Astro Gong Yoga

Introduction to Astro Gong Yoga

Astro Gong Yoga is an ancient form of yoga with its roots in the Vedic scriptures, sacred mantras and powerful healing sounds of Tibetan singing bowls. The yogic method combines traditional hatha-vinyasa sequences, breath work and meditation to strengthen the body, mind and spirit through sound vibration. Each flow session focuses on healing individuals as a whole: body, mind and soul.

Astro Gong Yoga has been used for centuries to heal physical ailments, reduce stress and increase self-awareness. One of the earliest practitioners was Shanti Deva who developed this practice from a combination of classical Hatha yoga postures with gong vibrations. The practice has been adapted over time to also include elements from meditation, conscious breathing and sound relaxation techniques. This holistic approach helps students to move beyond their habitual rigid perceptions of body posture and movement towards comfortable poses that provide deep relaxation from within. From there it is possible to experience greater clarity and insight into one’s cosmic relationship with higher Reality.

The practice can help those suffering from chronic pain or illness connect more deeply with their inner source of wellbeing through stimulating energy pathways within their body while simultaneously giving access to higher realms of consciousness. Furthermore, Astro Gong Yoga encourages spiritual growth by bringing inner balance between one’s physical structure (relating to asana/posture) and subtle energetic nature (relating to prana/breath). The gong, harmoniously woven into the practice at various points throughout class acts as a bridge into deeper levels of heightened awareness. The gong induces vibrations which create faster healing effects than most other forms of alternative therapies due to its ability to penetrate all layers (physically, mental emotionally & spiritually) of being in order for profound transformation to occur simultaneously stabilizing the highest form of peace within self first before external relationships.”

Different Forms of Astro Gong Yoga

Astro Gong Yoga is a form of yogic stretching, where an astral gong creates a meditative soundscape. It combines traditional yoga postures with physical exercises and conscious breathing while the gong produces directed frequencies that bring equilibrium to the body, mind and soul.

The uses of Astro Gong Yoga are vast, as various forms allow practitioners to explore various forms of yoga. Among these is chair yoga, which uses chairs as props or cushions in order to facilitate movements popularized by other kinds of yoga styles (e.g., vinyasa, bhakti). Chair yoga enables users with limited mobility to practice without strain on their joints. Other forms include aerial yoga, which utilizes silk hammocks in order to support practitioners’ poses; kundalini yoga, which helps one focus on spiritual energy within; and laughter yoga, which turns laughter into a form of therapeutic exercise.

In short, Astro Gong Yoga can be used for many purposes such as relaxation, stress relief and emotional cleansing, fitness classes and performance preparation. Furthermore it can help individuals gain better strength and coordination in the body in addition to attuning oneself more deeply with life’s rhythms helping obtain balance between body and mind.

Essential Equipment and Supplies for Astro Gong Yoga

Astro Gong Yoga is a powerful practice that can help you to experience the cosmic vibration of the universe. In order to make the most of this practice, it is important to equip yourself with the necessary tools and supplies that will enable you to go deeper into your practice. Here are some items essential for Astro Gong Yoga:

1. Gongs: The gong is an instrument that produces beautiful vibrational resonance and tapestry of sound. In Astro Gong Yoga, gongs provide the foundation necessary for a powerful meditation experience. It is best to select a hand-crafted gong designed specifically for these practices.

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2. Malas: A mala, also known as a Buddhist rosary, contains 108 prayer beads which are used in mantra repetition or counting during meditation. Carrying or wearing a mala can have many positive effects on your practice including maintaining focus, regulating your breathing and calming your spirit.

3. Incense or Oils: Fragrance has been used throughout history as part of religious ceremonies and spiritual practices due to its power to improve mood, relaxation and concentration. Aromatic incense and essential oils can be used during Astro Gong Yoga sessions to create atmosphere conducive for deep exploration.

4. Meditation Cushion or Blanket: By adding additional cushioning between you and the floor you’ll be able to enhance your comfort level when sitting for extended periods of meditation during Astro Gong Yoga sessions. Additionally, carrying a blanket with you makes it possible to keep warm while seated in stillness during those longer meditations outside or inside yoga classes or workshops where temperatures may vary greatly from one minute to another

Important Benefits of Astro Gong Yoga

Astro Gong Yoga is a unique form of yoga that combines traditional yoga movements with the power of gongs. The practice uses healing vibrations to fill the body and help relax and open up people’s energy centers, while stretching and strengthening muscles. Astro Gong Yoga is designed to bring a sense of balance, renewal, and energy into a person’s life.

One of the major benefits of Astro Gong Yoga is its ability to bring about deep relaxation. With an extended savasana at the end of each practice, participants can experience their bodies completely surrendering as they lay in stillness surrounded by soothing music from the gongs. This helps to quiet the mind and fully transition into a state of stress-free relaxation.

Another benefit associated with Astro Gong Yoga concerns physical strength and flexibility. As practitioners move through familiar poses such as Child’s Pose or Warrior II, they are amplifying their movements through sound from the gongs, helping them to go deeper into their stretches and push further into postures than they would normally be able to on their own without any assistance. This helps strengthen both mental focus along with physical balance and alignment.

Moreover, those who partake in Astro Gong Yoga tend to develop more holistic self-awareness of themselves and their body’s energy meridians; which often triggers strong emotional responses during practice that result in an enhanced sense of mindfulness and spiritual enlightenment afterwards. In addition, breathing methods used throughout the practice help deepen inhalations by providing a focal point during each breath cycle – leading towards improved lung capacity as well as oxygenation throughout all tissues in the body (increasing overall vitality).

Overall, Astro Gong Yoga offers a perfect blend of physical exercise, relaxation techniques, meditation practices, emotional healing, breathwork training – all mixed together in one powerful healing session that can be both deeply revitalizing for both mind + body alike!

Tips for Practicing Astro Gong Yoga

1. Be open-minded and willing to experiment: Understand that Astro Gong Yoga is a new, unexplored practice and take some time to explore it with an open mind before committing yourself to mastering any particular style or sequence.

2. Use music or sound to guide you: Many practitioners of Astro Gong Yoga find that listening to chillout music, ambient music, or the sound of their gongs helps them focus their energy and remain in the meditation space. There are many playlists available online specifically designed for Astro Gong Yoga meditations!

3. Connect with your breath: Inhale deeply and exhale slowly as you move through each pose of your practice. Connecting to your breath can help calm the mind and stay present in your movements and posture.

4. Incorporate visualization techniques: Visualizing yourself making progress throughout a session can help increase motivation and create clearer goals while you’re practicing Astro Gong Yoga. Imagine achieving your greatest potential as you work toward achieving deeper poses, or envisioning having achieved mental peace of harmony at the end of each session

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5. Listen attentively to your body: Pay close attention during your practice so as not to overstretch or push yourself beyond what feels comfortable for your body – be gentle with yourself! If anything isn’t feeling right during your practice, ease up on that movement or posture so as not to cause any unnecessary harm or injury.

How to Find Astro Gong Yoga Classes and Resources

Astro Gong Yoga is a unique type of yoga that incorporates sound and energy healing. The practice involves using gongs, singing bowls, tuning forks, and bells to create a one-of-a-kind meditation experience and induce relaxation. In addition to physical postures, the practice also includes breathwork and chanting. By combining these methods with the astrological alignments of the planets, Astro Gong Yoga seeks to support spiritual alignment and clarity in mind and body for its participants.

Those interested in practicing Astro Gong Yoga may find classes at local studios or online through various providers offering Astro Gong Yoga courses. Most studios will require preregistration; therefore, individuals should check their local listings in advance to make sure they have reserved a spot or are able to secure access to any virtual sessions offered online. Alternatively, those unable to attend group classes may look into finding private instruction through knowledgeable practitioners with specialized training in Astro Gong Yoga or other meditative practices such as yoga or tai chi.

Common resources available through studio courses or personal instruction include instructional videos on the many poses involved in this particular style of yoga as well as free meditation downloads which can be used independently by those looking to experience the relaxation benefits that come from Astro Gong Yoga practices. Additionally, for those looking for connection with fellow practitioners there are guided tours of various spiritual sites around the world associated with this form of yoga practice as well as local gatherings such as retreats hosted by experienced instructors. Thus whether offline or online there are numerous resources available for learning about, practicing and enjoying Astro Gong Yoga ” allowing individuals interested in this particular style of yoga to both find joy while learning more about themselves along the way.


Astro Gong Yoga is a special kind of yoga that incorporates the use of gongs and other kinds of sound healing instruments to increase physical, mental and spiritual well-being. This type of practice encourages practitioners to go beyond the physical asanas (yoga poses) they might usually perform, and instead focus on the vibrations produced by sound to achieve a level of deep healing and connection. Through meditation, breathwork and listening exercises, practitioners can journey inward for personal exploration, self-understanding and miraculous transformation.

In conclusion, taking an Astro Gong Yoga practice further means digging deeper into the practice itself; exploring the various forms of sound healing available with gongs and other instruments, learning how to bring these elements together with your own individual practice for holistic health – physically, mentally and spiritually. Other ways to incorporate this unique approach includes understanding how aspects of astrology play a role in connecting you to deeper healing through specific vibrations, as well as incorporating them into your own personal rituals or routines for greater connectivity to yourself and the universe. Finally being open minded about trying different approaches and styles is key in allowing yourself the full experience that this modality has to offer – comforted by its vast potential while allowing yourself time needed to explore it even further.

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