Acro Yoga Seattle

What is Acro Yoga Seattle?

Acro Yoga Seattle is a community-oriented yoga practice which combines traditional yoga poses with acrobatic elements. Founded in 2017 by a passionate group of yogis, Acro Yoga Seattle offers a unique way to practice yoga, with classes and workshops that allow students to explore the possibilities of acro yoga.

How Does Acro Yoga Help Participants?

The practice of acro yoga is one that allows you to increase your physical strength, balance, flexibility, and focus. Additionally, it helps to improve coordination, joint mobility, and body alignment. Acro yoga also promotes healthy teambuilding and trust among participants, and can help to facilitate a sense of community among yoga practitioners.

What Are the Benefits of Doing Acro Yoga?

  • Physical Benefits: Acro yoga practice can help to improve core strength, balance, and joint mobility due to the active involvement of partner work.
  • Mental Benefits: Practicing acro yoga can provide a sense of trust and connection with your yoga community, while helping to develop problem-solving skills, and the ability to think on your feet.
  • Social Benefits: Participating in acro yoga enables you to develop your team-building and communication skills, while promoting community and connection with fellow practitioners.

What is Acro Yoga Seattle’s Vision?

At Acro Yoga Seattle, we envision a vibrant, inviting, and inclusive yoga practice, with a special emphasis on partner work and acro yoga. Our mission is to bring people together to experience the joy of acro yoga and its many health benefits, and to foster a deeper connection to the self and with others.

Why Should People Join Acro Yoga Seattle?

People should join Acro Yoga Seattle because it offers a unique and fun approach to yoga that emphasizes partner work. Our classes and workshops provide a safe environment for practitioners to explore their own creative potential, as well as to establish meaningful relationships with fellow yogis. Moreover, we create a community of acceptance, joy, and connection, while promoting a healthier lifestyle.

Where can I find Acro Yoga classes in Seattle?

If you’re looking for Acro Yoga classes in Seattle, you can check out Seattle Acro Institute or Samskara Yoga & Aerial Arts. Both studios offer classes designed with both beginners and experienced yogis in mind. You can also find Acro Yoga workshops and events offered by various organizations and studios around Seattle, including Nectar Lounge, Dragonfly Urban Retreat, and Metta Yoga. Finally, Seattle-area parks like Magnuson Park and Golden Gardens offer regular Acro Yoga classes on the weekends.

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