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Ananda Yoga Studio is your one-stop-shop for all of your yoga needs. Located in downtown Chicago, this studio offers the perfect combination of community, comfort and concentration. The instructors at Ananda rely on ancient wisdom to develop classes that focus not only on the physical aspect of yoga, but also the mental and spiritual aspects.

At Ananda Yoga Studio we have a strong mission to promote health and wellness by creating a space where students can practice yoga at their own level, regardless of their experience or flexibility. All of our classes are designed for beginners and experienced yogis alike and we offer both restorative and energizing courses to meet the diverse needs of our members. We strive to encourage self-care through teaching our students mindfulness in every pose.

We have many reviews from happy customers who return again and again due to the positive atmosphere created within our studio. Students have shared that they felt instantly welcomed when they entered Ananda Yogi studio as well as thoroughly uplifted after taking class with us. They enjoy how calm, centered and safe they feel while practicing with us as well as appreciate how knowledgeable our teachers are. Many people view Ananda Yoga Studio as their safe space; place where they can completely destress free from judgement or expectation which keeps them coming back week after week.

Benefits of Practicing at Ananda Yoga Studio

Ananda Yoga Studio offers many benefits to those looking to practice yoga. By coming to the studio, yogis can enjoy a variety of styles of yoga tailored specifically to their own needs and abilities. For example, there are classes devoted to “Hatha” yoga, which is a classic Indian style of yoga that focuses on breathing, posture and meditation. In addition, there are opportunities for “Vinyasa” flow classes as well as specialty sessions centered around specific postures and techniques, such as Restorative Yoga or Pre/Post Natal Yoga.

These classes offer not only physical health benefits from stretching and toning muscles, but also mental health benefits from promoting mindfulness and relaxation. At Ananda Yoga Studio, emphasis is placed on creating a welcoming environment for yogis of all levels; the instructors know how to ensure correct alignment and instruct accordingly with each individual’s goals in mind. Ultimately, by coming together in a focused space committed to further establishing balance between physical and emotional wellbeing, Ananda creates a perfectly balanced home for its practitioners.

Experienced Instructors

Ananda Yoga Studio is home to some of the most experienced yoga instructors in the state. Each instructor has unique skills that make them truly one-of-a-kind.

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Kavita is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with over 10 years of experience and 500 hours of yoga training. She specializes in teaching Iyengar and Hatha styles of yoga. With her patient guidance and compassionate attitude, Kavita helps her students master even the most challenging poses while still maintaining proper alignment and effectively calming their minds.

The other instructor at Ananda Yoga Studio is Shira. She is an RYT 200 certified teacher with 13 years of teaching experience. Her classes focus on helping students find not just physical but emotional strength through her combination of Vinyasa flow and restorative yoga practices, as well as various pranayama techniques.

At Ananda Yoga Studio, it’s clear that both Kavita and Shira are dedicated to helping their students reach new heights by improving physical fitness and learning how to cultivate inner joy through meditation and spiritual exploration.

Specialized Programs

Ananda Yoga Studio offers a wide range of specialized programs designed to sustain and invigorate your practice. Whether you are a beginner yogi or an experienced practitioner, Ananda has something for everyone!

For beginners, the Introductory Workshop Program offers guidance and hands-on instruction to help you master the foundations of yoga without feeling overwhelmed. From there, the studio offers several classes tailored specifically to those at different levels of skill. For more experienced students, our Path to Advanced Classes provides tools and guidance needed to reach more complex styling goals. We also offer Yin Yoga classes for those seeking deep relaxation.

Our pricing structure ensures that each program is accessible no matter what your budget may be. Take advantage of our discounted rates with bundled packages for multiple classes, or pay per class depending on your needs. As part of Ananda’s commitment to cultivating yogic harmony between body and soul, we offer monthly memberships which come with exclusive access rights and discounts.

Experience what it means to become one with Ananda Yoga Studio’s vibrancy and challenges today!


Ananda Yoga Studio is located in an accessible location and has good transport access. The studio is easily reachable by bus or car, with plenty of parking available on site. For those who require special accommodations, the Ananda Yoga Studio has a range of options to provide the most comfortable experience for students. Wheelchair access is provided, as well as amenities such drop-down steps for those with physical mobility limitations. Certain classes can be tailored specifically for these individuals and extra care is taken to ensure everyone’s safety in the studio. There are also gender-specific options for showers and restroom facilities, along with changing rooms monitored by experienced staff members. The studio also offers equipment rental services, ranging from yoga mats and blocks to different cushion sizes that accommodate larger types of bodies. In addition, an audio system and visual displays are available so that customers can opt-in for more individualized instruction if necessary.

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Ananda Yoga Studio offers a wide variety of classes for all levels of practitioners. The studio is dedicated to providing an open and welcoming space for students to nurture their yoga practice and physical well-being. To showcase the studio and its classes, the Ananda Yoga Studio has created a dynamic photo gallery full of images that capture what it’s like to be a part of the studio. Showcasing these photos helps potential students gain an appreciation for the kind of atmosphere they can expect when joining their classes. From inspiring images of successful postures, to candid shots of various classes in progress, this photography collection will give anyone looking for a yoga practice, insight into what it means to be part of the Ananda Yoga family. With vivid colors, detailed shots, and even images captured outdoors on retreats, this gallery provides a snapshot into the larger experience that awaits all prospective participants.


Ananda Yoga Studio is a fantastic place to practice yoga and get in touch with your spiritual side. It offers both group and private classes, as well as an array of specialized programs designed to help cultivate inner peace, strength and balance. From beginner to advanced classes, Ananda Yoga Studio has something for everyone”regardless of age or ability. Its experienced instructors provide a supportive, safe environment ideal for unlocking your practice’s full potential. Come visit the studio and experience the many benefits of a holistic approach to yoga combined with essential elements of spiritual growth and wellbeing. Sign up for regular classes today or choose from Ananda’s unique specialties. Discover how yoga can improve your health and transform your life!

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