Are Those Crazy Yoga Poses Good For You


Yoga is a form of exercise that originated in India and can be traced back to thousands of years ago. It consists of various postures, or asanas, that help both the body and mind become calm and relaxed. There are many different types of yoga poses to choose from, depending on your individual goals. Some popular asanas include forward bends, hip openers, inversions, twists, and standing poses. In addition to these poses, some people practice crazy yoga poses, or acro-yoga, which typically involves combining extreme stretching with acrobatic stunts. But the question remains: are these crazy yoga poses actually good for you?

Types of Yoga Poses

Yoga poses can range from gentle and restorative to crazy and intense. Every person’s journey is different and should be honored as such. Different yoga poses can help bring a greater sense of fluidity, strength, stress relief, balance, and presence.

For beginner yogis out there, basic poses like downward facing dog, child’s pose and cobra are great options to start with since they all target different areas of the body. Over time, it may be beneficial to expand one’s practice by incorporating flow or vinyasa sequences that require an advanced level of physical concentration. This can include various trikonasana (triangle pose) variations as well as core-focused poses such as navasana (boat pose). This type of sequence helps build strength in both the core and lower back muscles with the added benefit of increasing flexibility. Additionally, arm balances like crow or headstand can add a fun challenge of learning to shift one’s own body weight around. It is also important to consider our bodies energy system when selecting certain challenging yoga poses – for example postures such as shoulder stand or plow poses require a high degree of concentration on breathing which might be inappropriate for someone who is feeling overly restless.

In conclusion, regardless your skill level in yoga – even these most ‘crazy’ poses are still considered good for you if done safely and respectfully towards your own abilities. Doing some research into specific postures before attempting them is always recommended.

Benefits of Doing Crazy Yoga Poses

Physical benefits: Doing crazy yoga poses can help to strengthen and improve your body’s flexibility. It can also help to increase your range of motion, giving you greater access to harder poses. This increased strength, flexibility and range of motion are great tools for anyone looking to lead an active lifestyle.

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Mental Benefits: As you practice these more difficult poses, you have the opportunity to build confidence in yourself and develop mental clarity. Taking on challenging poses allows you to push boundaries and build mental resilience. This can enable you stay focused and engaged while doing other activities or tasks throughout the day, creating a feeling of wellbeing and satisfaction. Additionally, regular yoga practice helps regulate the nervous system which leads to improved moods and relaxation.

What Are the Crazy Yoga Poses?

One of the craziest yoga poses is Crow Pose (Bakasana). This challenging posture requires you to balance your entire body on your hands and feet, starting from a low squat. As you bend your arms and lift your feet off the floor, you rely on the strength in your arms and core to support the rest of your body’s weight. Crow Pose strengthens your shoulders, wrists, and quadriceps, as well as teaches focus and balance.

Another crazy yoga pose is Chair Pose (Utkatasana). Starting from a standing position with feet hip-distance apart, you slowly lower down into an imaginary chair with arms raised overhead in line with the ears. An intense pose that takes full body strength to get into and hold, chair pose offers many benefits including increased stability in the ankles, knees, hips and spine while improving posture.

Dolphin Pose (Ardha Pincha Mayurasana) is yet another one of those crazy yoga poses! To get into this advanced arm balance, you start by lowering yourself down onto all fours. Then raise up onto just your forearms with bent elbows beneath your shoulders. From here lift each leg alternately until both legs are straightened up behind you supported by just the strength of your arms without much assistance from your legs. Dolphin Pose helps strengthen the arms and wrists while opening up the chest area for better respiration practices.

Does Doing Crazy Yoga Poses Work?

Yes, doing those crazy yoga poses can be very beneficial for your health and well-being. Not only are these poses designed to increase your physical strength, flexibility, balance and coordination but they also help improve mental focus and clarity. It can even help to reduce anxiety as well as promote relaxation of both the body and mind. Holding certain yoga postures is also a great way to improve core strength and build up stamina. Additionally, many crazy yoga poses require that you use multiple muscle groups simultaneously which can lead to increased physical fitness levels over time. Finally, doing these types of challenging poses can help promote an increased sense of confidence in yourself as they can take effort and determination in order to master them. In short, it’s clear that engaging in some of these more intense yoga poses offers many potential health benefits that can potentially have a lasting positive impact.

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What to Be Cautious Of

The potential risks of doing crazy yoga poses are mostly related to injury. While yoga is generally a very safe form of exercise, some more advanced poses, such as those that involve inverting the body or extremely deep stretching, can be risky and should not be attempted without professional guidance. Additionally, if these poses are not performed with proper form and alignment they have the potential to cause a strain or sprain.

It’s important to always listen to your body and understand what it can and cannot do. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the safety of a particular pose, it is best to consult a qualified instructor before attempting it. Additionally, one should always warm up their muscles prior engaging in intense physical activity, ease slowly into challenging poses, stop if there is pain involved in any way and make sure never to push beyond your threshold for comfort.


When it comes to crazy yoga poses, many people hesitate or opt out altogether. But believe it or not, these advanced postures can be incredibly beneficial to your physical and mental well-being! In addition to toning and strengthening the muscles, these poses provide remarkable flexibility improvements. Furthermore, if done correctly, they can help enhance balance and coordination. These unique movements can also increase circulation, reduce stress levels and stimulate energy flow throughout the body.

Ultimately then, doing crazy yoga poses offers several intriguing benefits! For those looking to spice up their existing practice and challenge themselves further, we strongly encourage you to give them a go! With patience and proper guidance along the way, you’ll uncover amazing results in time that benefit your body and mind in numerous ways.

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