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Ashley Nicole Yoga was founded in 2014 with the goal of providing quality yoga classes to people of all ages and skill levels. The studio wanted to create an environment that was comfortable, welcoming, and inspiring to those interested in learning or practicing yoga.

Since its inception, Ashley Nicole Yoga has experienced steady growth. In 2016, the studio moved into a larger space on Main Street and began offering additional classes including restorative and hatha yoga in addition to their signature vinyasa offering. In 2018, it hosted its first-ever retreat in Upstate New York and also partnered with a local school district to provide regular weekly yoga classes to students.

The studio has also continued its commitment to community outreach by teaming up with other local nonprofits throughout each year. It offers free group classes for veterans at a nearby VFW post and sends instructors out weekly to four different senior centers across the city.

Overall, Ashley Nicole Yoga is committed to creating an inclusive atmosphere where everyone can practice yoga in a supportive environment and experience the many physical, mental, and emotional benefits it provides.

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“I had been practicing yoga for years, but Ashley Nicole Yoga truly changed my practice. I never considered myself flexible or very strong in my poses and practice, until I started working with Ashley’s classes. Within a few weeks of the class, I felt more open, relaxed and centered in all of my practices. She has a unique gift in teaching people how to get the most out of their poses and it really made all the difference for me.”

“The best part about taking Ashley’s classes is that she focuses just as much on breath work as she does on the physical part of yoga. This has helped me find a deeper sense of presence in my practice. With her guidance, I was able to release tension from my body and gain peace with less effort.”

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“Before taking Ashley’s classes I was frustrated with yoga because I felt like my poses were going nowhere and not giving me any benefit. She reminded me that physically coming into a pose is only one part of yoga and shared tips that have helped me stay focused on breath work instead of getting caught up on size or shape. Now each pose is filled with focus and intention which make them many times more powerful than they ever were before”.

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Welcome to Ashley Nicole Yoga! Our studio is a tranquil oasis located in the heart of downtown. We offer classes for all levels, from beginner to advanced. Our spacious facility features state-of-the-art equipment and amenities such as professional massage chairs, aromatherapy, and more. Our experienced instructors create an inviting atmosphere where all are welcome to come and find their inner balance.

Picture this: You walk into our warm and inviting studio on a planet-friendly bamboo floor under a skylight to enjoy your practice in natural light. Relax into one of our comfortable massage chairs before class starts and feel your stress float away as the gentle music washes over you. Before you know it, time for class has arrived! Get ready for an invigorating experience as our experienced instructors guide you through poses designed to transform your body and mind. As you leave the studio feeling balanced and energized, you’ll understand why everyone loves coming here. Come see for yourself how Ashley Nicole Yoga can help bring peace, mindfulness, strength, poise – whatever it is that calls out to YOU!

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Ashley Nicole Yoga offers a range of specials and discounts so that clients can enjoy an affordable, invigorating yoga experience! Right now, Ashley Nicole Yoga is offering a month of unlimited yoga classes for only $60. On top of that, first-time clients can take advantage of a free one-week trial at the studio. If you buy three classes in advance, your fourth class is free! There are also discounted monthly packages available; sign up for 10 classes and get two additional classes at no extra cost. And don’t forget to check our website often as we regularly post special deals and promotions to help save you even more money on your yoga classes!

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As part of Ashley Nicole Yoga’s dedication to yoga, health, and well-being, there are many other local yoga studios throughout the area that provide similar classes and services. Just down the road is Shanti Sacred Space dedicated to teaching folks of all ages how to practice mindfulness, self-care and spiritual healing. If you’re into a more vigorous class with lots of energy, then take a few minutes over at Core Power Yoga where they focus on a blend of strength, sweat and spirituality. For those who enjoy some sultry movements in their practice then head just north to Pure Flow Yoga which emphasizes creative sequences and free flowing postures. In addition to these studios, there are also several smaller boutique stores specializing in Restorative YGaga or Yin Yang Flow that incorporate yoga nidra for releasing stress along with other healing relaxation techniques. Whichever location you choose be sure to take advantage of everything your local community has to offer when it comes to the physical practice of yoga!

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