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Amp Yoga, founded in Australia in 2011, is a unique form of yoga which combines traditional Hatha and Vinyasa practices with amplified music. Instead of the traditional quiet environment found in a regular yoga setting, Amp Yoga utilizes sound and vibration to increase energy and enhance the positive experience for participants. This innovative approach to ancient practice has resulted in rapidly expanding global popularity since its inception.

Apart from providing an overall energetic boost, Amp Yoga boasts many physical and mental benefits. Practitioners find that experiencing their yoga practice through music and vibration helps them achieve a deeper connection to their poses while improving their focus and concentration during the class. For those looking for a more holistic approach to yoga, Amp Yoga also offers relaxation benefits due to its combination of calming music as well as meditative visualization exercises. Some experienced practitioners have even reported increased physical strength and stamina, which may be attributed to the constant muscular contractions that are triggered by certain acoustic frequencies associated with different pieces of music.

Overall, Amp Yoga offers several unique benefits for those looking to explore this new form of dynamic practice. With its emphasis on music-assisted postures and visualization exercises, it’s no wonder that so many people are finding themselves drawn towards this invigorating experience!

Exercise Locations

Amp Yoga is offered in different types of locations, ranging from traditional indoor studios to outdoor group classes. Indoor studios are typically spacious and full of natural light and feature specialized amenities such as heated floors, adjustable mirrors, and open seating areas. Outdoor classes often take place in public parks or on rooftops, with mats provided for participants.

No matter the location, each Amp Yoga class provides an uplifting environment and a strong sense of community. Instructors use music and aromatherapy to heighten the experience, guiding students through challenging postures that are designed to help them find core strength and flexibility. Amp Yoga also offers various levels of intensity catering to different skillsets and comfort levels.

Level Locations

Amp Yoga offers classes for all skill levels. For the most basic level, an Introduction to Amp Yoga class is available that covers the fundamentals of the practice. This class is appropriate for anyone who is completely new to Amp Yoga or just getting back into yoga after some time away from it.

For those with more experience, there are intermediate and advanced level classes. Intermediate classes focus on refining poses and increasing flexibility as well as broadening the range of poses being practiced. Advanced classes usually incorporate more complex postures and explore alternate routes through familiar poses in order topush students further.

There is also a Flexibility course offered which works with participants on mobility and range of motion while adding both passive stretching components as well as strength-building exercises to the practice.

For those wanting to deepen their practice, Amp Yoga has specialty courses such as Yin and Restorative yoga that work with longer holds to promote relaxation, improved posture, mental clarity and overall balance and harmony throughout the body.

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Class Types

Amp Yoga offers a variety of yoga classes for all levels. From the beginner to the more advanced, there is a class to meet each person’s needs. Our intense flow classes are designed for those looking to push their boundaries and increase strength, endurance, and flexibility. Our mixed-level classes are great for people looking to expand their knowledge of traditional postures while pushing themselves further in practice. We also offer Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, Yin & Restorative classes which focus on stretching, de-stressing and meditation. Amp Yoga also offers Barre classes which combine balance postures, small movements and isometric holds to increase flexibility and create a strong core. Finally we offer Pilates classes that will help you maximize your strength training with intention and control.

Benefits Portfolio

Amp Yoga offers a range of mental and physical benefits for those looking to explore their capacity for unifying the body, mind, and spirit. Through this type of yoga practice, individuals can experience improved postural awareness, better posture while sitting or standing, increased energy flow throughout the body, improved flexibility and balance in both mind and body, and higher levels of physical strength. Improved joint mobility is another benefit associated with Amp Yoga.

Amp Yoga also helps promote blood circulation throughout the body leading to increased oxygen intake throughout the muscles thereby allowing more efficient use of energy. This helps reduce fatigue during workouts as well as aids in recovery following physical activity. It may even help stave off the onset of type 2 diabetes since proper breathing techniques are used.

Finally, Amp Yoga helps to reduce stress levels by calming the mind and relaxing the body through mindful breathing exercises such as pranayamas. It also provides an opportunity for enhanced meditation that allows practitioners to gain deeper spiritual insight into their own lives as well as inner peace and connection with God/Spirituality that could not be attained by other forms of exercise or yoga practice.

Music Selection

Amp Yoga classes usually feature high-energy, upbeat music to energize and motivate the participants throughout their workout. The type of music chosen for these classes can have a powerful effect on how hard the participants push themselves, as well as how much they actually enjoy their experience. For example, if the instructor selects fast-paced, pulsing songs with driving beats and a steady tempo, this may prompt some yogis to challenge themselves even more during certain exercises. On the other hand, slower tempo music can be used to create moments of relaxation or relaxation postures within the class. So not only does selecting the right type of music influence intensity levels during Amp Yoga classes but also creates a feeling of personal expression and upliftment that is unique to each individual’s practice.

Posture Focus

Amp Yoga emphasizes intentional and precise postures through its focus on alignment, movement, breath work and creativity. This allows students to focus on how their individual body is feeling with each posture as well as learn tools for grounding and supporting their emotional needs.

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With Amp Yoga, students are encouraged to find small adjustments that support them in the posture and move from the inside out rather than from an external template. Each student is able to use the same pose in a way that best serves them while creating personal variations. Additionally, Amp Yoga encourages practitioners to explore novel postures by combining traditional poses together in creative ways. For instance, a strong emphasis is placed on keeping hips open no matter what posture is being performed; be it standing, balancing or back bending. Ultimately this approach engenders an environment of playful exploration while promoting mindful awareness of the present moment.

Long-Term Benefits

Amp Yoga offers a unique way of exercising that not only provides physical benefits but also enhances mental and emotional health. Regular practice of Amp Yoga helps individuals increase strength, balance, and flexibility as well as learn to be more mindful of their bodies. Over time, participants can develop and enhance muscular strength, endurance and boost their energy levels. It also helps nurture body awareness and teaches better alignment for exercises which increases the results gained through practice significantly.

Moreover, practicing Amp Yoga regularly is a great way to reduce stress, improve breathing techniques and enhance mental clarity. By taking some time off from the busy schedules on a regular basis to focus on the mind-body connection in Amp Yoga classes, people can replenish their energy levels and stay fresh throughout their days. Additionally, it can help reduce negative thought patterns associated with anxiety, depression etc., bringing inner peace.

Overall, regular participation in Amp Yoga creates overall wellbeing by promoting physical strength while also improving mental and emotional health outcomes over the long term.


Amp Yoga is a powerful exercise practice that combines breathwork, postures, and meditation to promote health and well-being. Itemized, the three components of Amp Yoga are as follows: wave breathers – with careful control of your inhalation and exhalation, you’re able to access deeper levels of relaxation; postures – reduce tension and improve muscular strength; meditating – focus largely on exploring the sensation of being alive. These core techniques have been proven to increase emotional regulation, improve balance and posture, open up blocked energy pathways, foster emotional clarity and stimulate mental concentration. All in all, Amp Yoga offers total-being transformation on a physical, emotional and psychological level – if taken advantage of the yoga practice can potentially change your life. For those looking for a way to transform their physical wellbeing without endless hours in the gym or extreme dieting plans, Amp Yoga may be just the answer. Experience its power for yourself today!

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