Ashton August Yoga

Introduction to Ashton August Yoga

Ashton August Yoga is a yoga practice created by the yogini Ashton August, which combines elements of Kundalini, Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga. The goal of this practice is to help people achieve spiritual growth and inner peace in their daily lives. The practice combines 8 limbs of yoga with the chakras, astrology and energy work in order to create an experience that helps individuals tap into their personal power within.

The founder of Ashton August Yoga has been an avid practitioner since a young age; she started her own studio in 2009 when she was living in Los Angeles, California. Since then, her mission for Ashton August Yoga has become to provide clients with ways to permanently maintain inner balance and self-awareness through its holistic approach to yoga and life.

The goal of Ashton August Yoga is for clients to learn how to utilize their individual strengths, discover internal resources and build their confidence in the areas of mental or physical health. By combining different styles from traditional Hatha yoga (pranayama, meditation, asana), kundalini (mantra chanting) , vinyasa flow (posture sequences), yin yoga (held poses) and even restorative practices (supported relaxation), Ashton August Yoga seeks to create positive relationships between body and mind. It also helps clients gain more insight into intuitive healing approaches such as energetic medicine/healing and Ayurveda ” taking the totality of an individual’s unique needs into account when creating personalized sessions. This holistic approach allows one’s true purpose in life become clearer with each pose or breath: allowing individuals to reach a higher state of consciousness that brings more peace, love & bliss into their daily lives. By providing personalized classes for everyone from beginners through advanced practitioners across all disciplines ” mediation will be aided as will a deeper connection with body spirit achieved as each posture helps create community among students while at the same time introducing them to new techniques from ancient practices like astrology & energy work .

Benefits of Practicing Ashton August Yoga

The physiological benefits of practicing Ashton August Yoga include improved flexibility, muscle strength, mobility and balance. It has also been known to increase stability and help improve posture. Furthermore, it can also be beneficial for your overall health as it can lead to increased fitness levels and improved heart and lung function. Lastly, it can help with reducing stress and assuaging pains from arthritis or chronic injuries; leading to an enhanced lifestyle.

The psychological benefits of practicing Ashton August Yoga include improved concentration, reduced stress levels, better moods and emotional well-being, emotional stability and a state of physical and mental relaxation. Practicing this type of yoga can also promote better sleep quality as well as helping regulate one’s body systems such as the digestive system, hormonal system, circulatory system and immune system too. Also on the psychological level it can improve self-awareness, foster self-acceptance as well as improving communication skills with others due to heightened mind-body awareness. Finally, it can bring about personal growth in terms of spiritual development through focusing on mindfulness meditation techniques used in Ashon August Yoga.

Types of Ashton August Yoga Classes Available

Ashton August Yoga offers a variety of classes tailored to individuals of all ages and skill levels. From beginner courses designed to teach beginners the fundamentals of yoga, to advanced sessions offering more complex postures combined with longer meditations, Ashton August Yoga has something for everyone. Their wide selection includes traditional Hatha and Vinyasa classes, Ashtanga and Yin yoga, as well as special offerings such as aerial yoga and Pilates Fusion. Guided by certified instructors, these classes accommodate all fitness levels from those who are just starting out to those seeking an intensive workout. Additionally, Ashton August offers instructors who can personalize private lessons for any level of experience in order to ensure that clients attain the skills necessary for a safe practice both at home and in the studio. With over a dozen dynamic classes available each week that range from slow-guided sessions to high-energy practices and dynamic warm-ups with challenging exercises, the team at Ashton August Yoga is committed to helping their clients live healthier lives through knowledge and practice of this lifelong discipline.

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Use of Props

At Ashton August Yoga, props are seen as an innovative way for students to learn and advance their skill. Rather than simply receiving instructions, students have the opportunity to use props such as blocks, straps and bolsters to assist in poses or reach deeper into stretches. The use of props can provide a more comfortable and supportive experience for practitioners of all levels which helps prevent overexertion during practice”allowing them to focus more on relaxation and alignment. Props also enable practitioners to grasp the proper fundamentals of yoga postures more quickly compared to using only physical cues, enabling them to gain greater stability with each session. Additionally, the use of props adds new elements of challenge and variation that encourage students and help them move further toward mastering complex postures.

Community and Connection

At Ashton August Yoga, our practice is rooted in building community and connection. We hold space for everyone to come as they are and connect on a deeper level with themselves and with others. Our classes offer an opportunity to create bonds that extend beyond the mat as we encourage our members to support each other in their growth and development.

Connection is essential to creating meaningful relationships both inside and outside of the studio. Through our classes, we aim to foster a sense of understanding and acceptance of ourselves, enabling us to open up more easily with those around us. When surrounded by those who hold similar values, we tend to experience greater comfort in trusting and sharing our stories with one another. This encourages us to step out of our comfort zones, try something new, and meet people from different walks of life.

We also emphasize the importance of being part of a larger yoga community by participating in various events or charity initiatives throughout the year. By getting involved with such activities, we gain insight into how yoga can be used as a tool to bring people together and build meaningful connections while working towards common goals. With continued involvement in these endeavors, our ability to extend support multiplies and so too does the reach of our impact on those around us.

Through Ashton August Yoga’s emphasis on community building through practice, we strive to provide an environment where every individual feels supported and connected — regardless of age, background ,or skill level– inspiring them to look within themselves before reaching outwards in order make meaningful connections along their own paths.


Ashton August Yoga offers flexibility in its services through both online and in-person options. This makes the studio accessible to everyone, regardless of their living situation or geographical location. For those who prefer a remote learning experience, Ashton August offers virtual sessions with knowledgeable yoga instructors via livestream. Participants receive personalized instruction and feedback from instructors who can monitor their form from afar in real-time. On the other hand, for those who want to join a traditional yoga class setting, the studio also offers in-person classes led by certified yoga teachers at a variety of levels and focuses. These classes maintain safety protocols such as social distancing, frequent sanitizing, and masks to ensure students feel comfortable while still getting an immersive practice. In addition to being available online and in person, Ashton August Yoga also accommodates different bodies, ages, levels of experience, and more with mindful modifications so that everyone can reap all the benefits of yoga regardless of their ability level. The studio celebrates diversity and encourages yogis at any stage of their practice journey.

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Ashton August Yoga has become known for its quality instruction and caring demeanor. Students across the country have been raving about their experience with Ashton’s classes and private sessions. From full beginners to experienced practitioners, just about everyone can find something special in Ashton August Yoga.

The testimonials from former participants speak to the various benefits that yoga practice brings”from easing chronic pain to providing emotional stability to helping manage stress and anxiety. Participants frequently comment on how relaxed, safe, and supported they feel during Ashton’s classes, allowing them to more fully engage in the practice without any judgments or fears of awkwardness or embarrassment. On top of that, former attendees often mention the profound physical benefits of Ashton August Yoga’s style; everything from improved flexibility and posture to strengthening weak muscles and gaining greater balance overall. Personal relationships with instructors are also highly prized within this community: Ashton’s dedication to her students and her willingness to go the extra mile is a common theme amongst those who have taken part in her practices.

Whether you already have an established yoga practice or are just starting out, you can trust in the positive reviews of past students as you consider taking a class with Ashton August Yoga. Whether through group interactions or one-on-one support and instruction, this is sure to be an experience which will leave you feeling better than when you began!


Ashton August Yoga is a modern spin on traditional yoga and offers dynamic and accessible classes for all ages. The practice began in Toronto, Canada and has grown over the years with the support and guidance of Founder / Director Ashton August. Ashton crafted a program filled with fluidity and challenge that is perfect for beginners to advanced practitioners alike.

At Ashton August Yoga, classes are designed to create space for physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Ashtons creative approach to class sequencing allows her students to experience postures across all realms: invigorating sun/yang sequences, nourishing moon/yin sequences as well as a variety of therapeutic modifications. With the use of props, long holds and mind-body awareness techniques; motion becomes meditation, reminding those on the mat that yoga can continue to be an important part of their lives both on or off the mat.

In addition to traditional public classes, Ashton August Yoga also caters one-on-one private sessions, workshops & retreats worldwide. Private sessions offer an individualized approach catered towards healing certain ailments such as chronic pain or mental health issues such as depression & stress while providing a greater understanding of foundational poses within the comfort of your own home; allowing folks to build a deeper relationship with themselves. The workshops & Retreats combine yoga fundamentals while uncovering a deeper knowledge within different aspects of yogic lifestyle options ” it’s Ashton’s way inspiring others to take their practice beyond the physical realm into their daily lives & awaken unknown possibilities!

Ashton August Yoga’s mission is to make yoga available for everyone no matter their level of experience or physical ability ” whether you are new to yoga or seeking out learning opportunities that go beyond standard yoga practices you will find something here! It’s truly something special when we get together & explore our potential – flying together without wings!

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