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Alo Yoga Nashville is dedicated to providing its clients with an enriching, memorable and inspiring yoga experience. Our instructors focus on creating an inviting and uplifting environment for practitioners of all levels. Alo Yoga strives to provide an environment where people can reach their fullest potential by connecting more deeply with themselves and others. To do this we emphasize proper breathing techniques, exercise flow, physical alignment and consistency in our practice. Alo Yoga Nashville encourages a mindful approach to yoga inspired by both ancient and modern techniques. We believe that the practice of yoga should be accessible to everyone regardless of age, race or ability. Furthermore, we value the importance of taking moments away from our hectic lives to find stillness, peace and connection through asana, pranayama and meditation – creating a habitat for healthful living. Every instructor at Alo Yoga Nashville is highly trained in anatomy and philosophy behind each pose, allowing us to offer classes tailored to your individual needs – strengthening both body and mind.

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Alo Yoga Nashville is more than just a yoga studio”it’s a community dedicated to cultivating balance in the urban hustle. Located in the heart of Nashville, this cozy, contemporary abode promotes ease of body and depth of spirit through the practice of mindful movement. On any given day, you’ll find passionate instructors sharing their knowledge and expertise on alignment, breathwork and meditation ” all offered with a distinctly modern twist.

Take refuge from city life at Alo Yoga Nashville, where spacious wellness spaces meet custom amenities and boutique-style studios. Practitioners can choose from an array of classes designed to suit every level of yogi experience. From tranquil vinyasa flow to high intensity power yoga, there’s something for everyone. Enjoy special kick off sessions and regular workshops hosted by experienced teachers who aim to inspire and challenge beyond your mat practice and into your everyday life. With an eclectic blend of music and an encouraging atmosphere, Alo offers classes that will help guide you towards unlocking your potential with each challenging pose and deep breath.

For those seeking additional support outside classroom walls, the strong teacher community provides tailored guidance based on individual needs. Let the teachers take you on a journey towards self-awareness while disconnecting from the bustle outside. Stop by today to sample one-of-a kind yoga experience found only here at Alo Yoga Nashville!

At Alo Yoga Nashville we strive to promote balance in even the busiest urban lives! In our modern and cozy abode we provide an assortment of classes for all levels ” ranging from soothing vinyasa flows to energizing power yoga for those looking for more intensity out of their practice! Along with our knowledgeable instructors we offer an array of amenities ” all unique to our studio space – including luxurious changing rooms stocked with shower facilities and aromatherapy spa soaps, boutique-style studios complete with innovative sound systems perfect for jamming out during poses or focusing during meditation practices; as well as immense amount spaces throughout the studio designed specifically for better breath work exercises as well as providing visual aesthetics that not only brighten up every room but also keep practitioners connected within themselves as they flow throughout their classes! We also invite guests regularly enjoy special kick off sessions or workshops by experienced teachers ready to take travers beyond mat practices into everyday life! So join us today at Alo Yoga Nashville to explore various possibilities while embracing each pose & inhaling liberation within yourself through mindful movements ” photograph any special moments along Your journey with us & let us aid on your yogic adventure!

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Connect to the City

Alo Yoga Nashville offers a wide variety of yoga services that connect to the city in various ways. First, Alo Yoga holds regular events, such as free community classes, bringing people together from all walks of life to practice yoga and enjoy their shared community. They also offer workshops with local teachers and speciality classes like Kundalini, Barre, and Pilates. Additionally, Alo Yoga is connected to many local businesses – they often partner with local juice bars for fresh drinks during their post-class hubbubs and collaborate with lifestyle stores nearby to promote sustainable yogi apparel. Finally, members of the studio can be part of unique retreats outside the city as well – they organize annual trips to places such as Boulder or Catalina Island for different levels of experience that foster a greater connection among the yogis in their classes. Through these activities and collaborations – which are just some of the examples – Alo Yoga keeps strong ties to Nashville’s culture and encourages its members to not only grow within its four walls but become part of this vibrant city too.

Get Personal

At Alo Yoga Nashville, we take pride in providing our students with an intimate, meaningful yoga experience. Our instructors are highly trained and passionately devoted to helping our students discover the joys of their practice. We value bringing their individual strengths, interests and histories into their practice, so that each class is tailored to their needs and goals.

Our students can expect to find classes focused on all levels from beginner to advanced and all styles from Restorative to Vinyasa Flow. In addition, we provide a variety of workshops and events such as partner yoga classes, guided meditation sessions, stress reduction seminars, chanting circles and special guest lectures.

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We have many loyal customers who love coming back for more every week due to the way in which we structure each practice. Our instructor Shana uses her extensive training in classical yoga systems such as Iyengar & Ashtanga coupled with modern discoveries like Pranayama & Mindful Meditation to create a one-of-a-kind experience for her students every time they come to class.

Christy A., an experienced practitioner at Alo Yoga Nashville says: “I’ve been coming here for a few years now and it has become like my second home. The sense of community I feel here can’t be found anywhere else! The knowledgeable instructors truly make this a unique place – offering compassionate guidance when needed but also pushing me outside my comfort zone with inspiring poses perfectly adapted for my level. I could not recommend this studio enough!

Response to Challenges

At Alo Yoga Nashville, we are taking the issue of Covid-19 very seriously. We have implemented several measures to ensure the health and safety of our students during this time. We have limited the capacity in each class to provide more space between students, installed air purifiers throughout the studio, increased access to hand sanitizers, and require all staff and students wear masks while they are inside.

We also offer a wide variety of outdoor classes so that you can get your yoga practice safely. These outdoor classes are held with enough distance between mats for proper social distancing and we check temperatures before permitting entry into these classes as an added precaution. In our effort to support community health and well-being, Alo Yoga Nashville provides online classes too so that people from any location can join virtually when it is not possible for them to join us in person.

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