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Anchorage Yoga Schedule is the perfect way to bring balance and peace into your life. Yoga is an ancient practice known to promote physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. It has been practiced for thousands of years and can be tailored to meet any lifestyle or schedule. The various poses, stretches, and breathing techniques used in yoga provide a calming effect while simultaneously strengthening the body, improving posture, increasing flexibility, releasing anxiety and tension, stimulating mental clarity, and encouraging overall health. No matter your age or fitness level, there’s an Anchorage Yoga Schedule built with your specific needs in mind! Whether you’re looking for poses to improve balance or for a rejuvenating restorative practice – we offer something for everyone at our center. From beginners classes to intermediate and more advanced postures – our aim is to help you find balance within yourself as well as greater harmony with the world around you.



Gentle Flow -This class is perfect for beginners, yogis recovering from injury, or for days when you just need to stretch out and de-stress. This gentle flow style class focuses on simple postures that helps to reduce tension in the body and build core strength. The duration of this class is approximately 60 minutes each session.

Yin Yoga – This is a more meditative style of yoga for those who seek balance within the body. By practicing deeper poses held for longer periods of time, using props where appropriate, Yin yoga aims to increase circulation in joints and connective tissue while increasing patience and relaxation techniques. Each session will last between 75-90 minutes.

Vinyasa Flow Class -A dynamic practice combining breath and movement to create postures with transitions linking one position with another in a flowing rhythm building strength and flexibility with each breath taken. This class can be adapted to all levels of practice; beginner to advanced practices may take part in this invigorating practise! The duration of this class is usually 75-90 minutes depending on the day’s focus.

Slow Burn ” A combination of hatha amd vinyasa styles focusing primarily on alignment, technique, pranayama practice, deep stretching and relaxation techniques. With an emphasis on mindful movements, you will discover functional strength as well as contours of your body while having fun along the way! Each session lasts around 90 minutes.

Power Flow ” Fast paced movements set to music that builds lateral strength and endurance while pumping up your energy levels! Expect an arm balance or two thrown in to really get your heart racing! This intense practise can be adapted for all levels as it focuses heavily on technique more than sheer power output making it suitable for all students regardless skill level or fitness background! Typically lasting between 75-90 minutes depending on the day’s session content .

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Anchorage Yoga will offer several Yoga classes throughout the week during a variety of times and days. Classes are open to all levels and the following schedule applies:

Monday: 8 AM – Hatha Yoga, 7 PM – Vinyasa Flow

Tuesday: 10 AM – Yin & Restorative, 5 PM – Power Yoga

Wednesday: 6 PM – Kundalini and Meditation, 7 PM – Kripalu

Thursday: 9 AM- Gentle Yoga, 4 PM- Hot Flow Vinyasa

Friday: 6 AM- Morning Flow, 3PM ” Prenatal Yoga
Saturday: 9AM – Chair yoga, 12PM ” Chakra Healing
Sunday: 11AM – Kids and Teens yoga

Additionally, Anchorage also offers various workshops for yogis interested in learning about specific concepts and techniques that not available in their general classes. Workshops vary each month but usually include subjects like Advanced Asana Practice, Pranayama Techniques, or Chakras Empowerment.


Anchorage Yoga offers a variety of yoga classes throughout the week at its cozy studio located on Denali Street. The studio itself is wonderful and inviting, equipped with all of the necessary tools to practice yoga as well as plenty of extra amenities such as bolsters, blocks, straps, and blankets. All classes are taught by experienced and certified instructors who create a comfortable atmosphere that welcomes both beginners and well-practiced yogis alike.

The Anchorage Yoga Schedule offers a variety of classes tailored to meet a wide range of personal needs ranging from gentle morning postures to a vigorous vinyasa flow. Monday-Friday classes include early morning Hatha, an energetic power flow class in the evenings, basic Vinyasa for those just beginning their practice, and an afternoon restorative session for relaxation after lunch. The weekend schedule features a Sunday Morning Community class which is open to anyone in need of stress relief or some time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

At Anchorage Yoga studios you have the versatility to come in and book drop-in classes or purchase packages online ahead of time based on your needs. In addition to regular yoga classes they also offer special workshops like meditation/yoga retreats where you can enjoy a few days of serenity among Anchorage’s lush greenery areas amongst local artists. And if you want less commotion but still want access to yoga resources there is also the Online Classroom feature where pre recorded lectures can be viewed from home or anywhere else with internet access making limitless practice possible for virtually everyone.



6:00 am – 8:00 am – Kirsten Yannos | @KirstenYannosYoga (Instagram) &


6:00 am – 8:00 am – Vicky Welsh | @VickyWelshYoga (Instagram) &


6:00 am – 8:00 am – Hannah Becker | @HannahBeckerYoga (Instagram) &

A Life In Balance Yoga


6:00am-8 : 00am ” Courtney Gordon | @CourtneyGordonYoga (Instagram) &

Friday & Saturday

9:00am-11 : 00am ” Meera Desai | @MeeraDesaiYoga (Instagram) &

9 : 00am-11 : 00am ” Dermot Shinovich | @DermotShinovichYoga (Instagram) & http://www.dermotshinovichyogastudio . com


At Anchorage yoga studios, there are several different pricing options available, depending on what type of class you are attending. If you plan to drop in for a single class, the cost is generally $20. If you prefer to purchase multiple-class packages for access to multiple classes, there are numerous option available such as five classes for $90 and ten classes for $170. For those who wish to commit and attend a consistent practice over an extended time, monthly memberships and unlimited packages range from $100/month to $250/month. Additionally, some studios offer special discounts on first-time students and other promotions throughout the year. By weighing all these pricing options against your needs, it’s easy to find the best deal that works best for you.


Q: What type of clothes should I wear to class?
A: Clothes that are comfortable and breathable are recommended for yoga classes. Choose clothing that allows you to move freely, such as shorts and a tank top or leggings and a t-shirt. If the studio is air-conditioned, you may want to bring a light jacket or sweater for after the class.

Q: Is any special equipment needed for classes?
A: Many yoga studios provide mats and props for their students’ use, but if you prefer your own mat you are welcome to bring it with you. Some classes may require extra items like blocks, straps or bolsters which can either be brought from home or purchased at checkout.


Ready to get started? Visit the Anchorage Yoga website to view a full list of available classes and studio locations. From there, you can select the class and package that best suits your needs and register for a session. Alternatively, if you need help finding which classes may be right for you or have special requests, don’t hesitate to reach out to contact us. We look forward to helping you get into your yoga practice!

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