Aya Yoga Oasis

## Aya Yoga Oasis

For those looking for a relaxing, yet rejuvenating yoga experience, Aya Yoga Oasis is the ideal destination. Located in Sydney, Australia, Aya Yoga Oasis offers a wide range of classes for all levels and needs, allowing for a personalized yoga experience. Whether you’re a beginner wanting to try a new form of exercise, an experienced yogi looking to further your practice, or simply someone looking for a peaceful place to practice, Aya Yoga Oasis caters to every ability and experience level.

### Classes

Aya Yoga Oasis offers a variety of different classes to ensure there is something for everyone.

**Hatha**: Hatha yoga classes emphasize the balance between the body and mind, helping to soothe the spirit, focus the mind and awaken the body.

**Vinyasa**: These classes move seamlessly from one pose to the next with breathing as the coordinator. Vinyasa classes take you on a journey and will help to build strength, flexibility and breath awareness.

**Restorative**: Restorative classes help to cultivate deep relaxation through supported yoga postures, allowing for the full release of tension in the body and mind.

**Yin**: Yin classes allow for a reconnection with oneself, as postures are held for extended portions of time. This allows for the opening of connective tissue, increasing flexibility and nourishing the joints.

**Yoga Nidra**: Yoga Nidra classes are a meditation practice often referred to as ‘yogic sleep’. It helps to relax deeply, reduce stress and increase the feeling of wellbeing.

### Retreats
Aya Yoga Oasis also offers dedicated retreats, giving practitioners the opportunity to immerse themselves in the practice without distraction. From one day yoga retreats to one-week yoga holidays, Aya Yoga Oasis caters to all levels of yogis, offering intense, experienced and beginner classes.

Kid Yoga Poses

### On-going Programs
For those looking to develop a deeper and more meaningful practice, Aya Yoga Oasis also offers four in-depth programs, designed to help you move your practice forward and explore your spirituality.

– **Yoga Samskara**: This six-week course will explore the foundations of the practice and provide participants with the skill set necessary to deepen their practice.

– **Yoga Asana Teacher Training**: This course will provide participants with the necessary techniques, tools and knowledge to confidently teach yoga asana classes.

– **Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy program**: This program will explore advanced yoga asana and core ayurveda principles, helping participants to move deeper in their practice, become more self-aware and refine their teaching skills.

– **Advanced Study in Yoga Psychology**: This program is for those who have already completed their teacher training and would like to gain deeper insights in to the psychological and philosophical aspects of yoga.

At Aya Yoga Oasis, we strive to make sure that each individual’s yoga experience is tailored to their ability and need. With expert instructors and flexible class times, our goal is to make sure that everyone’s individual journey is both rewarding and enjoyable.

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