Art Of Living Yoga Studio

Introduction to Art Of Living Yoga Studio

The Art Of Living Yoga Studio is a unique and highly acclaimed studio offering instruction in all aspects of yoga, mindfulness and meditation. Founded in 2005, the studio is located in the heart of New York City’s Greenwich Village neighborhood. Our mission is to provide an environment of calmness and serenity where all people can explore their potential through the holistic practices of yoga, mindfulness and meditation.

Over the years since our founding, The Art Of Living Yoga Studio has evolved into one of the most popular studios for all levels from beginners to advanced yogi’s. Our instructors are certified in various styles and techniques including Ashtanga, Hatha, Kundalini, Yin and Vinyasa yoga as well as mindfulness and meditation practices. In addition to our daily classes, we also host special workshops that cover topics such as ergonomic alignment for practitioners; nutrition for yogis; holotropic breathwork; sound therapy; Tibetan singing bowls; mindful eating; pranayama (breathwork); qigong; chill out lounges; kirtan (chanting); kundalini yoga kriyas (set of poses); chakra seminars as well as astrology readings.

We strive to be a leading provider of comprehensive classes with experienced teachers who care deeply about helping our students achieve their highest potential. We want to create an open and inclusive atmosphere where everyone can come to learn more about themselves while having fun doing so. Everyone here at The Art Of Living Yoga Studio is dedicated to welcoming all students”beginner or experienced”into a safe community space led by loving teachers who share their knowledge thoughtfully. We have also taken part in numerous social projects designed to serve our local communities in hopes of creating positive change through yoga and mindfulness practices open to everybody regardless of age or background.

Benefits of Practicing with Art Of Living Yoga Studio

The physical benefits that come with practicing yoga at Art Of Living Yoga Studio include improved posture, increased flexibility and mobility, improved core strength, improved cardiovascular health and circulation, and weight loss. Improved posture can help prevent various aches and pains and help correct spinal alignment which in turn can improve many organ systems and the nervous system. Increased flexibility not only improves your overall range of motion but it has also been shown to reduce the risk of developing joint problems. Improving core strength helps to stabilize the spine, gives you better balance and makes everyday activities easier to do. Practicing yoga at Art Of Living Yoga Studio also ensures you get more oxygen throughout your body leading to improved cardiovascular health along with increased circulation which is beneficial for all bodily systems. The combination of lengthening muscle movements lead to a reduction of body fat helping you achieve your weight loss goals over time

On the mental health side, research suggests that practicing yoga with Art Of Living Yoga Studio can result in an increase in self-confidence and self-awareness, as well as improved focus and concentration. You may notice that your sleep patterns become more regulated, stress hormones decrease while serotonin levels increase and meditation practices often improve relaxation levels too.

The spiritual aspects of practicing with Art Of Living Yoga Studio come in the form of self-exploration through guided meditations within classes as well as expanding on pranayama (breathwork) exercises which have been proven to help reduce anxiety levels both mentally, physically and spiritually. Additionally certain poses like utkatasana (chair pose) allow individuals a sense of release from energy pain blocks allowing for a more synchronous connection between the bodymindspirit allowing for further advancement into experiencing calmer peace states.

List of Available Programs

The Art of Living Yoga Studio offers several different yoga-based programs to its members.

Our classes include various forms of beginner, intermediate, and advanced level yoga, such as Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga, Ashtanga, Kundalini, and Restorative. Our classes are designed to help you increase flexibility and strength in your body as well as deepen your mental clarity and emotional balance. We also provide our students with access to private one-on-one coaching sessions or group workshops with experienced instructors.

And you thought Yoga Was Just Stretching

Additionally, the Art of Living Yoga Studio offers teacher training courses for aspiring teachers of all levels. The courses begin with basic technical instruction on essential poses and breathing exercises and move on to more advanced topics like meditation techniques, yoga philosophy, anatomy and physiology. Once complete, our graduates are certified to teach both private lessons or group classes!

We believe self-care is essential for a happy life; that’s why we have special workshops featuring topics like AcroYoga (the art of using yoga postures combined with partner work), nutrition for yogis, Pranayama (breath control) & Meditation or hands on adjustments in certain poses. Our workshops offer a helpful way to explore different topics related to yoga practice while deepening your knowledge of the science behind it!

At the Art of Living Yoga Studio we strive to provide our members with an expansive variety of holistic health options so they can lead healthier lives while finding their true potential.

Yoga Studio Community

The Art of Living Yoga Studio is connected by more than just the love of yoga. It’s a place where individuals can come together to form a supportive and nurturing community. The studio provides a safe space for students to come, practice, grow and be heard. It encourages people of all ages, sizes and backgrounds to come practice in an open, non-judgmental environment where everyone is welcome.

The studio actively focuses on creating strong relationships between its teachers and students. The instructors strive to provide personalized attention in each class and learn their student’s strengths, weaknesses and goals so that they may guide them with confidence in their practice.

The studio also has a large social presence that offers events for its students to bond outside the walls of the studio too. Events range from outdoor hikes to potluck dinners which offer students the chance to meet new like-minded people while also deepening their appreciation for yoga while having fun! This promotes a strong sense of community within the members of Art Of Living Yoga Studio and helps foster meaningful relationships between them.

Examining the Core Values of Art Of Living Yoga Studio

The Art of Living Yoga Studio is dedicated to its core values: Respect, Compassion, and Community. Respect means understanding a person’s decisions and beliefs and being open to learn from each other. Compassion involves caring for oneself and others, helping create a safe space for nurturing one’s soul. And Community entails establishing connection with each other, creating a bond by sharing our similar experiences and different perspectives. All these core values support the studio’s mission of “building a community that supports health, happiness, sustainability, and growth through mindful practices like yoga.”

These core values serve to inform their culture as they provide their students with an environment that encourages self-growth while also cultivating respect among all members. Respect ensures that everyone’s opinion and experiences matter in the studio which creates an inclusive environment where people can feel safe in exploring the physical and emotional depths of practice. Compassion fosters empathy amongst practitioners so that everyone feels supported; whether it is on the mat or off it does not matter because individuals will be taken care of in each instance. Last but not least community creates opportunities for practitioners to come together from all backgrounds and unite as one collective group supporting each other’s individual journeys towards enlightenment.

In this way then these core values act as powerful guiding principles to ensure that Art Of Living Yoga Studio is consistently providing meaningful experiences for its students no matter what level or type of experience they are looking for or have had priorly with yoga. As such these core values have helped shape the studio culture into one that is intentional in maintaining harmony between thoughtfulness and openness which has helped foster an atmosphere you would expect from a traditional yoga studio just with modern day sensibilities thrown into the mix.

Exploring the Wide Range of Benefits

The Art Of Living Yoga Studio is dedicated to helping anyone who walks through its doors to experience the wonder and power of yoga. Yoga is known for relieving stress, improving physical health, reducing anxiety, and increasing flexibility – just to name a few of its many benefits!

Is Yoga Good For Hips

Physical Benefits: Regular practice of yoga at the Art Of Living Yoga studio strengthens core muscles while toning arms, legs, and other areas. Improved balance and posture are benefits those who practice here receive due to the combination of physical movements and stretches shared during classes. It also increases mobility in joints, reduces inflammation in them, as well as provides relief from joint pain such as knee pain or lower back pains.

Psychological Benefits: A big percentage of psychological issues stem from stress and yoga is known to be an effective way to relax and clear the mind. In addition to providing natural relaxation methods, mindfulness and meditation gained from classes here can lead to better focus and concentration and reduce feelings of depression or mood swings.

Spiritual Benefits: Through reflecting on oneself in a relaxed setting with calm breathing exercises or guided meditations combined with aligning your body posture in different poses during class as given by our instructors can help you get closer understanding about your soul spiritual needs that leads to inner peace or even enlightenment if it aligns with your spiritual journey goals. Additionally, regular group activities take place at the studio that allow us all to come together with common energy intentions. By shifting energy patterns within us which involves daily contemplative practices mentioned above can help you manifest more authentic self-expression outside yourself – leaving you feeling energized overall!


The Art Of Living Yoga Studio has seen numerous success stories from experienced yoga practitioners. Customers who have taken classes at the studio report experiencing greater mental clarity and emotional balance in their lives. They say that the instructors are knowledgeable, passionate, and supportive individuals who help create a friendly atmosphere for class members. Many people remark that the studio is clean and well-maintained, making it a great environment to practice yoga in. In addition, customers say that they feel rejuvenated after each class, filled with a sense of physical wellness and relaxation. The group classes help foster a sense of camaraderie between students while boosting self-esteem in each individual. People leave the studio feeling empowered, with strategies to use in their daily lives to reduce stress or improve performance in any activity. All in all, they rave about the positive energy at the Art Of Living Yoga Studio and how it has enhanced their ability to live life more fully and joyfully.


The Art Of Living Yoga Studio is an incredible place to come and nurture your mind and body through exercise, relaxation and mindfulness. Practicing yoga with a studio that specializes in this field can bring about many positive benefits including increased physical strength and stamina, improved balance, greater capacity for relaxation and stress-relief, enhanced concentration, a reduction of pain levels, increased flexibility, better posture, improved core strength and spinal health. The inviting environment of the Art Of Living Yoga Studio can also cultivate feelings of contentment as you become immersed in physical movement set to inspiring music.

You are cordially invited to visit the Art Of Living Yoga Studio and explore further how you may benefit from the practice of yoga within this nurturing setting. We look forward to welcoming you soon!

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