can help bring a sense of true purpose into your life as it connects you with your true inner self. It is thought that through its various techniques you reach a more enlightened state that elevates consciousness beyond just individual needs or desires. Regular practice brings a sense of peace that allow one to become comfortable in their own skin while shining their unique light in the world around them. In addition, focus on breathing during yoga helps practitioners stay mindful; helping foster the experience of compassionate healing energy shared between all living beings – thus creating unity awareness within our society as a whole.

A Brief History of Behappy Yoga

Behappy Yoga was founded by two women, Tsuja and Kavi, who wanted to see a world where people were connected through moments of peace and joy. With the help of their close friends, they developed a yoga program called “The Journey of Happiness.” This journey is based on the belief that if you take care of yourself and live an authentic life with conscious intention,you will be able to find your own source of happiness.

Since its inception in 2010, Behappy Yoga has grown into an international movement that brings together people from all over the world. In 2015, they opened up their first studio in California where they offer yoga practice classes as well as lifestyle workshops focusing on conscious living. In addition to this, they also have several online programs available such as the Happiness Toolbox and The Dragonfly Course. These courses deliver online content for those who want to change their mindset about life and thus contribute to helping people achieve balance and fulfillment in their own lives.

Since then, Behappy Yoga’s mission has also extended beyond classrooms into communities around the world that need healing and nourishment; like orphanages or elderly homes or refugee camps. Through donations from students or teachers projects are often organized which involve mindfulness activities, local organic meals and other forms of help specifically tailored for the established population.

Over the last decade Behappy Yoga has fostered positive change within individuals as well as communities; providing inspiration for individuals to recognize their inner strength while connecting them on a deeper level with each other through mindful practices. Furthermore by assisting communities in need it hopes to support growth in both physical health as well as mental wellbeing worldwide.

Types of Practices Available at a Behappy Yoga Studio

Behappy Yoga studios offer a range of practices to accommodate the different needs and skill levels of its users. Traditional yoga classes involve stretching and strengthening poses in a relaxing setting along with guided breathing exercises. Mindful yoga classes are designed to be calming and focus on developing awareness and understanding through meditation, slow movements and mindful breathing. Power yoga classes are focused on increasing flexibility, building strength, improving coordination and boosting metabolism through more energetic movements. The instructors at Behappy Yoga will provide students with personalized guidance and modifications in order to ensure that each person is practicing safely while getting the maximum benefit from their practice.

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Preparing Your Body and Mind for Behappy Yoga

Pre-class stretches are an important way to prepare both your body and mind for the physical and mental benefits of Behappy Yoga. Stretching warms up your muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints in preparation for mindfulness meditation and the practice of postures. In order to maximize the potential of each posture, stretching is essential.

An easy way to put yourself in the right mindset for meditating prior to class is with a few simple mindful breathing exercises. Choose a quiet place where you can sit comfortably. Close your eyes and take some slow deep breaths. With each breath, notice how it starts from your abdomen, works its way up your rib cage and fills your lungs with air. Exhale slowly through your nose allowing all tension to melt out of each body part. Focus on one body part at a time letting it be truly relaxed until all tenseness from head to toe has melted away leaving you ready for increased awareness during the yoga practice session.

Finally, visualizations can provide guidance during meditation as well as energizing positive effects on a mental level. Bring up a calming image that brings joy and peace at the same time such as lying on a warm sun-soaked beach with white sand underfoot or ascending gradually into the sky while standing atop a mountain range peaks without fear or limitation. Conjure this image as vividly as possible while inhaling deeply and exhaling completely – imagine that what you focus upon expands within you until there is nothing but contentment permeating throughout every cell of your being – The journey has began!

Essential Gear to Bring to a Behappy Yoga Class

Matsare an essential piece of equipment in any Behappy Yoga class. Not only do they provide cushioning and traction during the workout, but they can also help prevent slipping and injury due to sweat during an intense practice. If you don’t already have a yoga mat, you should consider investing in one for your sessions.

Blocks are another important piece of gear for a Behappy Yoga class. Blocks can be used as props for support and alignment during poses that require extra stability or balance. They are especially helpful for beginners who may not yet have the strength or flexibility to complete certain postures without assistance.

Strapsare also invaluable tools in the practice of yoga. Straps can provide leverage to help you deepen your stretches, improve balance, and even do assisted handstands. They often come with handles attached, allowing you grab onto them while working through different poses.

It’s important to wear comfortable clothing when attending aBehappyYoga class such as leggings or loose-fitting pants that give you full range of motion and enough coverage so that you don’t feel too exposed while doing floor exercises. A lightweight fitted top will keep everything in place while moving around the studio room and long hair should be tied back properly so it doesn’t interfere with your movements.

Finally, don’t forget to bring along your own water bottle! Hydration is key when doing physical activity, so make sure that you bring something along with you that has enough fluid capacity to sustain you throughout the entire workout session.

Strategies for Incorporating Behappy Yoga into Your Daily Life

Setting up a routine: Creating a regular practice of Behappy Yoga is the key to its benefits. Begin by finding a time and place that works best for you, preferably in the morning or in the evening when your mind and body are in balance. If you can’t find an uninterrupted hour each day for your yoga session, break it down into chunks of 10-15 minutes at different points throughout the day. Make sure to keep enough space between sessions so that your body has time to rest and recover.

Finding the Time: Even if you have an active lifestyle, carving out some extra minutes each day for yoga practices can be done with a little bit of creativity. Look for mindful moments within your day – while waiting in line at the grocery store, while stuck in traffic – and use them to increase awareness of your breath and postures. When possible, try walking or cycling to work instead of taking public transport, as it allows you to make use of this quiet time to reset mentally and physically.

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Sample Workouts to Try at Home

Beginner: Beginner yoga classes are perfect for beginners since they modify and simplify traditional poses. They focus on the basics, like Sun Salutations and seated stretches. Beginners may practice basic poses such as Downward Dog, Warrior 1 & 2, Triangle, and Cat-Cow to stretch the body and learn proper alignment. Pranayama breathing exercises are also incorporated into beginner classes to reduce stress and increase awareness.

Intermediate: With more practice, these basics become easier. Intermediate classes build on previously acquired skills with more challenging forms of poses. This could include Warrior 3, Half-Moon Balance Pose, or Extended Hand-Toe pose. Instructors may introduce inversions such as Headstand and Shoulderstand while still allowing individuals to move at their own pace.

Advanced: Advanced level classes require a great deal of muscular strength and endurance as well as an understanding of the principles of yoga practice. Poses at this level take yoga to the next level by pushing the physical boundaries further and can include one-legged balancing postures that require strong coordination skills. In advanced classes instructors may combine various dynamic techniques such as vinyasa flows for increased strength building, flexibility improvement, meditation techniques for mental focus and clarity, breath work for relaxation purposes among others

Benefits of a Behappy Yoga Community

The Behappy Yoga community offers an array of benefits for individuals who are looking to connect with others and share experiences. By participating in the Behappy Yoga community, individuals can have access to a range of activities including workshops, meditation classes, retreats and special events. These activities offer members an opportunity to gain knowledge and skills related to yoga while also providing a forum for sharing experiences and connecting with others. Those with similar interests can discuss their preferences, achievements, goals and concerns with each other in a safe environment.

Additionally, being part of the Behappy Yoga community provides individuals with a sense of belonging as they interact and socialize with like-minded individuals who may be in different parts of the world. Furthermore, members can network meaningfully as they reach out to teachers and practitioners outside their comfort zone. This can benefit them by expanding their personal practice as well as providing vibrant exchange of ideas between varying levels of yoga practitioners. Moreover, such exchanges serve as a basis for progressive personal enrichment that is facilitated by the positive energy generated in the ‘yoga zone’ shared by all members.


Behappy Yoga is a unique form of exercise that has been proven to bring many benefits to your overall health and wellbeing. It combines physical poses, breathing exercises, and meditation, helping to promote peace and balance within both mind and body. Physically, Behappy Yoga can help improve flexibility, strengthen muscles, support joint health, improve cardiovascular function, and generally boost physical vitality. Mentally, this practice helps reduce stress levels and enhances concentration by promoting relaxation in the breath and body. Spiritually, it brings clarity of mind and insight into our greater purpose in life. All of these benefits combine to create a sense of overall wellbeing that often carries over into other areas of life.

By integrating these aspects into their routine lives, practitioners can experience greater cognitive focus as well as control over their thoughts and emotions – as well as reduced anxiety levels. Additionally, enjoying the low-impact nature of this type of yoga allows participants to feel invigorated while avoiding strenuous activity which may cause injury or strain. Those who commit to practicing regularly have reaped rewards such as improved personal confidence as they learn new postures while pushing their physical limitations further each time they try something new; enhanced self-awareness triggered by becoming more connected with their inner being; improved sleep quality due to calming activities focusing on breathwork; better nutrition habits due to recognizing how food affects one’s overall wellbeing; improved immune response derived from regular exercise plus mental training components like meditation; finally an appreciation for life’s simple pleasures which are often taken for granted when stuck in autopilot mode. That’s why at Behappy Yoga we believe that by integrating regular practice into your lifestyle plays an important role towards unlockingyour greatest potential.

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